When Should You Put Up And Take Down Easter Decorations In Your Home?

Easter is an important Christian holiday celebrated every year around March or April to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death.

Some Christian sects commemorate this day by holding outdoor processions.

Given that this is not precisely a religious festivity, most adherents observe this day indoors by putting up decorations, among other activities.

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So, When Should You Put Up And Take Down Easter Decorations In Your Home?

While there is no definitive answer, the best time to put up your Easter holiday décor is around St Patrick’s day, which is usually observed between two to four weeks before Easter. Past the holiday, you can keep your Easter decorations up for a few weeks, depending on how you decorate your home.

If you have put up a few simple decorations, such as a small Easter tree, you may want to keep them up for a few weeks. However, if you have grand displays, you can take them down within a week or two but leave them up for a short time. They become overdone.

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St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s day is a significant day for staunch adherents of Easter.

Although it has very little to do with Easter, Christians, especially Catholics, take it seriously because of its proximity to Easter Sunday.

While the Easter holiday is a movable feast, it usually falls not far off the 17th of March, which marks St Patrick’s Day.

Therefore, this day is about two weeks shy of the earliest Easter and slightly four weeks away from the latest Easter.

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Five Reasons To Start Decorating For Easter On St Patrick’s Day

Putting up Easter decorations can be a daunting task. That is why it is always early enough to get it done 3-4 weeks before the holiday. Here are some of the benefits you get by starting early:

1. St. Patrick’s Day Is Good For Creating An Easter Mood

Just like Christmas and Boxing Day usher in the mood for New Year’s Day, St Patrick’s Day creates good vibes for the Easter celebration.

Most Christians, especially Catholics, see St Patrick’s day as important because of its precedence to the Resurrection Sunday.

At the marking of this day, Easter and Passover will be just a few weeks away. Thus, it is the best time to start prepping for Easter.

2. Easter Décor Is Cheaper

When you shop early, you enjoy normal prices before the last-minute shopping spree makes prices jump off the roof.

Besides, St Patrick’s Day is a lowkey festivity that doesn’t demand much attention, unlike Easter.

As the material day draws nearer, everybody will rush to buy Easter decorations.

Buying them earlier will save you the hassle of footing hiked costs and missing out on some decorations.

Depending on the type and the amount of décor you need, it makes sense to shop early for your own sanity.

Some specialty décor, such as Easter trees or Easter bunnies, can be difficult to find past Passover.

And the few that are available could be going for tripled prices.

It is highly advisable to set up Easter décor on St Patrick’s day if you are going to need a lot of it to avoid last minute rush.

3. It Could Make You Happier

People often associate holiday decorations with some of their fondest memories.

Some of these memories may be mixed with the sorrow of a departed family member.

So, Easter decorations may help family members reminisce about the best times they spent with their lost loved ones while they were alive.

For this reason, it makes sense that you may want to elongate the Easter holiday by decorating early.

4. To Enjoy The Décor Longer

There is no doubt that putting up Easter decorations is fun. But it is somewhat bothersome if you know that you will have to lug them into your basement in a few days.

After putting in all your Easter décor, why not leave more time to appreciate your effort?

5. You Will Have More Time To Spend With Your Loved Ones

The Easter holiday can be a jam of activities depending on what you have set to do. Early preparations will ensure you get enough time to spend with your family.

Pick an easy DIY activity like staircase decoration with Easter egg garland or making Easter bunny door decorations and work on them with your family members.

Putting Up Easter Decorations On Good Friday

When Easter is fast approaching, and you haven’t set up the decorations in your house, Good Friday is the last viable day to do so.

You can achieve very little past this day, especially if you have a large family or expecting a couple of guests. This is because Easter is just two days away.

You might only have to do a few decorations if you are not into celebrations or hosting a small gathering. It will make sense to do your decorations on Good Friday.

However, waiting until Good Friday can be costly as the prices of décor and related supplies tend to be very high. Still, you may not get all the materials you want.

When To Take Down Your Easter Décor

Knowing when to take down your Easter decorations is critical to ensure you don’t leave them up for so long that they lose taste.

Although there is no specific date to take down your Easter decorations, you can bring them down immediately after Easter after a few weeks.

It depends on the type of decorations that you set up in your house.

If you put up a few simple decorations, such as plastic eggs, bunnies, or Easter trees, you can leave them up for a few weeks. Otherwise, you can take down large Easter displays within a week.

However, some decorations need to be taken down immediately after Easter celebrations.

For instance, if you delay removing the eggs, some might start to rot or accidentally fall on the floor.

You know how hard it is to clean the mess of broken eggs on the floor.

To avoid mishaps, take down your Easter decorations as soon as you finish the celebrations.

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Knowing when to put up or take down your Easter decorations in your home is important to avoid missing out on important supplies or overdoing the event.

As a general rule of thumb, you should put up your Easter décor around St Patrick’s day or 3-4 weeks before Easter.

On the other hand, you can take down your Easter decorations immediately after you are done with the event or after one or two weeks, depending on the type of decorations you have.