Is October Or November TOO Early To Put Up The Christmas Tree And Decorations?

If you watch TV on a regular basis, you may have noticed that Christmas offers and deals start pouring in around October.

That’s the time you’re going to know which store has the most competitive discounts on Christmas décor, food, apparel, and electronics, and pretty – many adverts begin to feature Christmas carols just to go with the flow.

That’s perfectly OK. What may be bugging you, however, is when is it considered socially appropriate to put up Christmas decor? Is October okay? Would it be acceptable to do it in November?

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October? October Can Be Early, But It Depends

Christmas mood starts setting in around mid-October.

You are closer to Christmas in October than you are in September. It may sound great to start setting up your décor around this time so that you can make the most out of the festive season.

It is also around this time that you are also likely to buy gifts and décor cheaper than waiting, say, three weeks to Christmas Eve. However, it is better imagined than practiced.

I’ve seen the local homeowners’ association tear down Christmas trees and reindeers set up in the community around this time. Here is why you should probably hold on that décor for a little longer:

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From what I have seen in my neighborhood for the last few years, it is probably not a good idea to put up your Christmas décor too early in October.

1. October is Synonymous with Halloween

If you consider the level of seriousness with which most Americans celebrate Halloween, you can’t help but come to the conclusion All Hallows’ Eve is the third largest holiday in the country just behind the 4th of July and Christmas.

With that said, there aren’t many Americans who would want any other sort of decorations to get into the way of preparations for Halloween.

A lot of Americans connect with Halloween more than they do with Christmas as it’s all about spooky stuff and candy compared to the bland and decentralized Christmas.

Please imagine setting up Halloween décor and Christmas décor at the same time! Trying to decorate your home with both types of décor could entail hanging your pumpkins in the same areas you ought to erect the Christmas tree or the reindeer.

Hanging your Christmas lights over Halloween scarecrows is drab and unsightly.

You will end up with a confusing and grotesque mix of décor even unbearable to the standards of any scary Halloween party.

The only reason why it would be highly inappropriate to set up Christmas décor in October is the incompatibility of Christmas and Halloween décor. That, and the fact that Halloween rules October!

2. October Is Still Too Far From Christmas Eve, Don’t You Think?

Setting up your Christmas décor around October means you have to wait for about two months to Christmas Eve – that’s a long time for a fresh Christmas tree to linger around.

By Christmas Eve, the décor would have survived two major holidays: Halloween, which takes place towards the end of October, and Thanksgiving which is held in the last quarter of November.

There is a strong chance they would have been destroyed or wilted (if they are plant-based or perishable) before the actual Christmas mood sets in.

And you would have got tired of loot at your décor by the time you get to Christmas Eve.

How About November?

From Christmas décor hanging in your home to Christmas lights lighting the perimeter of your home, November is the perfect month of setting up most of the décor you need to make the festive season awesome.

Don’t start early though. The first quarter of the month isn’t far off from October.

The middle can be just fine, but the best time is immediately after Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is celebrated somewhere in the fourth week of November.

If Thanksgiving and the related family’s get-together activities took place during the weekday, it only makes sense you start creating the proper mood for Christmas the following weekend.

This is the time when your outdoor is clear for new decoration. It is around this time that you are more likely to have a clear mind for yet another holiday.

When Should Christmas Lights Go Up?

The best time to set up your Christmas lights is during the second and third weeks of November.

There are no set rules on Christmas lighting but it’s recommended you wait until Halloween is over.

Halloween tends to involve a lot of outdoor celebration with spooky stiff, costumes, and all manner of scary décor all over the space.

You don’t want your Christmas lights to hang over them. After Halloween celebrations, you can hang your Christmas décor to keep them turned-off, or wait the weekend after Thanksgiving celebration.

Keeping your Christmas lights off during all this time until 1st December can help you save a few cents or even dollars on electricity bills. The more these lights are in your big home, the bigger the toll they have on your electricity bills.

When Should Christmas Wreaths Go Up?

While it’s perfectly OK to hang your Christmas wreaths moments after Thanksgiving, wreaths are mainly a symbol of Winter and Fall – nothing screams “Christmas is coming!” in the fall like wreaths.

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Depending on your favorite style of a wreath, you can choose to hang them on the front door just before Thanksgiving celebrations if you would like to celebrate the just-arriving Fall season.

However, to hang a full-size truly Christmas themed wreath complete with green and red ornaments and ribbons, you will need to wait until the first weekend after Thanksgiving.

How About The Christmas Tree?

The freshest tree you could find may last for just 4 weeks or less. So, putting up one such Christmas Tree before the first weekend after Thanksgiving would be disastrous.

Positioning can affect the lifespan if you choose a real tree. Consider installing it in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.

If you opt for the synthetic Christmas tree, you are free to store it anywhere you wish as they are long-lasting and weather-resistant.

When Should Santa Décor Go Up?

Santa Claus and all the related décor are exclusively related to Christmas. All Santa décor can be brought out during the first weekend after Thanksgiving.

However, you need to be a bit moderate with the setup because this type of décor normally spreads the holiday’s cheer – you don’t want things to be apparent too early.

If you are thinking of an inflatable Santa décor on your lawn or backyard, you should also keep your horses held until the first weekend after Thanksgiving.

You will be right on time and still save a big deal of money in electricity bills.

How About The Mantel Décor?

Christmas would be incomplete to most people without decorations on the mantel.

From adding your custom-made Christmas stockings to displaying your custom Christmas cards, most of us want to turn to the mantle in a focal point for Christmas decorations lineup.

There is a strong chance you decorate your mantle during Thanksgiving. If that’s the consider, swapping out the decorations immediately after Thanksgiving.

However, if you don’t feel like rushing, you are free to add décor on your mantel anytime between Thanksgiving and December just a few days to Christmas Eve.

Because it is and indoor-based décor, there are no hard rules on when and how to go about Christmas mantel décor.

What About The Dining Room Table?

This can depend on how often you use your dining table.

If you are a small family and you often find yourselves using the kitchen island as your dining point, you can add decorations on your dining table with Christmas themes shortly after Thanksgiving.

If you are a large family and the dining table is your sole eating spot, there is no point in decorating this area too early because much of the décor would have been destroyed with frequent movement by the time Christmas Eve sets in.

For that reason, it is advisable that you delay a little until mid-December to set up your dining table décor. If your choice of décor is hardy and durable, you are free to spoil your dining area with it as soon as the evening after Thanksgiving.

What About The Stockings?

Stockings are barely noticeable unless you choose to use more elaborate and colorful designs.

You don’t even need to think much about them – you can hang them on your fireplace any time between the end of Thanksgiving and a few days to Christmas Eve.

What About The Reindeer and Sleigh?

The idea of having a life-size fake reindeer standing somewhere in the house is one that isn’t particularly attractive to those with small homes.

If you also consider the fact that they must be accompanied by a sleigh can make you want to wait for a little longer.

It is recommended that you wait until the first few days of December to put up a reindeer and sleigh in your home.

If you are thinking of outdoor reindeer (which tends to be the default installation but can depend on where you are), you can set up one complete with its sleigh shortly after Thanksgiving.


So, when is it appropriate to set up your Christmas Tree and décor? The first weekend after Thanksgiving would be perfect.

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