Why Does Your Bathroom Smell Like Fish? (Four Reasons!)

One of the worst things that can happen as a homeowner is an unexplained and mysterious odor.

Especially one that’s emitting from the bathroom. AND ESPECIALLY IF IT’S FISH!

So, Why Does Your Bathroom Smell Like Fish?

Well, there are many reasons why your bathroom smells like a fish. One major reason is due to sewage gas. Corpses of animals in the wastewater tanks and clogged plumbing vents are also chief causes of this smell. And there is more!

What Causes Your Bathroom to Smell Like Fish?

You cannot battle with an enemy you have no idea about.

In this section, we will uncover the causes of that odd fishy smell in your bathroom.

It will help you mitigate on proper measures to combat the problem.

Here are the major causes:

1. Sewage Gas

Methane and ammonia are two major components of sewage gas.

It is emitted from decomposing human waste.

It is very unpleasant and can cause a lot of discomforts.

Sewage gas often smells like a fish or a rotten egg.

Long-term exposure to methane gas has been known to cause sewage gas poisoning and other related respiratory ailments.

You, perhaps, wondering how on earth can sewage gas enter the bathroom.

Well, sewage gas can find its way into the bathroom through poorly done plumbing leaking pipes that can open an entryway for sewage gas.

If your toilet remains unused for a long time, the pipes below it automatically run dry.

With no water to act as an effective deterrence to sewage gas, it enters the bathroom leading to that foul fishy smell.

Additionally, loose pipe connections and toilet parts can also create potential entryways of sewage gas into the bathroom.

Just to mention that clogged drains can create sewage gas reservoirs.

2. Electrical Wiring

Plenty of people would rule out the possibility of electric wires causing a fishy smell.

The truth of the matter, however, is that when electrical wiring overheats, they produce distinct odors making the room smell like a fish.

Overheating of electrical wires can occur due to loose wiring. Old wires also tend to overheat especially when they are overworked.

Besides causing a bad smell, they jeopardize the safety of the room’s occupants.

Many fires have occurred this way.

3. Animal Corpses

If an animal like a rat or lizard dies in the walls of your home, its body starts decaying.

The decaying corpse of such animals emits ammonia gas which diffuses to the entire house smelling like a fish.

It is not uncommon to have rodents dying in the home.

They are often very disgusting when they do.

Other than plaguing your home with a horrible fishy smell, a lot of health concerns are attributed to it.

Some folks may not even find the appetite to eat.

Others can vomit and the whole thing becomes a nightmare.

In case the animal dies near a cracked water pipe, there is no doubt it will contaminate it. This can even cause serious ailments.

4. Clogged Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents are often designed to bar sewage gas from finding its way into the bathroom.

They are made to operate by providing ventilation which vents off sewage gas and bathroom odors.

However,  they can get clogged due to a myriad of reasons.

Bird nests, for instance, can be a major issue. Leaves, animal carcasses, and other dirt can blog them and interfere with ventilation.

The result is a massive accumulation of sewage gas in the bathroom which spreads further into the other rooms.

How Can You Eradicate The Fishy Smell?

1. Remove Sewage Gas

The best way to remove sewage gas in the bathroom is by running water through your bathtub or shower.

You also need to flush your toilet to moisturize the pipes underneath.

All you want to do is block the possible passage of sewage gas by filling the pipes with water.

Another way of removing sewage is by checking and ensuring that all pipework is properly fixed and fastened.

You might be forced to enter the crawl space or basement to make sure that all pipes are appropriately fixed.

Leaking pipes should be sealed immediately.

Should you come across any serious plumbing issue, then you need to contact a plumber to handle the situation.

2. Properly Fix All Electrical Wiring

If you find out that the fishy smell in your bathroom is due to poorly fixed wires, you need to get them fixed well.

Burnt rubber from an electrical problem is often the major cause of the fishy smell from the electrical wirings. You should get them working properly.

  • First, you have to locate the faulty wires and do a thorough replacement.
  • Second, make sure that the electricity in your home is turned off before you embark on the job. Electricity is lethal if handled carelessly.

3. Remove All Animal Remains

Let’s face it. Removing animal corpses from your home is an intricate and equally disgusting job.

Well, you can either DIY it or hire an expert.

Often, animals like rats and mice love warm sports.

Ideally, these can be beside hot water pipes and heaters. Accessing such areas in the walls can be tricky.

After locating the corpses’ location, put on your gloves and mask and get them out of the wall.

You can otherwise you any grabbing material if they are stuck. Later, dispose of the carcasses properly.

4. Unclog All Plumbing Vents

The complexity of unclogging clogged plumbing vents depends on the location of the clog. Clogs outside the vents prove easier to remove. These include birds’ nests and leaves. You simply need to get to the roof and removed them by hand. Special care should be given to this job to ensure that nothing gets in the inside of the vent which can cause more complicated clogs.

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Horrible fishy smells to interfere with the serenity of not only your bathroom but the entire home.

Any signs of such an odd odor should be given the attention it deserves to help bring back a conducive environment in the home.

The first thing you need to do is identify the epicenter of the smell and then work to solve the problem as we have explained in this guide.

If you encounter more complicated problems, get a professional to deal with them accordingly.

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