Can You Keep a Tanning Bed in The Garage? (Five Maintenance Tips)

Most people enjoy using tanning beds to develop or maintain a tan.

If you don’t have sufficient space for your tanning bed in your house or want storage for your older model, you might wonder whether you can keep a tanning bed in the garage.

So, Can You Keep a Tanning Bed in The Garage?

Yes. You can conveniently keep a tanning need in the garage. Some tanning bed owners opt to put the units in their garage since it’s normally closer to the power service panel and easier to operate the necessary wire. However, it’s recommended to walk into the garage and look whether it has an ideal place and space to keep the tanning bed and a power source. If you have concerns about a cold garage, tanning beds have no problem with cold. Just don’t allow them to get wet by wrapping a blanket around them. Also, when you want to use it, leave it for some time before hooking it on to avoid condensation.

Depending on the type of tanning bed, you might need to rearrange or even renovate your garage.

Tanning beds are relatively large, with most standards measuring around 7 and 8 feet long and 32 and 46 inches wide.

You will also need to leave 12 inches of space on each end of the bed. Although short, most tanning beds are over 5 feet when fully open, meaning your garage ceiling should be sufficiently high.

Tanning beds also need a significant amount of electricity to power, ensuring the garage has a secure power source.

The power usage of the bed may also likely interfere with other circuit outlets, often causing shot-outs and blown fuses.

However, the high-power usage means that you should expect increased monthly bills. When running a tanning bed in the garage, keep in mind that it may heat to extreme temperatures.

Therefore, keep any flammable items away from the bed and place a plastic mat under it to protect the carpet or floor from heat damage.

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Tanning Bed in The Garage

A tanning bed is equipment that generates simulated skin darkening by emitting UV rays.

To ensure your tanning bed lasts for years, you are required to perform routine tanning bed maintenance.

You will also save some cash by avoiding costly repairs if you understand how to care for the parts.

1. Perform Regular Clean Up

Before using a tanning bed, you should start by dusting off the fan, bulbs, and reflectors lightly.

The dust can lessen the amount of ultraviolet light reaching you from the bulb, causing a weaker tan.

The dust can also cause problems with the operation of the fan or can smell when bulbs heat up.

The fact that a garage is often prone to higher dust levels or if you use your tanning bed frequently means you should perform more in-depth and regularly.

Start by cleaning the ballast tray featuring the electrical equipment.

When deep cleaning your tanning bed, you should ensure there is sufficient space around you and the machine to avoid any unnecessary or injury incidents.

Always wear gloves, protective goggles, and a face shield to ward off dust particles and droplets of cleaners that may enter the body through the eyes, mouth, or nose.

Unless you have someone giving you instructions on how to take the machines apart, it is best to have one individual in the room when cleaning the units.

2. Always Sanitize The Tanning Bed

After using your tanning bed, wipe it down completely with a tanning bed cleaner.

This can be bought in a concentrated form online or from a tanning bed supplier.

You should avoid rubbing alcohol or regular household cleaners when cleaning a tanning bed because the chemicals can be very harsh.

If you have several cleaning machines, do the maintenance on every machine distinctly and review all of them after you are done to ensure the refabrication of the gears went accordingly.

3. Keep A Maintenance Log

Write down each time it’s serviced, deep cleaned, or replaced the parts.

This helps track when maintenance is due, so the tanning bed is serviced regularly.

4. Follow The Manual

The tanning bed manual will guide you on cleaning every part, how regularly to replace the pieces, and using your tanning bed properly.

If you don’t follow the manual, your warranty can be invalid if anything occurs.

5. Hire A Professional for Regular Maintenance

Getting regular professional maintenance is also vital in handling emergency and routine maintenance.

They will fully inspect your tanning bed and provide preventative services such as bulb tune-ups and substitutions to keep things running smoothly.

Investing the money and time into your tanning bed will make it last for longer.

Three Benefits Of Having a Home Tanning Bed

1. Saves You Money

One of the main benefits of getting your tanning bed for home use is saving you money.

Going to tanning sections regularly might cost you a significant amount of cash to visit a salon.

Based on the rates, an annual membership at a salon can go for more than $1,000.

In this case, although the initial investment will be relatively major, the cost of purchasing your home tanning bed can save you money in the long run.

2. Conveniences

If you have a busy schedule, going to the tanning salon several times a month can be inconvenient.

There are also holidays or times of the day when the salons are closed, meaning you will be stuck without the tan.

Getting a home tanning bed will solve this issue.

You can tan yourself anytime without worrying about scheduling problems or sudden closures.

3. More Sanitary

Even if many tanning salons claim to be hygienic, you cannot always trust that.

Bacteria can spread through shared tanning beds, with a scientific report revealing that most public tanning beds have high bacteria levels and STIs.

With your own tanning home tanning bed, you are sure about who is using it, and you are in charge of cleaning it.

Bottom Line

We hope we have answered your question on whether you can keep a tanning bed in the garage.

Generally, you can keep your tanning bed in the garage, but you should be careful about the garage’s extreme temperature changes and dust.

With a tanning bed in your garage, you can develop a healthy bronze a few times a week at the convenience of your home.

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