Why Should You Put a Skylight in a Mobile Home?

Why Should You Put a Skylight in a Mobile Home?

Are you considering putting skylights in your mobile home?

If you are, then you have just landed on the right site.

In the past, mobile home skylights had low reputations owing to challenges associated with leaks and cleaning. Well, that has changed.

So, Why Should You Put a Skylight in a Mobile Home?

As the name suggests, skylights are installed to keep the rooms well-lit by natural light from the sun. New technologies have seen an increase in skylights installation in mobile homes.

If you are considering crowning your mobile home with skylights, this article will cover everything you need to know.

We have added the importance of having skylights, how to choose an ideal skylight for your mobile home, and the right placement point. And there is more!

What Are the Advantages of Having Skylights?

1. They Help Tap Natural Light into The Rooms

The chief reason for installing skylights is to allow natural light into your home.

Natural light fills your home with free radiance.

2. There Are No Privacy Concerns

You do not have to worry about privacy issues as in the case with windows.

There is no one watching you from above. Windows would make you lose privacy at some point.

3. Skylights Save On Space

Since they have low ceilings, they help you economize on space.

This makes your mobile home feel more spacious.

What Are the Categories of Skylights for Mobile Homes?

There are two classes of skylights that can be put in a mobile home: Fixed vs Operable Skylights and deck mounted vs curb skylights.

Fixed vs Operable Skylights

1. Fixed Skylights

As the name suggests, these types of skylights can neither be closed nor opened.

They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from which to choose.

However, they do not come with blinds or any additional mechanisms.

Once you install them, they become static above the ceilings just like roofing.

2. Operable Skylights

Unlike fixed skylights, operable Skylights are specially designed with built-in mechanisms.

Such customization allows you to open and close the skylights using a remote.

Some unique skylights that use solar energy have sensors that enable them to open and close as they are required to.

For instance, they automatically close when it starts raining.

Thanks to modern technology.

Operable Skylights are ideal for zones that face hot summer months.

They will help you combat extremes of temperatures.

Since they can be opened and closed, such skylights can allow cool air into the room and make you feel comfortable.

Deck Mounted vs Curb Skylights

This category of skylights has to do with how they are mounted in place.

1. Curb Mounted Skylights

Such skylights are usually installed above a framed opening in the chosen spot on the roof.

Wood and metal are the primary materials chosen for framing.

Curb-mounted skylights can be designed to either be operable or fixed.

The fact they can be changed efficiently without necessarily having to remove the windows makes them one of the best choices of skylights for mobile homes.

2. Deck Mounted Skylights

Unlike their counterparts, deck-mounted skylights are designed to be placed directly onto the roofing deck.

Compared to curb-mounted skylights, they are way too cheap.

If you are trying hard to operate within a tight budget, such skylights will help you achieve your goals without compromising on the quality of work.

If not installed properly, however, leaks are prone to happen.

Make sure that they are properly affixed in place.

Also, run a thorough assessment once you are done with installation to avoid potential leaks later on.

Where Should You Locate Skylights in a Mobile Home?

The location of skylights in a mobile home is the most important factor to put in mind.

Most buyers often spend a lot of time choosing an ideal skylight and later fail to determine an exact and suitable placement point.

The location of skylights in a mobile home affects the quantity and quality of light that enters your home.

You should also consider glare effects during installation.

So such things as TVs and computers must also be taken into consideration.

You do not want to ruin the good view of such devices. Hence a good harmony between installations is mandatory.

If you are living in a temperate zone, it would be a good idea to install skylights such that they face the south.

This hack helps you to trap heat and make your home feel warmer and more comfortable.

When it gets warmer, however, you will need blinds to shield your home from too much sunlight that may cause discomfort.

Are Leaks Common in Mobile Home Skylights?

Mobile home skylights can face a serious leak problem just like in regular homes.

The problems associated with leaks are disastrous.

They can lead to the rotting of structures, mold developments, and bad odors.

Leaks can also draw pathetic stains on the walls and ruin the original good appeal.

Uneven temperature adjustments are the major cause of skylight leaks.

Sealants are forced to contract and expand leading to cracks developments.

This allows water to sip into the building through the cracks that develop between the frame and the skylight.

Debris and snow accumulation on the skylight can also lead to a serious leak.

Water that accumulates on the deck deteriorates over time and eventually causes a leak.

How Can You Identify a Skylight Leak in a Mobile Home?

Having known the adverse effects of leaking mobile home skylights, you must master the skills of identifying them. This will help you solve the problem before it is too late.

Determining the leak site on a mobile home skylight is not easy.

It is especially true if a repair had been executed before.

You need to be watchful enough so that you can recognize any signs of leaks and work on them before situations can get out of hand.

Some of the commonest indicators of skylight leaks include:

  • A damaged skylight frames
  • Discoloration of the skylights
  • Dry or loose caulk
  • Spongy roof decking. If you notice any soft or loose spot on the roofs while walking over it could be an indicator of a leak.

Take note of such issues and correct them immediately.

How Can You Replace a Mobile Home Skylight?

A replacement of mobile home skylights is required if the current skylights have developed leaks or grown old.

Old skylights are usually stained and can no longer allow the required quality of light and heat into the building.

A replacement may also be required if you are intending to install a new model of skylights.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Grace ice
  • Caulk
  • Nail
  • Hammer
  • Butyl Tape
  •  Snips
  • Water Shield

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Replace Mobile Home Skylights

1. Position the new skylight on the chosen spot.

2. Fasten the deck’s seal onto the roof’s decking. Nailing is the best way to get this done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

3. Fix adhesives onto the edges of the skylight to seal and fasten it further in place

4. Fix the step flashing. They should be fastened onto the shingles to keep the skylight firm in place.

Can You Hire a Professional to Install Mobile Home Skylights for You?

If you are not capable of installing the skylights yourself, hiring a professional to do the job for you is the only option.

While you will have to dig your pocket deeper for labor expenses, you stand to achieve quality results.

Otherwise, you can still do the job yourself and save some cash. But make sure that you are capable enough. You do not want to face leaks problems later on.

Final Words

Skylights form an ideal installation in mobile homes.

It helps keep your home well-lit and allows some heat into the building making it warmer and comfortable for living. Installation procedures can be tricky.

Just not to mention the intricate steps you need to take when choosing the right type of skylights.

We hope this article came in time to equip you with knowledge about mobile home skylights. Best of luck!


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