Should You Get A Mobile Home If You’re A College Student?

As a college student, you are usually working on a limited budget.

As such, you need to make as many savings as you can.

A mobile home is one of the ideal alternatives to real estate investment that will save you money.

Is a Mobile Home Good for a College Student?

A mobile home is an ideal place to stay for a college student. It is movable and has greater flexibility in terms of where it can be located.

A mobile home also empowers the student to get to school on time since it can be positioned close to the campus. This means cheaper living costs in addition to easier installation and more design options.

Mobile Homes: An Overview

A home built on the site will cost around $107 per square foot, while a mobile home will cost $49 per square foot.

This is a considerable saving, which means that the mobile home is more affordable than the one constructed on-site.

However, there are way more benefits of the mobile home than just affordability.

This is what we look at in the rest of the article and how this matters to students who are working on reducing the budget as much as possible.

When you need to stretch the money you have to last longer, a mobile home can help you manage your education better.

With less spending on a place to stay in, you will be at peace and more focused on your education.

The mobile home is not manufactured on-site but is factory-built from its very design. It takes less time to build and is transported to the installation site on its wheels.

A mobile home will usually consist of several modules that are joined at the site. When the mobile home is installed, it is connected to the local water, power, and sanitary systems.

Even though they are considered mobile homes, the truth is that these homes are rarely moved once they have been installed.

They are not the same as recreational vehicles (RVs) and cannot move using their power. A means of transport is usually required when you need to move them.

The average time it takes for such a home to be completed is between two and three months. With the ready availability of building materials at the factory, there are minimal delays in construction.

Additionally, the quality of the construction is maintained through inspection and other controls that ensure the house has been built to standard.

Creating these homes is also efficient, and the result is something that you will love to live inside.

There is also greater flexibility in terms of the possible designs for the mobile homes, and they can be modified to fit your exact specifications.

This means that you will not only have a custom home but a design that caters to your requirements.

Advantages of Mobile Homes for a College Student

1. Affordability

Manufacturing a mobile home is much cheaper as compared to a traditional home that has been constructed on-site.

It is viewed as one of the most viable solutions to the housing shortage.

For a college student, this means having more money to purchase textbooks and staying away from more expensive living options.

A mobile home is much better than a fairy tale housing plan, which is costly and does not leave much for additional courses, academic subscriptions, and keeping your book collection up-to-date.

2. Structural Strength

When it comes to structural stability, many people wonder if mobile homes are worth it.

These homes usually make use of the HUD code, which was adopted in 1969, and as such, they can meet standards in terms of:-

– structural design
– construction
– fire safety
– energy efficiency
– transportation from factory to installation site

They also have a pretty strict certification process. As such, you can be assured of getting the most robust and most stable home to live in.

The construction standards and manufacturing processes have been streamlined to ensure that every bit and piece used for the house’s construction can keep you safe and comfortable.

They also have a red seal that shows that they meet all the requirements and are safe to live in.

3. Versatility

You have the option of starting small when you choose to go with mobile homes.

This means starting with a single unit and upgrading over time to include more modules as you see fit.

This is more affordable and does not restrict you in any way when your needs change.

It can also be moved to another site when you no longer need it, and this presents convenience for the student once they are done with their studies.

You can also rent it out when you have upgraded your home, and as such, you get to benefit from the home for much longer.

4. Faster Construction

The mobile home will be manufactured more quickly when you are working on a short schedule, thanks to factory standards and software.

Your home design will be ready in a few weeks and the final product delivered to your desired site for installation in as few as 60-75 days.

5. Quick Installation

Nothing can be more exciting than being able to see your home take form.

There is nothing more thrilling than seeing a giant crane lifting your home to its foundation.

This is quite an experience, and the entire process takes a short time.

The hookup to utilities also takes less time, and in no time, you will be in your new library reading.

The installation is also straightforward and gets the final result from the factory in place in a matter of hours.

6. Energy Efficiency

Mobile homes are energy efficient and also conscious of the environment.

With the regulations and building codes in place, the home has to meet specific environmental-friendliness and energy efficiency standards.

This means having insulated skirting, insulation in the walls and under the home, as well as water heaters.

They can also be Energy Star certified and include energy-saving appliances and appliances in the kitchen. It is always great to live in a home that spends 27% less energy than typical homes and is friendlier on the environment.

7. Acoustics

Mobile homes can be built as separate modules, which means that they are much quieter.

This is a massive advantage for the student who needs somewhere they can study in peace.

There is less transfer of sound from one room to another, and they are solid and durable.

Living in separate rooms also means that several students can study in their own spaces in peace.

8. Low Risk

You no longer have to worry about theft, damage, and delivery delays when you opt for a mobile home.

There are fewer risks, and you can save more.

Compared to traditional home construction, there is less wastage of construction materials thanks to factory processes, and materials do not disappear without explanation.

This keeps the cost of manufacturing these homes low and enables manufacturers to sell them at a reduced price.


A mobile home might be the answer to a student that is having home ownership challenges.

It is affordable, takes less space, and has a better design as compared to traditional homes.

It is also faster to build, and the installation takes only a few hours.

Additionally, it is more space and energy-efficient, which is a plus for modern homes.

As a student, a mobile home can help offset your overall education costs and enable you to study without stress.