When Should You Put Christmas Gifts Under The Tree?

With the Christmas holiday coming up, it is that time of the year when preparations are underway.

With your Christmas tree in place, you can start decorating it as you head to the main day.

Decorating the tree is important not only because it is an iconic feature of the day, but also because this is the placement point for all Christmas gifts.

(Short Answer) So, When Should You Put Christmas Gifts Under The Tree?

The best time to place gifts under a Christmas tree is roughly two or three weeks before the main event. Not one is limited to a particular time. Some folks will do it just a day before Christmas. There is, however, a norm of placing gifts under a Christmas tree long before the date of the event. First, it helps to create a great holiday mood in the family. So if you have been yearning for it, it is okay to start placing gifts and decorating your Christmas tree.

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How Should You Put Gifts under a Christmas tree?

Once you have decorated your Christmas tree with all manner of colors of gifts and pieces of stuff, you should never forget the underside.

Just a few weeks to the main event, this is where you will place your gifts, gifts for relatives and friends.

It has become a traditional norm to flood the underside of Christmas trees with gifts

. Be it in gift wraps of different color schemes, this part is where all presents are placed as they away the presentation day.

1. Select An Appropriate Color Scheme

If you have a problem with color matching and selection, you can hire a designer flair for this little job.

Besides, you can ask your friends or relatives to help you determine the right color of things to put under a Christmas tree.

Ideally, the color of such things as gift wraps should match with the decorations on the Christmas tree itself.

Try as much as possible to avoid carbon gift wraps with childish themes.

At least make an appealing upgrade that will impress everyone attending the event.

You can also make use of a plain brown craft to wrap your gifts with.

While color matching is important, you need to be careful not to overdo it.

As it turns out, there are endless things to put into consideration when choosing an appropriate theme.

Generally, a three-colored theme would be ideal.

Anything beyond five colors changes the impression from appealing to a boring one. You need to create a balance that can still maintain visual interest.

2. Organize Your Gifts In Style

You should be creative enough to make some unique placements and styles.

Any gaps can be filled with wrapped empty boxes.

Simply use designer wrapping papers as you would do for the real gifts.

The completeness of things under the tree makes it look impressive and fills in the color gaps that would otherwise have been created.

The placement style also depends on the decorations made at the base of the tree.

Be creative and daring enough to add something unique. Christmas happens only once a year. So it is okay to go any length to make everything come uniquely.

3. Spread And Sort Your Presents Out

You are going to gift people with a variety of gifts. Some of them are very delicate.

Keep them away from a fireplace as much as possible. Also, remember to figure out a way of preventing your kids from tampering with them.

Special gifts such as ornaments can easily be damaged if children play around with them.

It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on them when kids are around the place. You can keep them away then bring them back during the material day.

If you have huge and bulky gifts, that do not fit the space under the Christmas tree, you should place them on the side of the tree.

But be careful not to obscure the tree’s impression. So if the gifts are too much bigger you can put them farther away against the wall.

Remember it is still to maintain the appearance of the tree.

Even smaller gifts should be spread. Do not pile them up too high as this will compromise the appearance of the tree.

Instead, if they are too many, it is a wise idea to spread them.

Put small gifts on the front. Leave nothing at the backside.

The gifts must be visible to everyone. Lastly, for easy sorting and presentation, you can wrap them in different patterns for every person.

It will make it easier to open on Christmas day.

4. Place The Best Gifts At The Back

You would love to arrange your gifts such that the best ones come last.

If you do it the opposite way, you are likely going to spoil the taste and feel of the presentation.

Smaller and less expected items like toiletries and socks should come first whereas the best ones come last. That gives the celebration a rising flow.

What Gifts Can You Buy For A Christmas Event?

Now that you have the right placement tips, it is time to take a look at the items you have chosen as gifts for your loved ones.

You definitely can wait to see broad smiles on their faces at the sight of a special gift.

This is the best way to bond and build a stronger relationship as family and friends.

It is, therefore, worth investing in. after all, the best way to show and spice love is to gift someone you love.

1. Bullet Journal

To enhance productivity, gifting someone a journal is a cool idea.

You can accompany this with special pens and some notes.

There is always everyone’s way of arranging that. But make sure that they are wrapped in an appealing gift wrap.

2. Sparkly Lanyards

These could be beautiful event badges. You can gift this to your event organizers to make them feel motivated and inspired.

The best way to make someone perform better is to appreciate the work they do by motivating them.

These too can be wrapped in a ribbon with additional items and even cash.

3. Spa Hamper

A spa hamper can be laden with a collection of luxurious goodies and even money.

You can add small but worthy things like scented candles, special soaps, masks, and other small personal effects commodities.

A hamper can equally be added on top of other gifts. Show more love!

4. Electronic Gadgets

These can be phones, mac books, charging gadgets, and portable woofers.

Before you decide on this, however, you need to spy on them to make that you are gifting them with what they do not have already.

If it is a laptop, for instance, you can surprise them with an upgrade. They will be overwhelmed.

The list of items to gift someone with is just endless. This is just glue.

A gift can be anything worth giving away. It does not matter the size or value.

Go for what you can afford and what you feel from the bottom of your heart can make someone shed tears of joy and appreciation.


A Christmas tree is the epicenter of the Christmas celebration today.

A proper decoration is, therefore, necessary to create a perfect impression.

You can acquire great gifts and organize them under it as we have highlighted in this article.

Be strict to order and make sure that you revisit it several times before the main day.

You need to be aware of what gift goes to who and the order your intent to follow during the presentation.