Can You Store A Vacuum Cleaner In A Garage?

A vacuum cleaner is a handy tool when dealing with loose dust and other small particles in your house.

However, it is one of those appliances that is absolutely awkward to store due to its shape and size.

Finding the best storage spot can be a challenge.

So, Can You Store A Vacuum Cleaner In A Garage?

Yes, a garage is an ideal storage spot for your vacuum cleaner if you don’t have a utility closet or a laundry room. This should apply only if your garage is close to your house, mainly if you frequently use the cleaning tool.

While there is no ultimate solution, it is worth noting that there are plenty of places in your home where you can stick your vacuum cleaner.

But before we can dive into these alternative storage places, there are factors to consider before settling on a storage space.

Four Factors When Choosing a Storage Space for A Vacuum Cleaner

In a world with limited storage space or too many objects to store, it is essential to be innovative about storage solutions. Consider the following factors:

1. Your Home Décor

Your home décor is important when committing to a storage space for your vacuum cleaner.

If your home interior design blends well with sleek appliances, finding a hanging spot to stick it on the walls will be much more appropriate.

However, it will ruin your style if your home design is a classic farmhouse. Indeed, it is not cool to have your vacuum cleaner sticking out in plain view.

2. Your Home Layout

A modern home layout carries a kitchen, living room, bathroom, corridor, and probably a garage. Consider any of these spaces if it has the ideal storage space for your vacuum cleaner.

You may also want to choose a spot where it won’t get in other people’s way. Areas with a lot of traffic such as the hallway, are inappropriate.

Also, choose a space where the vacuum cleaner is not easily accessible to the kids as they may not know how to operate it correctly without adult supervision.

3. Ease Of Access

So, how often do you use your vacuum cleaner? Well, the more frequently you vacuum the greater the need to have your vacuum cleaner more accessible.

Therefore, having your vacuum on display can be a great idea. You can opt to display it in a room that you clean more often.

4. Vacuum Cleaner Type

Different types and sizes of vacuums are available in the market for your selection. A large vacuum cleaner is not ideal in a home with economical storage space.

Depending on your storage type, you can buy a vacuum that fits an existing cabinet or laundry space, or you can choose to customize a storage spot for your new acquisition.

In fact, some vacuum cleaners come with a storage bag or box that is quite portable and easy to store.

Six Functional Storage Spaces for A Vacuum Cleaner

1. Garage

Although it is considered the last resort, the garage is actually an excellent storage place for your vacuum.

If you own one, you probably know how useful it is when it comes to storage. For most people, a garage is where everything that doesn’t fit in the house finds a storage space.

It is a good choice if you have an attached garage.

As you know, it is more realistic when it is closer to the house. Otherwise, storing it in a detached garage seems like a tall order having to frequent your garage whenever you need to vacuum.

In the garage, give your vacuum a designated spot, or it will be lost in the disarray of items there. Choose a space where it won’t get wet or be damaged.

2. Closet

A closet is a great alternative to store your vacuum cleaner. In most homes, it is not hard to find an underutilized closet.

Be it a broom closet, a utility, or a storage rack. You can actually convert them to a vacuum cleaner storage space.

However, you should ensure that the cabinet has the correct dimensions to accommodate your vacuum.

But, if your closets have wrong measurements, you may have to make minor adjustments, like adding some hooks to hold the hose.

3. Kitchen

For those who vacuum very often, the kitchen pantry is an ideal space to store the vacuum cleaner.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to keep it in the kitchen: it is conveniently accessible and well-tacked away from the view of the guests.

4. Laundry Room

A laundry room is where you stash dirty things so why not keep the cleaning tools in there too? It makes total sense to start your cleaning right from the laundry and work your way to the living room.

Additionally, the laundry room provides perfect storage space for bulkier vacuum cleaners.

5. On The Walls

Well, you can really turn the underutilized or unused wall space in your house into the perfect storage space for your vacuum cleaner.

All you need to do is to install a central vacuum system with a retractable or detachable hose.

Another idea is to fix strong hooks onto the walls where you can hang the hose, cords, or other attachments. Make sure that the hooks are securely held on the walls to avoid any hazards in the house.

6. Under the Bed

That’s right! You can securely store your vacuum cleaner under the bed. Underbed is a perfect space to hide your vacuum from sight. What’s more, you have spared valuable floor space in your home for more pressing storage needs.


There is no doubt that a vacuum cleaner is a necessary appliance in most homes. But clearly, limited space poses a storage problem.

Therefore, finding a perfect storage space for your vacuum cleaner is imperative.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and from the identified choices above, it is evident that you can definitely store your vacuum cleaner in a garage.

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