Should You Store Climbing Gear in the Garage? (NINE ALTERNATIVES)

Climbing gear is worn and used in sports-climbing events.

They include but are not limited to climbing shoes, weatherproof clothes, helmets, ropes, accessory cords, and hiking boots.

Each piece of equipment has a specific use. Different professionals will give you varied packages for certain climbing events.

So, Should You Store Climbing Gear in the Garage?

Definitely No. The basic requirement is to keep them in a cold place where they cannot come into contact with other substances. The garage is packed with chemicals and other hazardous materials/ metals which might cause damage to them.

Take, for example, a simple oil spillage; it will contaminate them. In addition, after you are coming from your climbing trip, you are tired, and the garage is not one of the best places you can exchange, fold and store them. Garages are prone to other hazards, such as fires, and are the places targeted for burglary. If one keeps climbing gear, it can easily be stolen.

Therefore, here is guidance on where and how you store your climbing gear.

Some of the Best Ways of Storing Your Climbing Gear

1. Using a Pegboard

According to the wikihow, pegboards are pieces of metal or wood with pre-drilled holes that are even spaces.

One can use baskets and hooks to hang climbing gear on the pegboard. Those who want to show off their climbing gear can place them at raised places.

For those huge gears, one can fold them and hang them using hooks. The advantage of this method is that the gear is always visible, and you can monitor it as you pass by.

2. Closet

If your closet has been safely keeping your clothes, why do you think it cannot do the same for your climbing gear?

You only need to improvise it, and you shall be ready to go.

This can be done by using the breathable spaces in your closet and the hanging ropes in them.

One can also maximize the use of their wardrobes by hanging a ” shoe caddy” on the inside of their closet doors and placing their hiking shoes.

3. Cargo Nets Attached to the Walls

One of the cheapest ways of securing your climbing gear is to use a cargo net attached to the wall/ ceiling.

You do so by use of hooks to hang a cargo net (the volume of your climbing gear determines the size).

After hanging it, you can tie, clip or drape your climbing gear. There is no preferred place to hand it as it meets the conditions discussed above.

4. Use of Bed Pull-Out Storage

Some beds came with long and spacious pull-outs below them.

If you do not have one, you can organize it with your carpenter, and they will install one for you.

Ensure that there are breathing spaces in them.

To avoid confusion when picking them, you can label them on the outside and keep a detailed list of each box.

Some of your items may be very large and may be displayed on the walls, for example, helmets.

5. Using Storage Bins

They make it easy for one to keep their gear in one place.

To effectively make a quality storage bin, you shall need pegboards, hooks (both peg and wall), and DIY wooden shelves/beams.

For quick identification, label your bins.

The great advantage of this method is that it allows you to keep all your climbing gear in one place.

6. Grid Walls

If you find it difficult to make a peg wall, a grid wall can give you the best alternative. You shall only need the gridwall, hooks, gridwall baskets, and gridwall shelves.

7. Bookshelf

Do you have an old bookshelf that you are no longer using and are stressed about where to store your climbing gear?

Then it would help if you stopped worrying at all. Depending on the sizes of your gear, you can recreate shelves in the book heaven and use hooks and pegs to store them.

8. Laundry Drying Racks

Making complicated structures to hang your gear may be confusing and tiresome may be confusing and tiresome.

However, you can improvise on the clothesline hanging technique and hang your gear on it.

9. The Mobile Rack

Climbing sites are always far away from our homes.

Therefore, we need to know how to transport our climbing gear safely. The rack allows you to safely transport your gear without mixing it with other luggage.

It is surely suitable for families who are on holiday.

How Can You Improve Your Climbing Gear’s Safety and Longevity?

When you look at the above places, you shall realize that they have common characteristics which help climbing equipment owners to improve their longevity and safety.

In addition, the gear user must be aware that:

  • Climbing gear must be stored when clean and in good shape.
  • Gear must be stored where they can ” breath” instead of being in airtight storage.
  • The places above have comfortable heat and leveled humidity.
  • Always check out the gear before you use it next time.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s rules on storage and replacement.
  • Ensure that professionals repair any climbing gear. Armatures will lead to poor repairs, which may cause injury or death. When you are suspicious of your climbing gear, DO NOT use it.

In Conclusion

Climbing equipment is expensive, and it will be painful if you lose them by failing to adhere to simple storage principles.

If you combine them with the other tips, we have given you; then your climbing gear will always remain safe.

Remember, you should always adhere to the safety measures when using them.

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