Can You Keep a Computer in The Garage? (Six Considerations)

If you don’t have an office or enough space to keep your desktop, you have probably wondered whether you can keep a computer in the garage.

This might also be the case if the garage is where you use the computer the most.

So, Can You Keep a Computer in The Garage?

Yes, but it depends on the garage. If the environment is okay and a bit comparable to the inside of your house, then it’s okay. However, if the garage is very cold or damp, it might damage your computer. If exposed to extremely cold temperatures, your laptop might freeze, and you might lose all your data. More so, freezing may also damage your battery and cause the screen to die. You can consider running a dehumidifier if you are concerned about dampness in your garage.

Computers are designed for moderate environments, and extreme humidity and temperature will certainly decrease their lifespan.

Temperature fluctuations and humidity can make computers and other electronics short out.

So, if you plan to keep your computer in the garage, ensure the temperature remains as steady as possible, and the humidity stays near zero.

Can Cold Weather Damage Your Desktop?

Cold weather in the garage can damage your computer. According to most manufacturers, the optimal temperature range for operating computers is between 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit might be harmful.

For instance, the computer’s LCD screen has liquid which might cause the screen to shatter or crack when the liquid freezes.

More so, extremely cold temperatures might damage the computer’s battery.

A frozen battery will struggle to sustain the full charge and quickly lose a life.

Also important to note is that taking a chilled or frozen laptop into a warm indoor environment might cause condensation.

This moisture poses a significant danger to the internal components and processors.

To prevent the condensation, always leave a cold computer to sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes before powering it on.

This will allow it to adjust to room temperature and warm up naturally with time.

Never use the hair dryers or other artificial heating forms because they might damage components or crack because of the rapid expansion.

Six Garage Computer Storage Factors To Keep In Mind

1. Select The Best Spot in Your Garage for Your Computer

The garage has low ceilings.

This means you can’t stack items on top of each other like you would normally.

Stocking stuff on your computer in the garage will surely be a sure way of killing your hardware.

Therefore, we should consider all the possible options for setting up your computer.

You will require at least six inches of clearance around your computer for optimum airflow.

If you have insufficient room to spread your stuff, you should consider upgrading the fans.

Setting up your computer in its own free space and keeping the components well apart will significantly enhance the airflow.

You will also be less likely to bump into things over time.

This is especially important if you have kids and pets that constantly go to the garage area.

On the other hand, if you are storing your computer for later use, it’s best and easy to secure it in the original package that you purchased with protective covers and padding inserts.

2. Make Sure You Have Sufficient Ventilation in The Garage

Most people don’t know the energy needed to keep a computer running.

If you are planning to keep your computer in the garage, keep in mind that it has LED lights which means you need proper ventilation.

Otherwise, your computer might end up overheating and destroying its internal components.

If the garage has insufficient ventilation, you should consider getting an effective fan that keeps the entire room with cool air circulation.

On the other hand, you can opt for a cheaper box fan and duct tape it onto the side of your computer case if you are operating on a budget.

3. Clean The Computer Monitor And CPU

Before keeping your computer in the garage, you want to ensure it has no dust build-up either on the monitor, the CPU, or other parts of the machine.

If you are still using the computer in the garage, ensure to wipe out any dust on the computer regularly.

Accumulation of dust in the internal computer components can cause significant damage to your computer and lower its life span.

To avoid damage when cleaning the computer, use a soft cotton cloth or a compressed air duster to wipe the dust off.

4. Climate-Controlled Environment

To avoid extreme temperature fluctuations that might be harmful to your computer components, installing environmental control is recommended.

Twenty-one degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature for computers and humans to co-exist.

Any temperatures extremely below or above room temperatures will make it difficult for your computer to find stability.

Computers have been designed to work within a safe temperature range, normally between 10 to 35 degrees Celsius (50 to 95 degrees F).

While you can store your computer in a cold garage, very low temperatures can make parts of the electronic warp.

This is especially harmful if the temperature of the garage changes rapidly. The best way to keep your computer away from humidity is to keep it in a temperature-controlled space.

5. Keep Insects and Assorted Animals Away

Another major concern when keeping your computer in the garage is the probability of insects and rodents making your machines their home.

This is highly probable if your garage is disorganized with things cluttered everywhere.

To keep your machines from potential animal damage, declutter the garage and put everything in order and well-spaced.

6. Always Keep Your Computer Upright

Other than the environment of the garage, the position you keep your computer goes a long way in determining its safety.

In this case, you should always keep your computer monitor upright.

Never keep your computer monitor facing down or up, as it increases the probability of causing harm to the screen.

Even when the computer is upright, ensure there is nothing exerting pressure on it’s either side.

You can also consider keeping the monitor’s screen facing a flat wall or surface to avoid anything that might accidentally crack the screen.

Keeping A Computer in A Damp Garage

Humidity is dangerous for electronic devices, including computers.

If your computer is susceptible to dampness, you should consider keeping them in airtight plastic bins.

You can also store the computer with moisture-repelling desiccators, charcoal filters, or silica gel packs.

Don’t place anything directly on the concrete floor, as it can cause moisture to build up.

Cardboard boxes are particularly susceptible to such issues.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, we have answered your question on ‘can you keep a computer in the garage.’

While you can keep the machine in the garage, you should consider extreme temperatures.

Most importantly, when keeping your computer in a garage likely to experience extreme weather, it’s always a perfect idea to check the computer documentation or manufacturer for the recommended operating temperatures.

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