When Should You Put Up and Take Down Outdoor Christmas Lights?

Christmas celebration is a popular event the world over. Most people look forward to it so that they can wrap up the year in style.

We often carry out plenty of decorations as we prepare to end the year and embrace the new one. Christmas lights are at the top priority of the things we do.

So, When Should You Put Up and Take Down Outdoor Christmas Lights?

There is no specific time to put up or take down outdoor Christmas lights. It is often a personal choice whether to start it earlier and put them down at a later date. As we shall see in this article, their many reasons to into consideration when making this decision. The bottom line is that your intentions are centered on making the holiday perfect and full of enjoyment.

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When Should You Put Up and Take Down Outdoor Christmas Lights?

When Is A Good Time To Put Up Christmas Lights Outside Your Home?

There is no specific time to put up Christmas lights. Whether you start it in mid-November, it is all up to you.

Of course, you should not be too daring to start them off too early.

Also, you decide on the date you are putting up your Christmas lights based on the time you will put them down.

For instance, if you intend to put them down at the end of January, you might want to put them up at the very beginning of December.

If you will put them down on 1st January of the new month, it is a good idea to put them up in late November.

This is just a norm in modern society.

You want to feel the overwhelming presence of holiday and festive season moods.

The people in your neighborhood may or may not like you putting up Christmas lights earlier.

You need to take all that into account as well.

Some will even want to collaborate with you in lighting up your homes for Christmas. That puts you in a better place.

3 Reasons Why It Is Never Too Late To Put Up Christmas Lights

Even though you can put up Christmas lights at any time close to December, it is often a nicer idea to start it even earlier.

In preparation for the festive season, you might want to have them glowing brilliantly way before the actual month. Here are three reasons why.

1. It Makes Your Family, Friends And You Happier

Putting up Christmas lights is a clear signal that jovial moods and days of Christmas have begun to grace your home. The year has been tough climbing with both successes and failures.

There is no better way, to sum up, all these in a jolly celebration.

So, to welcome this long-awaited time, installing and putting on Christmas lights is a clear welcome sign. It is an opener to other Christmas activities.

You would be the happiest person alive to see your kids, family, and friends chanting Christmas melodies with broad smiles on their faces.

2. It Helps To Create Stronger Family And Friends Relationship

All the moods that encompass this particular period help you to build stronger ties with your loved ones.

It is an ample opportunity to show your neighbors some concern and create the impression of who you are. In turn, they will reciprocate by showing you more love.

The bond created here will help build a lifetime friendship.

So, you should never overlook the simple act of putting up Christmas lights and pouring yourself completely into the preparation steps.

3. It Is Time To Demonstrate Your DIYs And Enjoy Them Longer

When you put up your Christmas lights earlier, you demonstrate your DIY skills earlier.

Additionally, it gives you enough time to enjoy them. The earlier you start, the longer you will enjoy it.

Any adjustments on lighting and decorations can be made during this extended period.

When Should You Take Down The Christmas Lights?

For plenty of people the world over, Christmas lights are taken down once the 12 days of Christmas are over. Others, however, take them down after the second week of January.

That is when they put them down t be stored for another round of 12 months.

Well, when it comes to taking down Christmas lights, the exact time to do so depends on several factors and the individual decision.

Other folks even keep them up for weeks and even months.

Some even do it because they just want to extend holiday moods to the New Year.

So, the answer to the exact time you should take to take down Christmas lights is short and clear: you can do it whenever you feel like doing it. It is honestly up to you to make this decision.

It is not a problem to keep them glowing in the gloomy months when the New Year is setting base.

It can help you make the initial days of the year easy to live by.

And there is also a low opinion that keeping them towards January and even February is considered a lazy and gaudy act. The whole things lie in your hands and mind. You can decide as you please.

Here are important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to keep your Christmas lights up any longer or shorter.

1. Energy Costs

If you are going to keep your Christmas lights for an extended period, you need to ask yourself whether you are ready to face electricity charges.

Your electric charges will witness a dramatic upsurge if you keep them on for an extended period.

The amount you will incur will depend on the type of Christmas lights you have installed in your home. a five-foot Christmas tree, for instance, will consume about $11 of power per month.

Perhaps it is a good idea to consider going for cheaper lights like mini-LED brands.

Such types of lights are designed to be energy efficient. Others come with customizable twinkles and color changes that can help create an appealing impression.

2. Consider What Your Neighbors Will Think

One thing you should never overlook is your neighbor’s reaction to these lights.

If they won’t mind your lights glowing after Christmas, then you are at liberty to do so.

Others will even appreciate the fact that those lights can light up some parts of their homes.

Others may feel irritated by those lights. In such circumstances, it is to consider putting them down.

The bottom line is that it is important to ask their preferences and feel about your lights. You want to live in harmony with them and create a healthy relationship.

3. How Long Do You Want To Wait Before Turning Those Lights Off?

Some folks will want to wait till important dates like the 14th of February before putting their Christmas lights down.

Of course, valentine’s day is the next major holiday after Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Instead of putting them down and erecting them up again on Valentine, you might want to keep them up. It saves energy and time.

It is not a must that you put them down on Valentine. It depends on your schedule and set dates.

On this, you may also want to consider whether you will need help pulling them down.

If so, you might want to wait until you are ready to put them down. It also depends on the electrician’s set dates. If you must wait for them, that leaves you no option.

Taking Christmas lights down is an intricate procedure just like installation.

You need to be careful not to damage other parts and fixtures of the building such as window parts and wall décor.

That is why you will find it necessary to wait for a professional to delicately put them down.


Once you put all factors into consideration, you can then proceed to install Christmas outdoor lights and have a fulfilling holiday.

You want to make it as special as possible.

Your aim is definitely to make the Christmas holiday much better than the previous one.

With everything out of the way, you can now make the choicest decision and live a worthwhile life.