Do You Need a Dining Room Table If You Live Alone?

A dining table is one of the pieces of furniture every home setting ought to have. It is an epic symbol of the heart of every home.

However, if you are living alone, it might be a cumbersome addition to your collection of furniture.

A dining table brings the family together during meal times especially during those special occasions such as birthdays or family dinner time.

But when you are living alone it is not as essential as when you living with a big family.

You need a welcoming ambiance to gobble down your delicious meal after you have toil enough to bring the best dish you can imagine.

Now, that place to settle the score is the dining table.

So, Do You Need a Dining Room Table If You Live Alone?

No. You may not necessarily need a dining room table after all. When you are living alone dining room table might be problematic. Eating alone at a dining table might be a lonely affair and it feels so alienating. You need a place that will give you comfort and a sense of control. Again, living alone can even change how you choose your meals. Eating some meals might not even require you to prepare a dining table. Yeah, it is tempting to settle down for a meal on a couch. However, you need a little bit of reorganization of your limited space to come up with an inviting dining setting.

It may be that you are running out of space or you just want more space to roam around as you go about daily chores in your home setting.

A dining table might be undesired addition to your kitchen.

So, how do you go about modifying your home décor to bring out the best while maximizing on space?

Well, read along to get tips on how to live without a dining room table and other useful tips in your home.

Ten Dining Table Solutions for Small Spaces

Even though a dining table offers a central hub to gather around friends and family, living alone makes it impractical.

The dining table will stay underutilized.

With limited space, there are ways to optimize this limited space by eliminating a dining table and still getting a good dining area. Here are some tips to go about this:

1. Turn The Corner Space Into A Dining Nook

Room corners are idle spaces that are rarely used.

With your limited space, fit a sitting bench onto the corner or some other dead space in your room.

And to make it more appealing for the dish, add a banquette and match it with cool cushions.

Make the floor comfortable by adding a soft cushioning mat or a rug.

2. Use A Coffee Table

A coffee table can be converted to serve as a dining table for one person.

Though not comfortable for long-term sitting, you can sit on floor cushions and place your meals on the coffee table.

3. Bridge A Gap Between Kitchen Tops

You can install a counter between work surfaces in your kitchen to work as a serving table.

You can then bring in your stool and enjoy your meals comfortably at least space you can get.

4. Utilize The Kitchen Island

This is the most convenient and easy-to-set dining area.

Simply add barstools and you have transformed your kitchen island into a practical dining table.

There are a variety of designs of stools you can choose from to fit into your kitchen. you can select stool colors to match the kitchen top.

5. Add An L-shaped Extension From The Kitchen Island

If your kitchen island is short, try creating an extension bar out of one end of the kitchen island that runs some inches to create a breakfast bar.

Essentially you will not have compromised the worktop for food preparation.

6. Go For Convertible Tables

There are modern stylish tables that can be easily folded in half giving up extra space.

They may appear slip but can well serve one-person dining.

7. Go For The Dropleaf Table.

This is a perfect replacement for a free-standing table.

It is mounted onto the wall.

And if you desire a view of the outside while you are dining, then you can mount it below the window.

One convenience that comes with this table modification is that you can flip it up when you want to eat and fold it away when you are done eating.

8. Use Console Table Chic

Console table comes to your rescue when you are running low on space.

It is short and narrow and can easily slip into the smallest space you can create for dining.

Simply add a chair or a stool and you are set to go.

9. Use Wall Mounted Kitchen Table

Now you can easily pull your chair or stool close to the table and enjoy your meals.

The beauty of this table is that it can be folded up when not in use thus creating more space for other use.

10. Utilize Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar can serve as a perfect place to hang on for informal meals.

It can be integrated into the kitchen island.

Five Ways To Improve Your Dining Room

Now that you are operating in a small space, it doesn’t mean that your dining area should be dull. Here are simple tips to help you revamp your dining area:

1. Add Interesting Window Treatments

Choose a gleeful pattern on window curtains to match the wall paints.

2. Install Incredible Lighting

Be creative with the lighting. Apply lighting of different designs and shapes to take your dining room a notch higher.

3. Display Artwork On The Walls

Art with fine finishing touch will transform your dining room into a well-curated designer space. It will give you some inspiration as you take your meals.

4. Choose An Eye-catching Rug

Use a modern-inspired rug to add plush texture to the floor.

5. Apply Pretty Wallpaper

Even with the absence of a dining room table, beautiful wallpaper will make a difference.

You can make it more wonderful by using a fabric pattern that matches the wallpaper.

Here, you will create a window shade to continue this effect.

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Tips For Living Alone in A Small Space

1. Consider The Functions You Want To Engage In Your Home

For example, sleeping, watching tv, working out, arts and crafts, or office work. Plan and find space for each of these activities. Eliminating a dining table will give you additional space to host these other activities.

2. Some Rooms Can Be Used For More Than One Function

If you are engaging in more activities than the rooms available, think of converting some rooms into doing double duty.

For instance, add a desk to your living room for office work and double it up as a console table. There, you have solved the problem of a dining table.

3. Choose Your Furniture Well

Some may not fit in your small room.

4. Look For Space-saving Ideas And Products

Some items can be mounted to the wall or ceiling and only pulled down when needed. Check out space-saving products and apply those that work for you.

5. Outsource For Offsite Storage

You will be charged a monthly fee but it is worth it.

Final Thoughts

Living alone can give you solemn peace of mind to organize your things the way you want without the input of others.

However, with limited space, some items need to be let go as their usefulness fades with a reducing number of users.

This includes the dining table. As illustrated above, you can easily live without a dining table and still be able to enjoy your scrumptious meal comfortably.

It is therefore prudent to be careful when setting your room to accommodate these modifications.