Should You Be Embarrassed About Living In A Mobile Home?

A home is everything in life. Having a comfortable living place is not an option.

It is a requirement for every one of us.

The modern world has offered countless options for homes.

With a continued need for housing, mobile homes have also been considered a good option.

But, Should You Be Ashamed About Living In A Mobile Home?

You will not be embarrassed at all for making a move to live in a mobile home. Living in a mobile home is not a choice you will ever come to regret in your life. In this article, we tell you why. It is important to have a clue on what you intend to do before embarking on real decision-making and implementation.

Read on.

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Seven Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed Living In Mobile Homes

There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed living in a mobile home.

It is one of the changes you will never regret in your life.

A mobile home upgrade gives you a single chance to live as you would in typical home designs. The best part of it is that you can enjoy yourself with your family at a reasonable cost.

Falling under the same category as ranch-style homes, mobile homes are hailed for their eco-friendly designs.

Some mobile homes are even spacious than ranch homes.

The recent decades have seen an upgrade of mobile homes as an excellent housing option where you want to live at a fair price.

Below are the cool reasons why you should never regret or feel embarrassed living in a mobile home.

1. The Internal Dimensions Are Similar To Most Traditional Homes

Most interior dimensions of mobile homes are similar to those of traditional homes.

You cannot overlook such a cool design.

While it gives you the space you require it changes the way you do things in your home thus breaking the monotony of living in permanent homes.

Contrary to what most people think, most mobile homes are even more spacious. Double-wide mobile homes are typically large enough and more spacious.

Some mobile homes are even larger with a space of up to 2300 square feet.

It, therefore, makes no difference with most ranch-style homes.

So, at a cheaper price, you can get all the comfort you would get in a ranch-style home.

Additionally, their unique landscape designs make mobile homes even look more presentable.

We will later take a look at landscape recommendations for mobile homes.

2. Mobile Homes Are Eco-Friendly

Mobile homes have a lower carbon footprint.

Compared to traditional homes, they prove more sustainable.

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Their simplified designs and low energy demands make them very eco-friendly. On average, mobile homes utilize about 25% less energy compared to average homes.

Little intrusive construction and low energy demands make mobile homes very economical with reduced carbon emissions.

They are assembled in a factory and joined at the site.

Less construction is, therefore, limited in the site of construction.

You don’t have to pile uploads and tons of building materials on site.

3. Modern Mobile Homes Have Cool Upgrades

One thing about a home is that it should be your best luxury place.

You need to enjoy yourself to the fullest and feel proud of what you have done.

Their ease of access and affordability makes them easy to upgrade and improve on a gradual basis.

You easily make the renovations and additional fixtures to make this home a haven at a corner of your best placement point.

Most folks who are retiring to traditional communities and ways of life will find these homes ideal because they do not have many rooms.

That means you won’t give attention to upgrading g all the rooms. The best you can do is commit to achievable renovations.

4. Modern Mobile Homes Are Durable

On durability, you can rest assured that modern mobile homes can stand the tests of time.

In the past, mobile homes held the reputation of being vulnerable to damages associated with nature. These include strong storms.

Well, that was taken into account and more formidable homes have now been considered.

And it seems they have become even stronger to stand such threats.

You should not underrate their durability and safety. Modern mobile homes are now built to be safer than ever before.

A wide range of tests is carried out on them before people can live in them.

For, instance, they are exposed to super-strong artificial winds to determine whether they can stand strong storms.

Besides, stringent measures are put on the production of mobile homes. So, you don’t need to worry about your safety and that of your family.

5. Mobile Homes Come With Impressive Styles

This has everything to do with the exterior designs of your mobile homes.

With modernization, mobile homes have witnessed dramatic improvements in designs and styles.

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Apart from the design that comes from the contractor, mobile homeowners can still add great features to make their homes look beautiful and appealing.

Landscaping is, undoubtedly the best way to give your mobile home a great exterior look.

If designed with quality landscaping, mobile homes can be made to look just like other homes.

They can even be designed to look better.

You can connect the trailer home with lush green shrubs at the corners and edges of the rooms.

The decoration is diversified based on the owner’s picks and feel.

It is important, however, to select plants that are of medium sizes.

They should relate to the size of your mobile home.

Too much plant growth can overlap and mask the great decorations of your home.

Just be careful to put everything to scale. Too much of it can spoil the previous good looks.

Also, select and plant those plants that can do ultimately well in your climatic zone. You want blossoming growth.

Just to name a few, here are plants that can do perfectly well in such homes:

  • Hydrangeas
  • California Lilac Tree
  • Native perennials
  • Dwarf Burning Bush

You are not limited to these.

There are other great varieties of plants and flowers that can thrive around your mobile home and make it bloom with life and serenity.

6. Mobile Homes Are Easily Accessible

Because of their ease of access, mobile homes are ideal for seniors.

With few staircases and other minimalist fixtures, they prove a lot easier to access, maintain and upgrade.

They are even better homes for people with physical impairment.

If you have relatives with physical impairment, these homes are good for them.

You won’t bump on problems moving around. Elderly people, also, may find it difficult to navigate long staircases.

In such scenarios, you will need a minimalist home with few staircases. Mobile homes will give them a lot of comforts.

Young kids also find it difficult to move up and down the stairs.

Besides, they can stumble over them and harm themselves.

So, if you are planning on having kids around, perhaps you should consider investing in a mobile home. Additionally, mobile homes have long and spacious rooms for them to play and joke around.

7. A Mobile Home Is A Perfect Starter Home

Owing to their affordability and accessibility, mobile homes are the best starter home for anyone out there.

So, if you are a college student or a young professional figuring out how to make ends meet, you should not worry anymore.

A mobile home can be an excellent candidate for you. or you could be single and fighting for better chances of success away from home.

You can do investment in great mobile homes and live a life of great fulfillment.

Final Words

We are greatly convinced that you are about to make a mobile home an ideal place for your residence.

Most of the comforts that you would enjoy in any other home are equally availed in a mobile home.

Besides, mobile homes give you the liberty to do any improvements to them.

You can always look for ideas from your previous contractor on cool improvements you might want to add and enjoy life to the fullest.

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