Should You Keep The Bathroom Door Open Or Closed After Taking A Shower?

Humidity is still one of the challenges facing the decency of modern bathrooms.

Let’s face it; it is a problem we must learn to handle.

Moisture accumulation in our bathrooms has far-reaching consequences and keeping them checked is the only option we have. Moisture is an ideal environment for molds and mildew to thrive.

These growths can cause health problems hence jeopardizing the safety of the occupants of the room.

It is, therefore, for us to make sure that there is little or no moisture accumulation in our bathrooms.

So, Should You Keep Your Bathroom Door Open After Taking A Shower?

Yes. You should keep your bathroom door open after taking a shower to prevent potential mildew and molds from building up. Molds and mildew build-up can pose disastrous consequences both on the occupants of the room and on the mobile home structures themselves. 

Five Reasons You Should Keep the Door of Your Bathroom Open

We all have developed the habit of shutting the door when leaving a room.

It is a habit we culture with time, basically for security reasons.

What about the bathroom door? It has been proven that shutting the bathroom door contributes immensely to the growth of molds and mildew.

Let’s get to deeper details.

1. It Propagates The Growth Of Molds And Mildew Build Up

When you shut your bathroom door after a shower, you trap a lot of moisture and humidity in it.

This will propagate the growth of indoor molds and the buildup of excess mildew. Such tiny growths do well in environments with a lot of moisture.

2. It Can Lead To Respiratory Distress

Indoor molds build up in your bathroom and after some time, it can reach an extreme situation.

This leads to intoxication which affects the respiratory functions of the occupants of the room. It is a gradual process that most people do not often realize.

3. Removing Molds From The Bathroom Can Be Costly

Although it is a slow process, mold buildup in your bathroom can be pricey if you don’t take care of the situation as soon as you realize it. Mold cleaning services will cost you some good money.

Are Indoor Molds Dangerous?

Indoor molds can cause severe respiratory problems if taken for granted. As we had mentioned, leaving your bathroom open reduces humidity and consequently reduces their growth.

If you have been leaving your bathroom open after a shower, you are in unprecedented danger of getting breathing problems if molds build up in there.

Ideally, people with a compromised immune system, allergic and respiratory sensitivities are subjected to more risk if they stay in a room with excess mold and mildew buildup.

Perfect individuals are never spared. You may not realize their effect on your health, but long term exposure will finally come to haunt you. It is much better to prevent it.

Here is a brief highlight of mold associated ailments:

1. Skin rashes

If you notice that you’ve been invaded by skin rashes, it can indicate there is an immense mold build up in your bathroom due to moisture accumulation.

2. Sneezing

It is definite to experience recurring sneezing since your body vigorously responds to allergens which can, in this case, be triggered by mold and mildew build up in the bathroom.

3. Watery eyes

Molds are allergens. Watery eyes can be as well, an indication that there is an excessive build-up in your room.

4. Difficulty in breathing

Allergens pose breathing problems to the affected individual. This is an overall and the most evident symptom of allergic reactions related to the breathing system.

If there are asthmatic occupants in the room, they are the ones exposed to severe danger. The same applies to small children. They are prone to mold exposure.

When such symptoms get to an intense level, you will require urgent medical attention.

Now you know just how much danger molds can subject you to! Not to mention the damage they cause to the environment they blossom in.

I know you can’t imagine your bathroom posing you to these dangerous situations.

The bottom line lies is in leaving them open and doing routine mold and mild dew cleaning.

The most efficient preventive measure, of course, is leaving them open to keep moisture levels massively reduced.

My Bathroom Has A Lot Of Molds. How Do I Clean Them?

If your bathroom is jammed with molds you need to take action to avoid such health risks as we have mentioned above.

You might be wondering what to do to eliminate them. Here are two options.

1. Hire Professional Mold Cleaning Services

Once you realize that your bathroom has mold growths, it is high time to seek professional cleaning.

Experts will come to your aid to treat, eliminate, and clean the molds.

One major concern for most people here is the cost. How much does it cost to clear molds in your bathroom?

Well, the answer to this depends on the size of your bathroom.

The existing intensity of mold growth also matters. The extent of damage to mold growth matters as well. On average, such services can cost you a reasonable $2000 or even more dependent on the professionals you have hired for the job.

2. Apply Concentrated Cleaning Agents

Alternatively, you can use bleaching agents to remove the molds in your bathroom. The trick is to apply very concentrated bleaching solutions.

While doing this, you need to put on protective wear such as masks and boots to avoid side effects such as breathing problems. Vinegar is much safer and effective in clearing molds.

This can be a smart choice for you.

After eliminating mold spores in your bathroom, you may experience mold or mildew staining. If such a case unfolds, you could apply an over-the-counter mildew remover or ammonia to eliminate the stain.

This is especially true if the staining is too deep and you find that you cannot scrub it away with ease.

Alternatively, you can apply a fresh coat of paint on the affected area. It will even help to do away with the remaining spores that can potentially mature once again.

Should I Keep The Bathroom Fan Running When Taking A Shower?

Excessive humidity has disastrous consequences in your bathroom. With this knowledge, you might be wondering whether it is a pretty good idea to keep your bathroom fan running as you take a shower.

Your bathroom exhaust fans should be running as you take a shower. Showers fill your bathroom with steam which consequently increases the moisture content in it.

Keeping your bathroom exhaust fan running is a good way to keep off this humidity.

If your fan is not running, the steam turns to humidity which rests on the surface of your bathroom.

Later, this moistness becomes the mold.

Three More Ideas for Preventing Growth of Mildew and Molds in the Bathroom

Leaving the door to your bathroom after a shower is the best way to avoid mold and mildew buildup. It gives your bathroom plenty of time to air out after use.

But that is not enough if you want to realize substantial results. To ensure even better results, here are other ideas you should endeavor to implement in your manufactured home.

1. Wipe The Floor Of The Bathroom After Use

Wiping the floor of your bathroom is the surest way to eradicate mold accumulation on it.

It will leave it completely dry and not molds can thrive under such conditions.

This might be a crazy and boring idea but it saves your health and curbs potential damages associated with molds and mildew on structures. You can train yourself to do it every day

2. Buy A Shower Spray

This is another easy way to ensure that molds do not grow on the walls, curtains, and the door of your shower.

They are available in different brands.

The trick is to use them when the walls, curtains, and the door of your bathroom are still wet to prevent potential molds and mildew attacks.

3. Opening Your Bathroom Window Open

If your bathroom has a window, keeping it open allows your bathroom air out. On the same note, you have to make sure that the weather outside is fair enough.

Open it before you go in there for a shower and leave it open after your shower. It will help keep your bathroom conducive, nice, and dry.

Final Thoughts

  • Leaving your bathroom door open for at least half an hour after taking a shower is a great way to prevent mildew and mold build up in it.
  • You can also do it better by leaving the exhaust fan running for a while.
  • It will help reduce humidity and moisture in the bathroom hence keeping molds and mildew at bay.
  • The question as to whether you should leave the bathroom open when not in use also depends on the situation and the location of the bathroom.
  • You need to do what is best for your health and other occupants of your mobile home.
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