What Exactly Should You Put In Bathroom Drawers? (Nine Items)

A well-organized bathroom helps make your mornings feel less hectic while making your evenings calmer.

Picking items from the drawers and putting other items in the drawer can be more straightforward, depending on how you organize the bathroom drawer.

Not everything can fit in a bathroom drawer; some were literally never meant to be in the bathroom.

While contemplating enhancing order and increasing your bathroom drawers’ efficiency, you may start asking many orderliness questions. One of the most probable questions is….

What Should You Put In Bathroom Drawers?

There are very many things that, when put in bathroom drawers, basically fit and can be termed to be at the right place. Things like makeup, towels, bathing creams, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and even jewelry can be stored in a bathroom cabinet. The position of the cabinets, too, can subdivide the above items such that, some are fit to be in the under sink drawers, while others are fit to be on the wall drawers.

However, the art of orderliness does not end with determining where to put what in the drawer but continues until you master how to arrange the drawer and enhance efficiency.

You possibly do not wish to perceive your bathroom drawers as a waste of space in the bathroom; therefore, they should be organized to serve you best.

This article will cover some of the things you can put in your bathroom drawers and how to organize bathroom drawers.

Nine Things You Can Store In A Bathroom Drawer

The following are literally got to be in the bathroom, and keeping them inside a bathroom drawer makes perfect sense.

1. Hair Tools

All your hair styling tools and products like the hairdryer, curling iron, and flat iron are best stored in the bathroom, where they are frequently used.

If you accord these tools high value and don’t wish to see them hanging, the bathroom drawers might be the only viable option you have.

Some people prefer hanging them on the walls or cabinet doors, which is also a good storage option.

Just make sure you’re not keeping them together with the toiletries because the cords can easily create a mess in the drawer if you put them together with other small tools.

2. Toiletries

Things like toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrush, face wash, eye cream, moisturizers, contact solution, and contact can be kept in the bathroom drawer.

Keep the ones you frequently use near the sink, and those you rarely use should be kept under the sink to avoid over cluttering the drawers.

3. Towels

Store both face and hand towels in a drawer, so they do not topple off the bathroom floor and get dirty even before using them.

For the bath towels, keep them in linen drawers, but make sure they can be easily accessed when needed.

If you have visitors, you can either pull out the drawers with towels for them to easily see them or verbally tell your visitors where the towels are kept.

4. Toilet Paper

Store extra toilet paper rolls in the under sink drawer.

Keep one or two rolls at an easily accessible point within the bathroom to avoid the unnecessary hassle that comes with a vigorous toilet paper search whenever you need one.

5. Special Occasion Makeup

If you have a wide collection of makeup, you may wish to keep the special occasion makeup away from the ordinary ones.

A bathroom drawer is an ideal place to keep such important makeup selections.

6. First Aid Kit

Adding a First aid kit to the bathroom seems to be in the right place because most bathrooms are usually shared rooms.

You can easily send someone to pick up the kit from the bottom drawer.

The bottom drawer is ideal for first aid kit storage because it is rare to find things cluttered in this lower drawer.

7. Shower Supplies

Keep things like body wash, shaving creams, shampoos, conditioners, razors, and anything you may need while bathing in the drawers that can be easily accessed.

8. Jewelry

Consider having a small drawer or tray near the sink where you put your daily jewelry like earrings, nose rings, bracelets, and watches.

9. Linen

If you do not have a better place to keep your linen, you can create some space within the bathroom drawers and store your linen there.

How Do You Organize Your Bathroom Drawer Contents?

If you are planning to organize your bathroom drawers but do not know where to start, you can try following the below steps

1. Empty The Drawers

Remove everything from the drawers you want to organize and clean them using a piece of rag and an all-purpose disinfectant cleaner.

Dry it out and arrange slim adjustable drawer organizers in every draw.

2. Sort Your Toiletries

Categorize your items into several groups considering how you use them.

For example, you can put face oil, makeup, and lotions in the same category. If you realize one group of items is too big, subdivide it into smaller groups.

3. Dump The Rarely Used Items

From the categories of items you have made, identify those tools or products you haven’t used for a long time and are neither planning to use ever again.

You can opt to either dump the products or donate to other people. If you find the items still relevant to you, consider storing them in the bottom drawer.

4. Identify The Duplicates

In most cases, if your drawer is disorganized, you buy multiple items either because you can’t locate or remember if you have such an item.

If you find several pieces of the same product while organizing the drawer, consider keeping the extras in the lower drawer and only remain with one or two items.

For example, if you have several toothpaste tubes, you can only pick one and store the rest for future use.

5. Arrange The Drawer Organizers

Carefully partition the drawers using the drawer organizers as you aim to make use of every space available.

If you still find awkward gaps within the drawer after arranging the drawer dividers, get your mind creative by finding any small items that can fill such spaces.

For example, you can pick an old tin of months to help you keep bobby pins or nail clippers.

6. Add The Remaining Items Back To The Drawers

Carefully wipe the exterior of every item with a multipurpose cleaner as you put them back in the drawers.

Group the items by use in the spaces you had created using drawer dividers.

You can use a separate tray to subdivide items of the same category.

For example, you can put all your morning makeup routine items in one place but arrange them on the tray as separate items on the tray compartments.


Bathroom drawers need to be organized to easily identify items from the drawers whenever you want to use them.

A well-organized bathroom has the potential to make your morning blissful and evenings interesting as you freshen up after a long working day.

With the tips shared above, you should be able to keep your bathroom drawers organized for enhanced convenience.