Is It Wrong to Decorate Your Home with Crosses and Crucifixes?

We love to hang things on our walls. Most times, these items help decorate our houses.

But other times, they are more than decorative pieces.

Many people hang crosses and crucifixes in their homes.

But is it okay to hang these things? Read this guide to answer that.

Is it Wrong to Hang a Cross or a Crucifix in My Home?

Some people hang these items to remind them of Christ’s mystery and resurrection. Anytime they look at these hangings, they are reminded of God’s love for them. However, others don’t think it is correct as they think it is cheapening the cross. Christ suffered a painful death filled with shame. So making his cross a decoration may come off as not appreciative of his death and resurrection.

Why Shouldn’t You Hang Crosses and Crucifixes in Your Home?

Crosses and crucifixes are important symbols of Christianity.

They represent the cross where Christ experienced mystery and died for their salvation.

They also remind Christians of how God demonstrated his love to them by giving his only son to save humanity.

For these reasons, many Christians like to hang them in their homes.

However, some people believe that today’s world has cheapened the cross.

And instead of using it for the above reasons, people hang it as a decoration for their houses or as a piece of jewelry.

Individuals don’t give it its true meaning or thought, and some people aren’t even sure why they have them except that others do.

While some say these items remind them of Christ’s death and resurrection, it’s rarely the case.

Most people pass them without a thought. So, to some, this may sound like being unappreciative of Christ’s sufferings on the cross.

Reasons to Hang Crosses and Crucifix in Your Home

Having a cross or a crucifix in your home is also essential for a Christian if they use it correctly.

1. A Place To Pray

One reason you may consider having one is that you can constantly pray in front of the crucifix.

A Catholic home needs to have a crucifix as it helps them to focus on Christ while praying.

Praying in front of a crucifix is viewed as paying attention to contemplation on Christ.

Many saints used to pray like this each day, and they would feel connected to Christ.

2. Perseverance

Additionally, having a crucifix in your home will help you persevere through difficult times.

The night Jesus died, he asked his disciples to stay with him.

Although others slept, John didn’t, and he and Virgin Mary did not abandon him.

Therefore, it teaches Christians to remain tough and focus on prayer when faced with troubles.

3. Love

Another reason to have a cross or crucifix is that Christians’ homes are regarded as domestic churches and holy places.

Your home hosts God’s people who have been baptized and filled with the spirit.

So, it is a place of peace and forgiveness in a way, where you pass down your faith from one generation to the next while, even though imperfectly, exemplifying Christ’s love.

A prominent sign of Christ’s love, the crucifix, helps your home reflect this.

4. A Reminder

Lastly, hanging a cross or a crucifix reminds us of Christ’s victory over sin, evil and death.

We live in an evil and sinful world, and sometimes, these take the upper hand.

But having a crucifix in your home will always remind you of Christ’s victory over all these.

So it will be a way of strengthening your faith and preparing you for battle.

Where Should You Hang a Crucifix or a Cross?

We live in a culture that seems to be increasingly rejecting Jesus Christ.

So, hanging a crucifix in your home can be a way of inviting and accepting him into your house.

You can hang it on a wall to stop and remember Christ’s work on the cross and the gift of salvation.

1. Over A Door

Alternatively, you can hang over a door since it is the main area.

Many people love displaying the crucifix in a visible spot where guests can see it when they come in or leave.

Seeing this symbol of Christ’s body daily will remind you to pray and thank God for his love and mercy.

If placing it on a door, make sure that it is the one you frequently use when you enter and leave your home.

For instance, you can hang it on the door leading to the living room.

2. Over The Bed

Some people also hang their crucifix over a bed in all bedrooms.

This way, anytime you look at it before sleeping or waking up, you’ll be reminded that Christ defeated death and evil, and he’s the head of your home.

You can also have two crucifixes, one over your bed and the other over your door.

Three Ideas for Decorating a Wall with Crosses

Although crosses represent Christ’s body, they can also symbolize ethnic or cultural background.

There are so many styles and expressions of crosses, meaning you can also use them to design your home.

Here are some ideas of how you can make your home beautiful with crosses while still remembering its value.

1. Hang A Single Cross

Find a cross with a unique design and add it to your wall alongside other religious or unusual displays.

You can hang it on the guest room bed on the headboard or over a bureau.

Alternatively, you can hang it on a door or a coffee cabinet table.

Wall crosses don’t always have to hang on a wall.

2. Try Repetitive Patterns

These can help catch the attention of people walking in your home.

You can hang 20 to 30 inexpensive crosses together.

Remember to choose crosses that match and try to form a pattern when you hang them.

For example, display where the crosses interlock or touch to form a unique pattern.

Before hanging them, try different design patterns on the floor or table to see how they look.

Also, you can use paint if you don’t have many crosses.

3. Crosses from Different Cultures

Several cultures use the cross motif. Therefore, you can collect crosses from different cultures and form a unique design.

Try to mix crosses of different sizes, materials and appearances to create a fantastic look.

You can also hang different crosses with a framed photo from the country or religion of its origin.

For instance, one can have a Celtic cross and other Irish artifacts on their wall.

What Are the Types of Decorative Wall Crosses?

There are various types of decorative crosses to suit everyone’s taste.

A crucifix is the most common, mostly found in catholic homes. It holds Christ’s body in a crucifixion pose. There is also the Irish or Celtic cross that many people love because of its intricate design.

You can also get a Catholic cross instead of a crucifix if you want something that purely represents the catholic faith. Or consider buying a bible verse cross. Most of these types have verses from Psalms or Proverbs.

Memorial crosses are also available, which you can buy to remember a family member or loved one that has passed away.

Having this cross is a great way to honor their memory.

Lastly, you can get a carved wood cross purely for decorative purposes. But, they can be made in a manner that represents Christ’s crucifixion.


It’s okay to hang crosses and crucifixes in your home.

The most crucial thing to remember is the reason you’re doing so.

It’s not right to use a crucifix for decorative purposes, as some may interpret this as mocking Christ’s death and resurrection.

Instead, buy decorative crosses for your house.


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