When Should You Put Up and Take Down Juneteenth Decorations?

Juneteenth has been around since at least 1866 though it only became a federally recognized holiday in June 2021.

The holiday is now part of Honor America Days – a group of holidays set aside to honor the United States.

The period lasts 21 days, from Flag Day (on June 14) to the Fourth of July (July 4).

Knowing when to put up and take down the decorations for each holiday is necessary.

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When Should You Begin Putting Up Juneteenth Décor?

There is no universally agreed date, but the nearer to the day, the better. The best period to set up your Juneteenth decorations is immediately after National Flag day. That’s because National Flag Day is the only federal holiday before Juneteenth, and your premises feature the right decorations at the right time.

Start Your Decoration Shortly After the National Flags Day (June 14) – Here’s Why

The colors used on Juneteenth decorations clash or remain the same as those used for National Flag Day, but it depends on your roots.

Most members of the black community use red, yellow, green, and black on their Juneteenth decorations.

These four colors clash with blue, white, and red used during National Flag Day.

As you can see, setting up Juneteenth decorations on or before the National Flag Day would be inappropriate.

However, a small section of the black community retained the colors of the American flag for their Juneteenth decorations, which is still cute.

It is economical too because you can recycle your National Flag Day decorations to Juneteenth decorations almost immediately.

Juneteenth Starts Earlier Than June 19 (Unbeknown to Many)

Another reason to start setting up your decorations immediately after National Flag Day is that Juneteenth celebrations start earlier in some states.

For example, New Jersey and Louisiana celebrate their Juneteenth on the 16th and 17th of June, respectively.

That’s about four days earlier than the official date but immediately after National Flag Day.

If you are in those states, your premises will look good if you replace the American flag with the Juneteenth flag immediately after National Flag Day.

Up to 3 Days Leading to Juneteenth

The four days to Juneteenth are for putting together all the planning-intensive activities of the holiday.

It takes several days of shopping and gathering the essential gear/décor to hold a truly exciting Juneteenth celebration.

a) Juneteenth Block Party

For example, everything to do with Juneteenth Block Party – like Black performance artists, African dancing, spoken word, etc. – is put in order during this period.

It is the best time to clean and trim your lawn for the holiday outdoor games and barbecues that accompany the holiday.

b) Decorate Your House

Interior décor for Juneteenth can be more demanding to collect and set up than exterior décor.

To avoid a last-minute rush, make sure your interior decorations are up and shining within three days leading to the holiday.

Get some quality rolls of Kente, themed posters, books, lights, flags, and posters of famous black inventors and artists. If you plan to add a touch of artistry by incorporating your designs, use the three days to put everything together.

24 hours to Juneteenth

The final 24 hours to Juneteenth are used to complete a series of less demanding tasks that helps bring the preparations to an end. Most of the planning at this stage occurs in the backyard.

a) Hoisting The Juneteenth Flag/Hanging Outdoor Decorations

The first item on your to-do list should be to obtain plenty of Juneteenth-themed décor for your outdoors.

Flags and related fabrics would be a great start. You can easily order a flag and pole from the comfort of your home.

However, it will take some time to hang all the other brightly colored fabrics on the gutter, eaves, gutter, and doorstep.

b) Lighting the Entrance

Special lighting is a must-have for Juneteenth but should be professionally set up a bit earlier, about a day before the holiday.

Appropriate string LEDs are sourced and tested to ascertain they match the rest of the decorations.

The path leading into the property’s entrance is embellished with beautifully arranged LEDs and helium balloons, all in Juneteenth colors.

Gathering and wrapping LEDS, fabrics, and helium balloons around trees, pots, jars, and poles is easier than it sounds.

On Juneteenth Eve

Shopping from black-owned businesses, visiting a black history museum, and a family dinner are some of the activities that define Juneteenth eve.

Later in the day, the family may read books about slavery, the American Civil War, the Jim Crow era, and the fight for Civil Rights.

A more intimate meeting, or Juneteenth Dinner, may be a highlight of the holiday. Often, a special guest is invited in person or virtually to deliver a speech for Juneteenth Party.

When Do You Pull Down Juneteenth Decorations?

The next major federal holiday after Juneteenth is the Independence Day or Fourth of July – two weeks away. It means you have all the time to remove your decorations.

There Are No Rules

Whatever you do, keep in mind there are no rules on how Juneteenth (and pretty much every other holiday) should be celebrated.

It is also worth noting that people don’t celebrate holidays the same way.

The specific time and period needed for preparation may depend on where you are and what you plan to do. The same holds for the removal of the decorations.

The Bigger the Celebration, the Longer It Takes to Clear the Décor

It is recommended that you start to pull down everything to do with your Juneteenth celebrations immediately after the last guest leaves home.

Still, the time taken to clear all the decorations will depend on the celebration size.

For instance, removing the trash left behind by a large extended family takes longer than that made by a small family.

Nonetheless, it would be inappropriate to have still your Juneteenth decorations lingering around four days after the celebration.

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The best time to set up your Juneteenth decorations is immediately after National Flags Day (June 14).

While there is no rule on when to pull down your decorations, the sooner you get rid of them, the better.

It would be ridiculous to have still your decorations standing four days after the holiday.