Is It Ok to Store Christmas Decorations in The Garage? (READ THIS!)

With Christmas approaching, everybody is excited and begins initial arrangements in anticipation of the memorable celebrations.

To avoid the last-minute rush, you will want to purchase the decorations early and set them up.

However, the challenge is often where to store away the Christmas decorations after the holiday season.

So, Is It Ok to Store Christmas Decorations in The Garage?

The answer to this question is yes, but you need to be careful and plan your storage appropriately. While some Xmas decorations can withstand the extreme temperatures in the garage, some can get damaged. You can also keep all your Christmas decorations in a temperature-controlled garage and maintain them safe for the next Christmas season. Some decorations can break down if your garage is poorly organized, making your efforts worthless. Keep in mind that most people store almost all the items they don’t use in the garage, piling them on top of each other. This can cause damage to the fragile Christmas decorations if you aren’t careful about the arrangement.

Also, keep Christmas decorations in bounded plastic vessels to protect against moisture and water damage.

Christmas decorations are fragile and can spoil when you carelessly place them in a garage full of heat and moisture.

This means that you require an excellent holiday decoration storage plan that keeps all your things safe until the subsequent use.

Read on to understand how you can store your Christmas decoration in the garage safely until the subsequent use.

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Which Christmas Decorations Should YOU NOT Store In The Garage

If your garage is not temperature-controlled, you should not store some decorations here.

Keep in mind that such a garage is susceptible to extremely cold during the winter and hotter in summer.

High moisture content might affect some Christmas decorations as they can freeze, rot or experience mold growth.

A closed garage with excess heat will leak, melt or burst some Christmas decorations.

Other decorations may encourage pest invasion in the garage, leaving other essential items vulnerable.

Some of the decoration stuff you should not store in the garage include;

  • Food-based decorations
  • Candles
  • Tablecloths
  • Tree skirts
  • Crystal, antique, and glass ornaments
  • Christmas stockings and hats

How To Safely Store Your Christmas Decorations In The Garage

Most individuals store unused things in the basement or garage.

However, you need to take the right measure to ensure all the Christmas decorations remain in shape until the next use.

You can do this by;

1. Have Plastic Storage Bins

The garage often houses more items that you don’t plan to use soon.

Therefore, it is recommendable to stack the delicate Christmas decorations in a safe place before you store them.

Plastic storage bins can serve this purpose perfectly because they are easy to stack, stronger, and moisture resistant.

This will keep your Christmas decorations safe from breakages or mold.

You can choose clear plastic storage bins to identify the things stacked in them quickly.

However, some decorations should not be kept in see-through plastic packing bins as they might get damaged by light with time.

Therefore, for such items, use the colored bins but ensure to label them appropriately for easy identification.

2. Create Overhead Racks To Maximize Storage Space

To keep organized and have bigger, better storage spaces for your Christmas decorations, you should consider making overhead racks.

This way, you will easily stack the decorations on the rack while keeping them away from the cold floors.

More so, they will be safer from accidental damages in case someone knocks on them.

Items such as Christmas trees will perfectly fit in the rack.

You can then place the holiday lights, tree ornaments, and lawn inflatables in a plastic storage bin and precisely organize them on the overhead rack.

However, if you lack a plastic bin, place them high up where they will be safe.

The best thing with the overhead rack is it will assist you in creating more room in your garage, offering sufficient space to store other things.

3. Seal/Cover The Christmas Decorations

After you store the Christmas decorations in the garage, particularly in the overhead rack, ensure to cover them well.

Cover the decorations using anti-acid wrapping papers that will repel dust and moisture.

You can utilize this on the fabric-made decorations if you don’t have a substitute storing area to maintain them in good shape.

Remember to conceal your Xmas tree from dirt to avoid the hectic process of cleaning the tree after months of absorbing dirt and dust in the garage.

You can purchase a plastic tree storage bin to keep your tree for future use safely.

Three Useful Tips For Your Christmas Decoration Storage

1. Declutter And Rearrange The Garage

Before you store your Christmas decorations, you need to rearrange and declutter the garage.

This will help create more space by getting rid of unusable or old tools.

Rearranging the items will also help your garage stay neatly organized and offer you an easy time identifying the location of your items.

When rearranging the garage, ensure to categorize your items such that those that you are not likely to use soon are stored the furthest and vice versa.

2. Purchase High-Quality Storage Bins

Obviously, you don’t want to spend lots of cash purchasing the Christmas decorations next holiday season.

It is therefore valuable to consider investing in high-quality storage bins.

You can purchase the plastic storage bins in different colors but make sure they are highly durable to keep your items safe until the next merry season.

3. Other Essential Storage Tips

  • Avoid wrapping your Christmas decorations using newspapers as they will often discolor. Use bubble wraps instead of newspapers.
  • When storing fragile Christmas decorations such as bauble balls, put them in boxes with dividers and then place them in plastic storage bins. This will offer them extra protection to prevent them from breaking.
  • Avoid storing your Christmas decorations in linens or boxes as they are susceptible to absorbing moisture and damaging your items. Such boxes can also act as a hideout for pests and unwelcomed bugs that will harm the stuff in these housings.
  • Make sure not to pile heavy items over your fragile Christmas decorations because it will cause damage to them before the next holiday season. If your garage is crowded, some utilize the walls by hanging some items to maximize space. The overhead racks can also serve you well in creating more storage rooms.
  • After some time, check out your stored decorations and declutter those that will not survive until the upcoming Christmas holiday. If you had several Christmas decorations from the previous season and are still in good shape, you might consider giving them out. However, if they are damaged, you should dispose of them to create more room in the garage.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the garage is a rescuer room for most individuals with small indoor spaces.

Hence, it is okay to store your Christmas decorations until the next Christmas season.

However, you are required to carefully select the items to store in this space because some decorations cannot withstand the extreme weather conditions in the garage.

For safe storage, cover the decorations well, keep them in the correct storage bins and label them appropriately to avoid confusion.

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