Is It Tacky To Decorate Your Home With Prints Of Famous Paintings? (Solved!)

Styling and decorating your house using art can be fun. However, sometimes it might be expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

Artwork assists in defining the personality of a homeowner and their house. It can be useful, especially when many pieces are combined to create a character in a house.

The good thing with art is that it is a lifetime experience you can use anywhere in this world.

Is It Tacky To Decorate Your Home With Prints Of Famous Paintings?

This is one of the common questions which as a homeowner, you may ask yourself. However, if you genuinely love the  famous paintings (i.e. Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Birth Of Venus, The Starry Night, etc, etc, etc), then it is okay to use them in decorating your home.

You can follow the guideline below to understand better how you can decorate your house using famous paintings.

Choosing The Best Famous Print Painting: Five Factors

1. Inspiration piece

An inspiration piece can drive all your artwork painting decisions. In this case, an inspiration piece can be a piece of art that you love like your pets, children or sofa.

After you have determined your inspiration piece, you can follow the tips below in coming up with your wall painting.

First, use the inspiration piece to determine the color you are going to use for your painting. It is good that you choose a minimum of three or four colors. By focusing on a specific color, it becomes easy to match it with your inspiration piece.

Choose a painting which follows the color scheme of your house. Through the color scheme, you can easily combine other solids, geometrics and patterns.

It is not a must that the painting that you choose to match perfectly so that it can look beautiful. Your main aim should be to surround yourself with various things that you adore.

2. Style

Decorating your house with prints of famous paintings based on style might be the most natural way you can adopt.

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Style decoration is also personal. Some of the examples of styles which you can include are antique pieces, bold and bright form.

One of the tricks you can use is mimicking the style used by famous ancient artists when they were doing their paintings. However, you should make decisions based on the things that you like.

In this case, you can follow the tips below to achieve the best style.

  • Mix materials by adding a metal sign or wooden art to your space.
  • You can use frames in emphasizing your style if it matches with your home décor.
  • You can buy some small pieces of painting for guidance.
  • Make sure you invest in at least one piece of a famous painting that you would love to see in future.
  • Choose prints that match your room style, including your furniture. For instance, if you have a large piece of print painting over your sofa, you may wish to hang a similar print on the opposite wall.

3. Size

When it comes to paintings, it can be challenging especially if you are indecisive about sizing. Just search for the famous painting with size in mind so that you can easily choose one that you will live to adore.

However, a significant number of people find it easier to choose large paintings and finish with smaller ones.

You should know that as you start investing in prints, your home will be decorated with paintings that you prefer within a short period.

Below are some of the general rules that you can follow when sizing your paintings?

  1. You must consider the height of your ceiling by ensuring that the famous painting fills the space in width and length.
  2. Decorating your house using a small piece of painting cannot fill an ample space. Therefore, you should group small pieces, but they must complement each other.
  3. You should target your paintings at least 15 centimeters above the edge of your furniture.
  4. Your famous paintings should not be more than two thirds larger than your sofa.

4. Color

When it comes to art, you can use bold or bright colors. However, there are two main approaches in choosing the color of your famous paintings.

It is good that you add a print art that incorporates colors that you already have in your room. In many cases, having a consistent scheme can be complementary, sophisticated and cohesive.

However, you can follow the following basics in choosing the color of your paintings.

  1. You use mirrors to reflect the prints of famous paintings in your house. Reflections can duplicate the appearance of your paintings and also make your room look bigger.
  2. Maintain equal proportions of colors in your paintings. For instance, if your house is painted black and white with purple throw pillows, you should choose a famous painting which is black and white with some purple color.
  3. Avoid using very bright colors in your paintings as they do not match with neutral colors you may be having on your walls.
  4. If you are in doubt of the best color you can use, you can stick to black and white colors. This is because black and white colors usually match with everything while they can add elegance to your house.
  5. Only select a print art if you have a similar shade in your house. Ensure that you use a maximum of four colors for one painting
  6. You can use the same colors but in varied shades. For instance, white and light blue painting can look incredible when applied on a navy-blue wall.
  7. You can reference the color wheel when choosing complementary shades.
  8. Your most important piece of famous painting should have a background color that matches your wall’s color.

5. Spacing

Framed prints that have different styles and subjects should serve as accents to your house. Therefore, you should place them apart so that they can be viewed individually.

For you to match the paintings with each other and your interior house décor, you can use a motif. One example can be choosing prints of famous printings about travel from a particular place for one room.

You can also choose prints with a food motif such that you place in your kitchen.

Your prints should work so long as your chosen motif matches your room design. In case you are not sure if your motif idea is logical, then you can try to explain it to other people to see if they will believe it.

It is also good that you select a painting with matching elements such as theme, size, patterns and color.

How Can You Decorate Your House Using Prints Of Famous Paintings?

1. Apply Your Art On The Tiles Of Your Kitchen

It is effortless for you to add incredible elegance to your kitchen through print paintings.

In case you are painting pre-gazed kitchen tiles, you can make your design outlines using a no-bake ceramic paint pen and later on use a bake-on ceramic paint in completing your design.

After your design has dried up, you can bake it by following the manufacturer’s instructions to make your tiles have a glossy finish. Alternatively, you can use acrylic paint and finish it using gloss.

2. Install Your Painting Below The Ceiling

This is very easy to achieve even for individuals who are slow painters. You must know that placing paintings higher up on your wall offers a height illusion and creates decoration styles which is extremely beautiful.

Try to create a team for every room.

For instance, you can incorporate a dreamy, surreal art in the bedroom and a food-related painting into the kitchen.

3. Add Your Artwork To The Ceiling

Although you may not be one of the famous traditional artists, it does not mean that you cannot be creative with your ceiling.

It is effortless to decorate your ceiling using prints of your choice. In this case, all you need is a tall ladder and house paint.

Four Benefits Of Decorating Your House With Prints Of Famous Paintings

1. Famous paintings can improve the quality of your life and also personalize your house. Just imagine when you are living in a house that does not have any arts paintings. In short, art paintings can offer you warmth and character by transforming your house into an engaging, beautiful and unique environment.

2. Famous paintings will not only be appealing visually but also shows technical mastery, insight, inspiration, creativity and personality of the artists who created them.

3. Additionally, famous paintings can fascinate your children. This is because paintings encourage children to expand, imagine, explore and fantasize about their dreams. As a result, children can learn how to be creative and have fun in life.

4. They can open your mind and heart to possibilities and also fuel your imagination. Specifically, it supports societal views such as storytelling, symbols and beauty.


The best prints for famous paintings can set your house’s tone by keeping inviting, defining various rooms, and portraying the beliefs that you uphold in your family.

Whether you concentrate on theme, size or color, decorating your home using prints of famous painting does not have to be challenging OR TACKY.

You must know that you deserve to live in a comfortable home that suits your sense of style. Having a cohesive house filled with aesthetically pleasing prints of art should be one of your future plans.