Why Is Your Mobile Home Roof Making Noises? (Seven Causes!)

Are you experiencing uncomfortable situations due to distractive noise from the roof of your mobile home?

Well, we all agree that noise is a nuisance that greatly affects productivity.

Sometimes you just want to figure out what’s causing all that damn noise.

So, Why Is Your Mobile Home Roof Making Noises?

Your mobile home roof could be making noise due to a wide range of issues. There could be animals idling in there chewing building materials. Or perhaps the noise is due to water leaks. There are other reasons why your mobile home roof is making noise.

Keep reading this article to find out more about these causes and how to effectively remedy them.

Seven Major Reasons Why Your Mobile Home Is Making Noise

A roof can produce disturbing noises owing to many reasons.

1. Heat

It’s a major issue in both mobile and site built homes.

During the day when temperatures soar very high, materials tend to expand.

In the night, or whenever there is a drop in temperature, they contract causing a cracking and creaking sound.

The very fact that they do not shrink at the same rate when the cold makes them produce some strange noise.

2. Animals Lurking

There is no doubt animals love hiding on the roof of homes. Mobile homes are no exception.

Animals often sneak in there unnoticed and start making cozy homes for themselves.

Any spaces left on the roof can be potential hiding spots for these animals.

Rodents are often the worst.

They make a lot of disturbing noise and can cause untold property damage and even the entire home structure itself.

So, if you hear any popping or tapping sounds on the roof of your mobile home, it is a key indicator that you have unwelcomed guests up there.

This is especially the case in the night when they are most active and move about looking for food.

Popping sounds usually result from animals like rodents chewing wires. Generally, animals can chew anything, be it plastics or metal parts of the house.

As we mentioned, rodents and mice are the most notorious noisemakers.

And they do not content with just making noise on the roof.

They can make dozens of nests in the roof and walls where they live and breed.

3. Wind Pressure

The roof is that part of the house designed to shield the occupants from elements of weather.

Severe wind pressure often threatens the integrity of the roof.

In worst circumstances, the roof can even be blown away

4. Moisture Evaporation

Newly built mobile homes often produce noise in the roof because its drying out.

Moisture evaporation may lead to the shrinking of some parts causing some noise.

Or if you recently moved to a new room, you might want to carry out some renovations.

As these materials dry out, the roof produces some cracking sound.

5. HVAC System

Most mobile home designers install HVAC units in the roof area.

Some run ductwork in the attic for perforation and temperature regulation.

The HVAC system can cause some noise in the roof.

The movement of the system, changing temperatures, and different mechanizations operating in it could produce noise.

Moisture levels in the system have also been known to cause noise in the roof of mobile homes.

6. Outside Temperatures

Owing to changing weather conditions, the outside temperatures alternates between the cold and hot extremes.

The ramifications of these changes on the roof and the daily operations in the home can create noise in the roof.

For instance, you might be forced to turn the air conditioner on in an event of hot temperatures on the outside.

Fluctuating outside temperatures affect the operation of other temperature control instruments on the inside leading to a noisy room because of expansion and contraction of the materials that were used to construct it.

7. Leaks

There is a wide array of things that can lead to roof leaking.

The breakdown of roofing materials due to intense sunlight is one major cause.

Also, if a branch breaks off from a nearby tree and damages the shingles and tiles, the roof could experience a significant leak.

In addition, the roof can leak due to natural aging. Usually, the leaks can happen unnoticed unless they are large scale.

These leaks on the roof can make a lot of distracting noise. You will often hear a trickle or a drop.

What Are Some Roof Noise Solutions?

1. How to Deal with Animals

If animals like rodents are causing mayhem and disturbing noises on the roof, you need to take immediate action.

If you cannot handle them on your own, hire a professional.

Rodents can have a devastating impact on your mobile home.

One of the best ways of  get rid of them via traps and also poison as advised by a professional.

The latter method, however, is considered unethical by zoologists and environmentalists.

2. Dealing with Noise from Leaks

The most effective way of removing leaks is by sealing them off.

Apart from causing disturbing noise, leaks can lead to massive destruction of your mobile home.

3. Dealing with Noise from HVAC System

Your HVAC and duct systems in the roof should be well maintained.

Let’s be honest here, it is often less likely for homeowners go onto the roof to check them.

Ducts are often associated with water leakage which can cause a lot of disruptive noise in the roof.

Both have to be maintained accordingly.

4. Dealing with Wind Pressure and Uneven Expansion and Contraction Noise

Well, changes in weather elements and patterns are not something we can avoid.

Instead, we have to be prepared enough to face it.

The most efficient method of dealing with noise in the roof that results from pressure and temperature is to installed fasteners in the roof.

The screws used to hold materials in place should be fastened enough to ensure that they do not give room for a creaking sound.

Final Words

Noise distracts one’s attention. It generally interferes with productivity.

It can even deprive you of sleep.

A noisy roof is something you would least expect in your mobile home. It is annoying.

Plenty of people often may not even have the clue about the epicenter of such noise.

Hopefully, this article has helped demystify some of the major reasons why the roof of your mobile home is making noise.

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