Can You Replace A Bathtub In A Mobile Home? (Six Considerations)

As you seek to advance your comfort zone in your mobile home, you are probably doing some replacements.

This may include a bathtub.

The bathroom is of course one of your favorite place to cool down and ease the tensions of everyday life.

So, Can You Replace A Bathtub In A Mobile Home?

You can replace your bathtub to suit your preference. If you are thinking of investing in a new tub, you are probably wondering where to start.

Worry no more! In this article, we shed light on what you need to know before carrying it on. We have also added other helpful tips on bathtubs installation and more.

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Six Things to Consider Before Replacing a Bathtub in a Mobile Home

It is everyone’s goal to keep upgrading and improving things in life.

There are many things to look into before embarking on bathtub replacement. The bottom line is to ensure maximum comfort.

1. The Bathroom Layout

The bathroom’s layout and size dictate the type and size of the bathtub for you.

You don’t want to go into expensive costs starting the plumbing altogether again.

That can be stressful and time-consuming as well.

It is, therefore, the best idea to choose a bathtub that fits into the current space and layout of your bathroom.

2. The Type Of Tub You Want

There are many types of bathtubs available today.

Once you have taken note of the space and layout of your bathroom, it is time to decide on that ideal bathtub for you.

Is it going to be a corner or a standard tub?

It is all about personal preferences.

3. The Material Your Bathtub Is Made Of

Most mobile home bathtubs are made of either fiberglass or acrylic.

Acrylic models are generally better than their counterparts as much as style is concerned. Besides, they demand less maintenance.

4. Do You Need A Shower Surround Or Not?

This entirely depends on the layout of your bathroom.

Your personal preference is also a matter of great consideration.

But most people would love to have on with shower surround. They offer more comfort and luxury.

5. Drainage Location

You need to take note of the drainage line before acquiring a new bathtub for your mobile home.

You should get one that aligns with the current plumbing layout in your bathroom.

6. Style

With practicality out of the way, it is time to focus on your preferred style.

Your bathroom should offer optimum luxury. It goes without saying that you should select the style you love. This includes the color palette.

A white replacement tub makes it look sleeker.

How Do You Replace Your Mobile Home’s Bathtub?

Changing your home bathtub is a little technical and may not fall in the category of DIY projects.

This is especially true if you change the size and type of bathtub.

That will require you to reconfigure water drainage and supply systems and lines.

Also, you are likely to be forced to reroute water channels completely.

Such a job can be best handled by a professional plumber. But if you are replacing the same size of a bathtub, you can handle it on your own.

In the next section, we have compiled a three-phased step-by-step guide that can help you properly replace your bathtub.

1. Removing The Old Bathtub

Turn Off The Water Supply To The Bathtub

You are doing a replacement and the very first job is to remove the old one.

But first, you must turn off the water supply to the tub before doing anything else.

Water leakage can cause massive damage to other structures of your mobile home.

Disconnect The Drainage Pipe From The Bathtub

The next procedure is to disassemble the drain pipe.

Ensure that it is completely separated from the tub. The overflow drainage pipe should also be separated from the tub.

Disconnect The Faucets And Other Fixtures

Proceed to the faucets and other fixtures in the tub.

They too must be disengaged from the old tub.

All lines that supply water to the faucets must be unscrewed.

Also, remove all the nuts that fasten them to the tub.

Cut The Plastic Rivets Holding The Bathtub

If the bathtub is held in position by plastic rivets, as in most tubs, you can cut the heads with a sharp tool like a knife.

Even a razor blade can be used to execute this step.

To disengage the sealing caulk from the wall, you can cut the edges using a blade.

Better still, you can peel it off the wall. This exposes the lips of the tub including the screws.

Once all the screws have been removed, the tub can then be removed from its position with ease.

2. Installing The New Bathtub

Check the Rim Support at the Edges

The first step in installing a new bathtub is to make sure that the rim supports are precise to the height of the new bathtub.

If you find out that they do not match, you can install new ones.

Remember it all depends on the size of your new bathtub.

Then fasten them tightly to ensure that they are properly anchored into the studs

Install the New Drain

If the new bathtub did not come with a new drain, then you should take your time to install one.

Install New Faucets

Faucets are useful to curb any head-off leaks in the future.

Also, install water endings alongside the faucets.

With time, pipes may get corroded due to rusting or thread damage.

This can pose problems with sealing. The best you can do is to replace them completely.

The skirt of the new bathtub must fit into the track of the floor of the bathroom.

To do this precisely, drill a pilot hole through the tub and secure it to the wall using a screw.

Be careful not to make it too tight as it may cause some cracks to develop on the wall. That is disastrous to the structure of your mobile home.

3. Installing A New Bathtub Surround

Either plastic rivets or glue can be used to install bathtub surround in mobile homes.

To begin with, you need to outline the surround on the bathroom wall using a bead of glue.

The surround is then set into this outline.

Allow it to cool for about 2 minutes then set the surround back in place.

It enhances better adherence to either surface. Ensure that it is firmly stuck on the wall by pressing it.

How Can You Fix Bathtub’s Faucets?

The final step in bathtub installation is to set all the faucets and other fixtures set in place.

You should do this before cutting any holes in the surround.

A brand new faucet typically comes with a working template to ensure that you correctly cut the required holes.

The faucets are firmly secured with nuts.

Finally, connect back the water lines to your new bathtub.

The drain pipe should also be connected. Application of caulk is the final step.

Caulk it around the surround and leave it for about 24 hours.

You need to keep coming back to inspect it so that any loose parts can be fixed as soon as possible.

After a day, your new bathtub can now be used.


It is okay to keep adjusting things in your mobile home.

As you seek to satisfy your comfort demands, replacement of things seems inevitable.

For bathroom bathtubs, be keen enough to ensure that you are selecting something that matches the current drainage system.


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