Should You Store Muriatic Acid In The Garage? (EXPLAINED)

Pool supplies should be stored well to remain effective for the next use.

One of the common substances used in the pool is muriatic acid. It is used to remove mold and rust near and inside the pool.

Safety should be very key when you are storing muriatic acid.

With this in mind, Should You Store Muriatic Acid In The Garage?

No! You should not store muriatic acid in the garage. Muriatic acid caps have little openings where the gas’s fumes escape. These fumes accelerate the rate of rusting; therefore, storing the acid in your garage is basically exposing the garage material and all its contents to rust. While some people may opt to store the acid in closed cabinets within a garage, it is still not the right thing to do. The fumes will concentrate in the cabinet, find a way out of the cabinets, and affect your stored car and other metallic items.

Generally. The best place to store muriatic acid is outside. The acid has a relatively longer lifespan that is not greatly affected by temperature. Muriatic acid can still be left out through the winter. Find an ideal place, some distance from metallic structures, and store muriatic acid for all seasons. As said earlier, safety is very key when handling acid chemicals.

This post covers some safety tips for storing muriatic acid and how to use it effectively.

What’s The Best Way To Store Muriatic Acid?

It is safer when you store muriatic acid in the original container.

There is no need to transfer the contents into another container because the packaging is designed to give safe storage for the acid.

It can be very dangerous to transfer muriatic acid to new containers as it can easily corrode them. The new container can also react with muriatic acid and cause spilling or, worse, burn accidents.

Since the cap is vented, you do not need to replace it with another cap to block fumes from getting out.

The vents serve a great purpose in keeping the acid useful even after a long storage time.

After using muriatic acid, seal the container holding the extra acid properly to prevent spills.

Be careful with the items nearby before you settle for a specific storage point.

If muriatic acid is stored near garden lime or baking soda, muriatic acid will neutralize.

Avoid storing this acid near chlorine because the fumes mix and form dangerous chlorine gas, which can be highly toxic.

Ideally, you can place bottles of muriatic acid in a larger container and seal the container tightly.

Do not mix the bottles carrying muriatic acid with other containers of different chemicals. Store the containers in a dry, well-ventilated place for them to last long.

If you can’t access larger storage bins, just place the original muriatic acid container in a well-ventilated area free from wetness.

Avoid directly placing the muriatic acid container on the floor; instead, place a raised board on it, then place your container on it.

You can also place the muriatic acid container outside and be sure that it won’t be damaged soon.

Ten Muriatic Acid Handling Tips

Consider the following tips to safely handle muriatic acid.

1. Safety Is Key

Store muriatic acid in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation.

Keep it away from chemicals that it can easily react with. Ensure the container holding this acid is well labeled.

2. Put On Chemical Resistant Clothes

Muriatic acid can easily damage your clothing and skin. Its corrosive nature makes it hard to handle it without protective clothing.

Wear special chemical-resistant clothing, mostly made of PVC or butyl.

Add an apron to your safety clothes to enhance protection.

3. Wear Gloves

It is essential to put on rubber or neoprene gloves when handling acids.

If you can get the PVC or Butyl rubber, they will as well protect your hands better.

These materials resist chemical reactions that may occur in case of spills of muriatic acid. It is also important to cover your legs properly so that no skin is exposed.

4. Don’t Blindly Mix It With Other Liquids

Muriatic acid can react explosively when mixed with certain liquids or chemicals.

Such intense reactions can produce a lot of smoke, toxic fumes, or heat. If you are not sure of the outcome of your mixture, you better avoid mixing.

Check on the label of the acid to see how it reacts with other chemicals and liquids before you commence your work.

5. Wear Safety Goggles And A Mask

The fumes from muriatic acid are very dangerous.

When inhaled, they leave serious damage to the respiratory system and also damage other body organs.

Wearing a face mask when dealing with this substance helps you from inhaling those dangerous fumes. A

face mask also protects your face from unexpected relations between acid and other substances.

Safety goggles, well equipped with side shields, prevent fluid splashes from getting in contact with your eyes.

6. In Case Of An Accident, Get Medical Attention Promptly

When muriatic acid gets in contact with any part of your body, whether through ingestion or spilling, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

If the skin is affected, it must be washed with clean water for at least 15 minutes as a first aid action.

If the toxic fumes are inhaled, a person should be taken outside, to an area with fresh air and given prompt medical attention.

When ingested, vomiting should not be induced. Instead, give the patient water to wash their mouth and more water or milk for drinking.

Remember, this is just a first aid step as you take the patient to a hospital.

7. Store Away From Metals And Extreme Heat

Muriatic acid can react with metals and produce dangerous hydrogen gas in large amounts.

When near fire conditions, the acid can produce toxic fumes.

The fumes produced by muriatic acid also accelerate rusting.

It is therefore important to always put the gas away from metals and heat to prevent the occurrence of unpredictable danger.

8. Use In A Well Ventilated Place

When handling this acid, make sure you are in a place with adequate ventilation.

Ventilation ensures steady airflow, which prevents the concentration of fumes and toxins within your working space.

9. Store Away From Children And Pets

Pets and small children can severely get injured when they come in close contact with muriatic acid.

When this acid gets into the eyes, it can lead to blindness and, worse, death if accidentally ingested.

Make sure you store muriatic acid away from children or pets to avoid such accidents.

10. Dispose Of Appropriately

Never pour muriatic acid into drains directly before you dilute it.

When you pour out concentrated muriatic acid, it can corrode your plumbing system and pollute water.

Dispose of containers of muriatic and the acid itself per the local guidelines.

When you accidentally spill off some acid, cautiously add water while ensuring there are no splashes.

You can then add soda or lime to neutralize the acid. Wipe out the fluid and dispose of appropriately.


Storage of chemicals in a home is not easy because you do not exactly know when they can turn hazardous.

However, when storing muriatic acid, you should consider a few storage tips, and you will be well off.

A well-ventilated place, free from moisture, away from chlorine and soda or lime, is an ideal storage place. Avoid keeping it in the garage to save your metallic items from rust.

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