Should You Store Suitcases in The Garage? (FOUR STORAGE TIPS)

Suitcases are essential for traveling, particularly during summer vacations.

However, finding room for your bulky suitcases can be difficult when you are not using them.

For most people, garages seem like the solution to this problem. You hence probably wonder whether you should store suitcases in the garage.

So, Should You Store Suitcases in The Garage?

Yes. However, you must ensure the garage is temperature controlled to minimize humidity and prevent mold from damaging your bag. It is also recommendable to store the suitcases off the floor. Garage cabinets can easily store luggage. An enclosed suitcase is suitable for keeping the luggage clean, safe, and out of the way.

One of the quickest ways to damage your suitcase is by improperly storing it in a garage exposed to very high humidity. Both hard-shell and fabric-exterior suitcases can be damaged by mildew and mold. If you store your suitcase in a garage with high humidity and mold-friendly temperature, you may be surprised when packing for your next trip.

Fortunately, it is easy to control humidity levels in the garage. You just need to invest in a dehumidifier or silica desiccant packets which can be purchased in bulk cheaply. The silica desiccant packets draw moisture from the air and help control the humidity in the suitcase. Most suitcases have silica packets when new. While most shoppers often throw the packets away, saving them is a great idea. Putting a handful of these silica desiccant packets into the suitcase liner and pocket before storing the suitcase will effectively decrease the risk of mildew or mold damage to your suitcase.

Four Tips For Storing Suitcases in The Garage

A suitcase is a significant investment.

These tips for storing suitcases in the garage will help keep your suitcase in good condition for years.

1. Clean Before Storage

Most suitcases are designed to hide dirt. However, suitcases tend to get dirty during travel.

The airport cargo bays, conveyor belts, rolling-over parking lots, and sidewalks tend to accumulate dirt outside the suitcase.

Therefore, you need to clean the suitcases before storage.

Cleaning your suitcases before storage will prepare you for your next trip.

2. Use Luggage Covers to Keep Your Suitcases in Great Condition

Using affordable luggage covers, you can safeguard your suitcases from humidity, dirt, and sun damage.

These bags are easy to slide on and off for protection and are available at most luggage stores.

If you don’t want to spend cash on the luggage covers, you can create your DIY versions by loosely draping plastic sheeting over your suitcase.

However, don’t keep your luggage covered too tight or for longer than a few months at one time.

3. Inspect Your Luggage Monthly

On a monthly basis, Check your luggage for dust, dirt, insects, mildew, and evidence of physical deterioration.

Consider treating leather suitcases with aerosolized anti-mold spray.

They have mild chemicals that clutter the bacteria and fungi responsible for mildew and mold growth.

If you have no option but to keep your suitcases in a humid garage, take them out in an open area to air out every several weeks.

4. Give The Wheels A Break

While you might be tempted to lob your suitcase into the garage and run, you should take time and store it carefully.

Considering the position of your suitcase in the garage can help prevent unnecessary tear and wear to your suitcase.

If your suitcase has roller wheels on the bottom, ensure to place the suitcase on its side when storing it.

Storing your suitcase on its wheels, particularly when loaded with luggage, can result in premature wear.

Storing the bag on its side, if possible, on reinforced bumpers intended to support the suitcase’s weight is a great way of caring for your suitcase during storage.

Finding Space for Your Luggage

1. Arrange The Suitcases, So They Occupy as Little Space as Possible

You want your bags to occupy as minimum garage space as possible.

Therefore, don’t just pile your bags on top of one another or line them up.

Make the most of your space by resting the suitcases on their side or standing them up vertically according to their equal length.

Once the big suitcases are out of the way, fill in the gaps with small and irregularly-shaped pieces. This will ensure all the spaces are well utilized.

2. Store The Small Bags Inside the Bigger Ones to Save Space

Instead of looking for a different spot for each piece of luggage, you should consider consolidating them together.

Put a compact suitcase in a bigger suitcase whenever possible.

This way, you will end up with less luggage to store away.

However, take care not to fold, bunch, or roll bags made from delicate materials as they could tear or cause permanent creasing.

Also, if your garage storage space is minimal, it may be a great idea to buy a collapsible suitcase.

Bags made from durable, flexible fabrics like nylon and canvas are easier to cram into other bags.

3. Utilize The Shelf Space Available in The Garage

Most garages have at least one or two shelves in their garages.

You can utilize this shelf space to put away smaller bags or mid-size suitcases.

Just a few feet of shelf space might be all you require if you don’t carry much stuff when traveling. However, if your garage has no shelves, you can easily put up a basic shelf for less than $100.

4. Store Leftover Suitcases Under a Workbench or Table

If you have a table or high-topped workbench in the garage, the open area found underneath offers an ideal place for your unsorted suitcase.

Stack the suitcases under the table or workbench well to ensure they tumble out or hide essential equipment from view.

You can also consider adding a small shelf underneath your table if it has none.

5. Convert Your Suitcase into Extra Storage

When you struggle to get enough space to store your stuff, you can easily forget that the suitcases were designed to hold things themselves.

Put your suitcases to work by filling them with whichever tools and accessories are lying around.

However, don’t use your suitcase to store oils, chemicals, tacks, nails, or other substances that might spill inside.

When it is time to go for a trip with your suitcase, empty the bag and keep the items inside on the garage rack or shelf where the suitcase sat.

Bottom Line

We hope we have answered your question about storing suitcases in the garage.

You can safely store the suitcases in the garage as long as it’s temperature-controlled to prevent molds and mildew from damaging your bag.

Keep the suitcases off the ground on cabinet shelves, use silica packets to absorb excess moisture, and cover them with plastic.

With these guidelines, your suitcase should be okay in the garage.

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