Can You Store Alcoholic Beverages In The Garage? (Six Reasons)

In theory, a garage is a practical place where you can store anything, provided that you provide whatever you want to store with adequate and correct conditions that suit them.

This will also imply you can store your alcohol. Provided you place them in a cool, dark place while you place them standing up.

So, Can You Store Alcoholic Beverages In The Garage?

Yes. When you think of typical garage space, it does not associate with luxury. But, you can create a wine storage area in your garage and make it safe to keep your wine. All you need to do is transform your garage to suit your desired space by putting a little effort into carrying some upgrades to the area.

Six Reasons Why People Consider Keeping Alcohol in their Garage

Different people have varied reasons why they resort to storing their alcohol in their garage space.

The reason could depend on the length of period for the storage and the quantity of alcohol in place.

These reasons include: 

  1. When someone has a few dozen bought for use for their scheduled upcoming event like Christmas party, family get together, or birthday bash.
  2. When one has a few bottles or cans to drink occasionally, one or two of them, after performing a task during a hard day like fixing your car or after a workout in the garage gym.
  3. Keeping a few dozen for use during a man cave or creating a garage pub.
  4. It may also be due to one developing a habit of becoming an avid collector, alcohol trader, or even preparing for doomsday.
  5. Alcohol takes up a considerable amount of storage space, and sometimes someone could not have that suitable or aesthetic space at their home, and the garage area could be the rescue point.
  6. The garage could also be safe storage, especially if you don’t have a locked cabinet to keep your alcohol out of reach from anyone who comes to the house or prevent children from indulging.

The reasons for keeping alcohol may be for a few weeks to some garage owners, while to some, it may be for the long term.

If you intend to store your alcohol in the garage, it would be best to know that its quality and taste may be affected by temperature swings in the room.

If they are exposed to light and high humidity, it can mess them up.

Therefore, the garage may not be an ideal place to store alcohol.

However, if you don’t have any other place to keep it and the garage is the only suitable area, please ensure that you control the garage’s climate temperature.

It will become a good place like any other place in your home or alcohol store.

How Can You Store Beer In Your Garage?

For beer lovers, even if you have large stock at home, you cannot store them forever.

They fall under organic food products.

Typically, the decay process begins immediately after the beer has been brewed from the manufacturer’s point of view and then packaged.

According to most beer manufacturers, it is advisable that you consume their products within three months when they avail them to the market after brewing.

They are meant to be drunk and not stored. Always ensure that you keep them from the higher temperature in your garage as it will hasten the beer decay process.

Useful Tips to follow when Storing Beer

This tip from Newair recommends that you store your beer for three days at a temperature of 90 degrees.

You can choose either your hot car, follow that by another 30 days at a 72 degrees temperature and 300 days in a 38 degrees condition.

A well-controlled temperature garage will have a temperature of 70 degrees.

This will suit your unopened bottles of beer or cans, and they will remain to dine for even a month.

Avoid Light In Your Garage, It Will Affect Your Beer

When you want to store beer in your garage, please ensure that there is no light that can be detrimental to your bottles or cans.

Then they are exposed to light presence.

They will begin having a chemical reaction that causes them to release sulfur.

Typically, sulfur produces a rotten egg smell and can cause an excellent beer to smell bad.

If you haven’t been keen to notice why beer bottles are never made using clear glass, the manufacturer is avoiding the effect of light on the substance inside the bottle.

Cans made of aluminum material are suitable because they repel light.

If you consider storing beer bottles or cans in your garage, it would be best if you could tuck them in a dark corner or keep light away by all means.

Beer Fridge

Supposing your garage is where you cannot control the room temperature properly.

Consider purchasing a beer fridge to keep your beers at conducive temperatures.

How You Can Store Wine In Your Garage

Wine is considered very sensitive to the environment.

Moreover, because wine ages and becomes more sweater, many people buy them to keep them for a longer period as they wait for a special occasion or event to open a bottle.

For regular wine buyers who purchase a couple of bottles to use in a few months, wine is meant to be drunk and have a good time, not to be collected and aged.

The majority of them are best enjoyed within a few years after the company making them has released them.

Heat Affects Wine

Wine is contained in nice bottles where the content ages gently.

However, this aging process can be tempered if the wine is subjected to an unconducive temperature wave of over 70 degrees.

The ideal temperature which suits wine storage is between 45 and 65 degrees.

Usually, a temperature around 55 degrees is considered the sweet spot.

Based on this ideal condition, storing wine in your home may not be ideal as it may not meet the standard requirement.

The thermostat fall between 68 and 72 degrees.

Keeping your wine bottles in your kitchen fridge with other food items is not a good practice.

Usually, the thermostat temperature in the fridge is around 40 degrees which are very cold to store wine.

The effect it may have on wine slows its natural aging process and keeps the cork dry.

Sunlight and Humidity

Like beer, wine will also be affected when you expose the bottle to sunlight.

This is the reason why wine cellars are always kept in underground places in cool and dark rooms.

It would be best to store them at 50 and 70 per cent.

Low humidity will impact the cork and let in the air inside the bottle, which will cause oxidation of the wine.

Wine Cooler Fridges

Ideally, you should keep wine away from the bedroom, kitchen fridge, or Garage.

But if you could get a wine cooler fridge for your garage space, it would help keep your bottles in good condition and remove them whenever you want to have a good time relaxing.

Storing Spirits, Vodka and Whiskey will also follow the same procedure of keeping them from direct sunlight and favorable temperature condition to avoid oxidation.

In Summary

You can store any of your unopened bottles of alcoholic beverages in your Garage, provided you maintain a favorable control temperature.

Ensure that you place them standing up in a dark and cool place, and they will remain in good condition for some time until when you need them.

Open bottles can also be kept within a room temperature, standing up and not facing direct sunlight, and you will not need a fridge except for a few exceptional scenarios.

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