When Should Halloween Decorations Go Up and Come Down? 

It is traditional in much of the western world for Halloween to be held around the same time with All Saint’s Day.

Halloween contrasts with Christmas when it comes to deciding when to start putting up your decoration.

These two holidays are nowhere close to the 4th of July during which you would do your decorations in the morning and pull everything down in the evening.

They are quite elaborate – the mood leading into them can be considerable, while the aftereffect can linger around a little longer.

You have probably seen Christmas trees being erected as early as two weeks before the Christmas eve.

But that has something to with the magnitude of Christmas. Just a few people observe Halloween with this level of seriousness.

Most of them live in western Europe and the Americans although Halloween is starting to pick up in the Far East and some parts of Africa and Oceania.

So, When Is It Considered Too Early To Put Up Halloween Decorations?

There are no rules providing guidance for preparation for the holiday. However, there exists a socially acceptable code to which most of us adhere.

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When Do Halloween Decorations Go Up?

Shutterfly.com recognizes that decorations for Halloween should begin anywhere in the first 2 weeks of October.

But, since Hallow’s Eve is fixed on the 31st of October, doesn’t it look you have a whole one month to put up the decorations and even cause some of your décor to spoil before the big day.

Yes, it does, but this is not entirely for the sake of preparation; it makes economic sense too which far outweighs the drawbacks.

Costumes and all the décor you need for the day tends to be cheaper in the first two weeks of October than any other time of the month. This can depend on the amount of décor you need.

If you are going to need a lot of it, it only makes sense that you go shopping within the first two weeks of October and begin putting up with them immediately. This maneuver could see you slash a lot of money off your budget.

According to LandEdu an average American family spends about $185 on Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy within a week leading to Halloween eve.

But because confectionery stores, décor sellers, and related businesses love to hike their prices around this time, this figure is about 1/3 more what a typical American would’ve spent two to three weeks earlier.

If you require minimal décor, you can delay up to the third quarter of October but that’s only if it’s very necessary.

It can also be good for your sanity – setting up your décor in the first two weeks of October lets you put everything in order and avoid a last-minute rush. This is especially necessary if you have a relatively large family with a bunch of kids to amuse.

Why TWO Weeks?

Fortunately, most of the décor and other items we often use during the Halloween holiday are non-perishable. So, buying them at the start of the month is risk-free. Pumpkins, for example, can remain fresh for a long time.

There are other reasons why you should set up your decorations in the first two weeks of October:

  1. You need more time to make your costume. This is especially true if you are going the DIY route. You won’t be able to make a truly jaw-dropping Halloween costume two or three days into Halloween even.
  2. Your costume will more likely be in stock. If you wish to buy your costumes rather than make them, you should shop for them early enough at the start of the month when they are still in stock.
  3. Starting early makes your home even spookier than trying to apply your innovative ideas during the last minute.
  4. If the décor and costumes are cheaper at the start of the month than the day before Halloween, imagine the money you could save if you spread your shopping over many days.

So, when should Halloween decoration go up? The first two weeks of October would be appropriate for you.

When Should Halloween Decorations Come Down?

The answer to this question is, “immediately the party is over.”


1. Reducing The Risk Of Fire

Some of the items you used as part of your décor can start fires if they are not removed on time.

Jack-o-Lanterns are commonplace in Halloween events. They are made by carving out a few pumpkins, putting some candles inside, and lighting them up.

If the pumpkin is tipped over close to dry leaves or papers or any other flammable substances it may start fires.

Other commonly used decorations such as corn stalks, paper bag luminaries, hay bales, and even costume fabrics can easily spread fire if you leave bare flames in the vicinity.

The faster you remove these items from your home, the smaller the likelihood of fire outbreaks.

2. Makes Your Place Clean And Clutter Free

Halloween party can turn your home into a total mess:

  • Toilet paper hanging on trees
  • Wax stuck on your carpet
  • Eggs all over your home’s siding
  • Halloween makeup all over your
  • Candy litter and similar litter all over the floor and grass
  • Fake blood
  • Fake spider cobwebs
  • Pumpkin mess everywhere, etc.

After Halloween home looks very much like a section of the Lollapalooza concert field.

That’s surely not the appearance you would want to keep long after the event.

That is why it is recommended that cleaning should start immediately in the morning or immediately after the party.

3. Returns Orderliness To Your Home

There is a chance you dislocated a few things to make room for your décor or just set the correct mood for the party.

We are talking about chairs placed in wrong places, repurposed kitchens, usual lights replaced by party-themed lights, and all other changes you may have made to your home.

It may not look like home anymore unless you return things to their original state, that’s why cleaning should start immediately after the conclusion of the event.

4. When Should You Wait?

There are instances you might feel the need to delay.

More intricate decorations can take weeks to remove out of way.

If your backyard was the center of much of the partying, complete cleanup could take up to a month.

For example, clearing the rotten pumpkins, costume makeup smears, and wax and bubble gum drippings on your home fabrics such as carpets may take up to a month to entirely from the sight.

AGAIN, When Should Halloween Decorations Come Down?

Immediately is the answer. Start pulling down your décor immediately and wrap up the party.

You can, however, reduce the time spent on cleaning up your home BY SETTING A FEW RULES IN THE BEGINNING:

1. Opt For DIY Décor And Decorations To The Commercial Options

The DIY route has an advantage of costing less money, but most of the materials used tend to be those sourced from your home.

They tend to the simplest and easily disposable materials that can cut the post-Halloween cleanup time by half.

2. Set Some Parts Of Your Home As No-Go Zones

It makes safety and security sense. It also removes the need to clean those areas after the party.

A swimming pool, for example, should be largely left out of your Halloween celebration not just because it can be an ordeal to clean but also because it’s unnecessary.

3. Skip Masks In Favor Of Makeup

Masks can feel hot and uncomfortable during the celebrations.

But the biggest reason why you would rather proceed without them is that they can be hard to clean if your family is large and everyone has one or several of them.

Makeup, on another hand, is much easier to remove as all it takes is a simple wipe on the safe with water and a piece of cloth.

4. Be Minimalistic When Choosing Synthetic Décor And Costumes

Long and trailing decorations and flowing costumes can look fun in the middle of the celebrations but can be hard to clean after the party.

They also pose a safety risk as you can get entangled or trip over and fall. Children should not use such costumes.

5. Don’t Host Halloween Celebrations In Your Home

These can be thoughtful maneuvers to reduce the extent of littering in your home.

You can even organize with your church community and similar organization to hold your Halloween celebrations together and away from your homes.

It can save you a lot of money and a great deal of cleaning work.

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Halloween is one of the most important celebrations in the west.

It is held during the fall of every year at a time when Christmas is considered to be the next biggest holiday of the year.

For that reason, a lot of people look forward to splashing some money on decorations and make it stand out just before the year wraps up.

Depending on the size of your decorations, it is socially acceptable to put it up two weeks prior to the actual Halloween event.

Cleanup and removal should start immediately after the conclusion of the celebration to prevent accidents such as fire outbreaks and littering.