Can You Put Candles in The Bathroom? (Six Reasons To Do So)

Your bathroom is one of the best places to refresh and relax.

You should, therefore, make it a pleasing and aesthetic spot.

Brightening up your bathroom is one of the best ways to do that. You are probably wondering whether it is a good idea to use candles for this purpose.

So, Can You Put Candles in The Bathroom?

Yes. Lighting up your bathroom with candles is a cool way of adorning it with a natural feel. Besides, there are many advantages of having candles in the bathroom including removing bad scents.

This article is going to be a great pointer if you are seeking answers on bathroom candles.

We will get to the details of the reasons why having candles in the bathroom is good. We have also added a guide to placing them appropriately.

Six Reasons Why It Is Good to Have Candles in The Bathroom

1. Candles Help You to Stay Focused

People do not often take the bathroom for serious play to remain focused.

Properly designated candles can help you remain sharply focused on these tasks as you relax on your porcelain throne.

Surrounding your bathroom with candles will help boost productivity for whatever thing you do in there.

Certain candles are made with scents that stimulate the mind and boost the activity of the brain.

Consequently, this ensures that you are always on top of your work.

2. They Help Bring Back Positive Memories

As we mentioned earlier, the bathroom can be an ideal place to think and meditate.

Delving into good memories and great ideas can help boost the productivity of your life.

You begin thinking better and building constructive thoughts and plans.

Scents emitted by certain candles plus the natural-like light they produce evoke good memories and emotions.

It creates a happy mood. So, if you are feeling down, you can always light your bathroom candles and heal ease from the intense chaos and tensions that often rock our lives.

3. Candles Can Help Improve Your Mood

Where there are good memories, good moods are built. Positive memories evoke good moods.

It is good too, sometimes, to drift off from the casual work, movies, and programs to have a self-analysis moment.

Having a brightly lit bathroom with scented candles is a big boost to achieving this.

Candles with rosemary and citrus scents are particularly recommended to boost your moods.

4. You Can Use Them to Set a Morning or Nightly Ritual

From time immemorial, candles have been used to execute many rituals.

Whether religious or not, candles have been very useful in marking rituals.

They are very useful in setting an ideal mind frame for certain events.

Some folks love doing this early in the morning. Others love having a bath in a candle-lit bathroom the night before sleep.

Having such rituals can help build meditative thoughts for a good beginning and end of the day.

Imagine all the fun and good moments you will have with a good way to start and unwind the day.

5. Candles Can Help You Get a More Restful Sleep

Nothing is as gratifying as a night of good sleep.

Insomnia is a sickening condition where people cannot catch sleep no matter what they try to do.

Well, having a bath in a candle-lit bathroom can help you get to sleep very fast when you come back to bed.

Lack of adequate hours of sleep is detrimental to your daily productivity.

You can even shut the bathroom electric lights completely so that you can sink entirely in the luminescence of a candle-lit room.

6. Candles Help to Combat Stress

Dealing with stress has never been an easy task. Stress can come up from anything in life.

There should, therefore, be good ways of dealing with it less they deter our ability to do work and improve our lives.

A bathroom lit with candles offers the best haven of peace to counter stress.

There are no distractions in the bathroom. So, you can sink into meditative thinking and recover your good moods.

Providing viable solutions to your problems during moments of deep meditation can help you do a great deal to any stress and negative thoughts haunting you.

How and Where to Put Candles in The Bathroom

Getting the right placement tips is an important step in ensuring a beautiful bathroom with dazzling candlelight.

1. Put Some Candles in The Corners of the Bathroom

Apart from enhancing the beauty of your bathroom décor, placing candles in the corners of the bathroom casts away any dark spots.

This creates confidence in you. Some people hate even the lightest spots of darkness.

Candles can help you eliminate that while creating a natural feel in the bathroom- a condition that is ideal for meditative thinking.

2. Hang Some Candles in The Bathroom

Hanging some candles in the bathroom is one of the coolest candle placement ideas for bathrooms.

One good thing about this placement is that all spots remain perfectly lit- the walls, around the bathtub, on the sill, and corners.

3. Architectural Mantel

When designing the bathroom before construction, you can request your planning director to include an architectural mantel in the bathroom area.

This spot will be a specific placement point for candles.

Usually, they are embedded in the walls. You can choose to have as many candles as you want on the mantle.

4. Put Some Candles at One End of the Bathtub

You can also put about 3 or 4 candles at the ends of the bathtub.

It helps create an impressive and aesthetic feel in the bathroom.

It is particularly a good idea to have scented candles at this point since they are near you.

5. Put Some Candles Up the Bathroom Steps

Having some candles on either side of the steps leading to the bathroom can also be a very cool idea.

Light up your bathroom steps with about four or six candles.

You can put two or three on either side of the steps.

6. Stick Some On the Walls

You can also fix some candles holders on the walls of your bathroom.

The number you choose all depends on the size of your bathroom.

Your bathroom walls would reflect this light hence creating an ambient and impressive condition. It is advisable to overdo it though.

Three to five are enough unless your bathroom is too large to demand more candles.

Often, such candles are protected by transparent glass casing to protect them from water.

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Final Words

The benefits of putting candles in the bathroom are immense.

Apart from creating a unique bathing environment, they make your bathroom a peaceful haven for positive thinking and meditation. They also create a natural feel of light in the bathroom.

All of these lead to a better mental and emotional state that is necessary for a productivity boost.