Can You Keep Potted Plants in The Garage? (Eight Precautions)

Most people have potted plants in their gardens or on their patios.

However, one of the common problems they all face is how to protect the potted plants from adverse climates, particularly during winter.

Most plants don’t do well during winter and need to be taken indoors.

So, Can You Keep Potted Plants in The Garage?

Yes, you can keep potted plants in the garage even if it’s unheated but ensure the temperature stays above freezing. Potted plants will survive well in your garage if you keep them well insulated.

You can use an open over the pots ensuring they are big enough, not a side cardboard box to touch the foliage. Covering the potted plants with buckets, plastic sheets, etc., is also effective.

If not insulated, you will need to take precautions, such as ensuring you put something between the floor and the potted plants.

You can also consider using a humidifier to add moisture to the dry air during the winter, which can help prevent the delicate plant leaves from turning brown.

Read on for more tips on keeping potted plants in the garage.

Why Would You Grow Plants in Your Garage?

After seeing the title, the question likely to come up is why keep your plants in the garage rather than somewhere else.

One of the reasons is that your  garage is  a convenient spot for storing your potted plants while caring for them in your free time.

Also, a garage has sufficient shelter that may save your plants from harsh climatic conditions.

Additionally, it is the go-to storage for most gardening equipment, pots, shovels, gloves, etc.

Preparing The Garage for Storing Your Potted Plants

Before you begin keeping your potted plants in the garage, you need to know the plants you will store and where they should be kept in the garage.

To prepare your garage for the plants, you need to ensure that you have enough space to store them.

You can do this by decluttering the garage and organizing the things neatly by placing them into storage cabinets, shelves, etc.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the place you want to set up your potted plants is reached by sunlight.

You can place them on any shelves or table available in the garage with sunlight provision.

Eight Precautions When Keeping Potted Plants in The Garage

1. Avoid Putting the Plants on Bare Floor

As stated earlier, potted plants will readily survive if insulated.

One of the measures you should consider is placing something between the floor and the pots.

Otherwise, if the plant remains in direct contact with the floor, it will become cold and not healthy.

Also, if your garage has not many windows, you can install artificial light to support the healthy development of your plants.

Also, if the days are especially short and dark, you can consider buying a LED grow light to give your house plants the extra energy.

2. Don’t Overwater the Plants.

Another precaution is ensuring that your potted plants aren’t overwatered.

Although water is essential for survival, you should do the watering while considering the size and type of plant.

Otherwise, excess water might cause the plant’s root to rot, ultimately making the plant die.

It’s advisable to let the pots partially dry out in early winter and then sprinkle a little water in them each week.

Like water, avoid over-fertilizing your house plants during winter, and if they are healthy, the best move is to skip the fertilizing entirely.

3. Add Mulch to The Pots

Adding mulch on top of the soil to the rims of the pot will help insulate the soil and protect the roots.

For additional insulation, you can use a bubble wrap, burlap, or a blanket to wrap the outside of the container.

4. Protect Plants From Pests

Several pests can become persistent in attacking plants.

Ensure to treat the plants for pests beforehand prior to treating them for pests.

Give a keen eye to spider mite webs that can damage your potted plants indoors.

If you notice a sign of pest infestation on one plant, promptly separate it from the others to avert the pest infestation.

Trimming off the dead foliage before keeping the plants in the garage can also help pest control.

Growing plants that you are planning to overwinter indoors in pots all year long can make the transition easier for the plant.

5. Keep Them Away from Windows During Cold Nights

The air adjacent to the windows can become dangerously cold for your potted plants, particularly during winter when the outdoor temperatures drop at night.

Therefore, always move the potted plans off the garage window if you think they might freeze.

Although some people often cover the plants with newspaper and leave them in place, moving them to a better place is often easier.

However, keep in mind that some plants are more prone to cold than others, so do your research to help you protect your plants from frost.

6. Avoid A Lot of Heat

While most gardeners are concerned about their plants freezing during winter, most often forget about being careful with extreme heat.

Avoid placing your potted plants by heaters or other electronics run from the garage that emit heat as it may dry out your plants.

7. Clean The Leaves Regularly

During the winter season, homes, particularly garages, are often closed up, and more dust is spreading through the air.

In this case, the leaves of your potted plants will become dusty, inhibiting sunlight absorption and encouraging disease.

To avoid this, always brush the dust off the leaves monthly or so.

8. Don’t Take the Plants Outdoors Immediately

Garage plant storage becomes a bit tricky when the winter season ends.

As the days start lengthening, the plants begin coming out of dormancy.

It is important to ensure you don’t introduce the plants outdoors immediately as it might cause sunburns.

When the plant growth resumes in early spring or late winter, you should reintroduce the plant to the normal growing conditions outdoors by progressively exposing it to the elements for an increased period.

Bottom Line

You can conveniently keep your potted plants in the garage with the above-reviewed precautions.

The garage offers a convenient space to keep your potted plants away from adverse weather conditions.

You can even continue to pamper them even beyond winter.

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