Why Is Your Bathroom So Hot? (FIVE COOLING METHODS)

A bathroom maintains a higher temperature than the kitchen, where heat is produced in many homes.

Even though the activities in the bathroom mainly involve a mixture of warm, hot, and cold water, it has remained the hottest part of the house for some peculiar reasons.

In this regard, Why Is Your Bathroom So Hot?

ANSWER It is quite easy to understand that the bathroom maintains a high humidity level throughout the day, and that is what contributes significantly to the high temperature in the bathroom. The increased humidity creates a feeling of warmth, leading to high temperatures. The more you use the bathroom, the hotter and musty it becomes because warm air is known to hold more moisture than cold air.

While some people consider a hot bathroom the best, others consider it less comfortable and will find ways to make it cool.

This post will cover tips to cool a bathroom and make it more accommodating for people who don’t like heat.

What Makes A Bathroom Hot?

To answer with one word, it is right to state ‘humidity’ as the leading cause of the hotness in the bathroom.

High humidity in the bathroom makes it extremely hot compared to all other rooms in a typical home. Showers and other minor bathroom activities raise moisture levels within.

It, therefore, means that the more you use a bathroom, the more moisture you create, which transforms into high humidity.

In turn, you may not feel the increased humidity, but you will get to feel a change in temperature level once you step foot in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the high moisture is not very healthy since it can lead to the buildup of mildew and mold, which will make your bathroom very unpleasant.

Five Ways To Keep The Bathroom Cool

The bathroom can remain the hottest room in your house if you enjoy it and can cope with the high temperatures.

However, if you find it unbearable, try the following tips to keep your bathroom cool.

1. Turn On The Bathroom Fan

Turn on bathroom fans in all bathrooms within your home. This will help regulate the presence of warm air by lowering humidity.

Remember to also turn on fans in other rooms within the home to ensure you have the air keeps circulating in the whole house, and not just in one room.

2. Keep Blinds Closed During The Day

During summer, about 30% of the heat in your home comes through windows.

Keeping blinds closed during the day helps reduce the amount of heat that enters your home.

You will get better results if you use blackout curtains, reflective blinds, and insulated window films.

Other options are known to keep more heat away from entering the house.

If the entire home receives less heat, the bathroom will be slightly less hot than if the house is exposed to maximum heat.

If you wish to take things a step ahead, replace your bathroom windows if they are old.

This will significantly improve the overall energy efficiency and prevent outside air from getting in and raising the bathroom temperature.

Apparently, blocking outdoor energy from getting inside is a great way to keep a bathroom and the entire home cool.

3. Have Vents And Doors Installed Correctly

Be smart about the position of your bathroom vents and doors.

The right position will ensure the cool air you want is directed in the right place. You should also be keen on the doors of other rooms inside the house.

For instance, keeping the doors of unused rooms closed will help direct the cool air to your bathroom.

You can also close vents of the rooms you rarely use so that the cool air is directed to the bathroom.

4. Be Energy Conservative

Use less energy in your home by turning off appliances that produce heat.

You can turn them off if you are not using a light bulb or other electronic appliance.

This simple action of saving energy contributes to the overall lowering of the temperatures in the home.

The bathroom will benefit the most because it is considered the hottest room.

5. Allow Night Air In

When the temperature drops at night, allow your bathroom windows to remain open to allow the cool air to flow inside the bathroom and cool the existing raised temperatures.

However, you must close the windows and the shears/curtains when you wake up.


A hot bathroom is common in many homes. This is best defined by the fact that there is always higher humidity in the bathroom than in other rooms.

Adding to the fact that most bathrooms are designed to be the smallest room in a house, the concentration of humidity leads to high temperatures.

However, you can easily cool your bathroom with the tips in this post.