How To Fix A Clogged Toilet

How To Fix A Clogged Toilet Like A Professional Plumber

Here’s A Scenario…..

You visit the toilet, finish your business and when you attempt to flush it, the water comes up together with whatever you’ve deposited in that white bowl. It’s plain embarrassing, especially if someone is waiting at the door for you to finish your business. And if such a thing happens, will you panic, call a plumber or save the situation? You don’t have to pay the plumber to fix that small problem. There are some DIY methods you can use to unclog that toilet. It’s a fact that everybody owns a toilet, and this situation can happen to anyone. So, if you want to learn how to fix a clogged toilet, be sure to read this article because the tips we are about to highlight can save you the embarrassment. Moreover, you are saving money by learning how to fix a clogged toilet on your own. Here we go:

Stop That Bowl From Filling Up With Water

If it appears the water is flooding off the toilet bowl, take the lid off the tank and then close the toilet flapper immediately. The flapper is responsible for releasing water from the tank into the toilet bowl. And if you suspect that your flush has a good chance of turning into a flooded toilet, just take off the top and pull the trigger. Keep one hand close to the flapper while the other hand pushing the toilet flusher. The moment you see the water rising, you can stop the deluge the easy way.

Get The Right Plunger

Now you’ve escaped the disaster. Your next step is to unsheathe your plunger. If you want to effectively use a plunger, you need to use it in such a way that it creates a good seal between it and the toilet bowl. A good plunger for this purpose would be a funnel-cup plunger. They have an added piece which extends to the bottom of the black rubber cup.

Warm Up That Plunger

Any plumber will tell you that stiff and hard plumbers don’t work as good as soft and pliant ones. So you need to run your plunger on hot water before using it. Hot water softens rubber, and so it will soften your plunger as well. A soft plunger seals the toilet bowl properly.

Plunge Correctly

Your main aim is to seal the exit hole correctly. However, most people only focus on the downside push when plunging. The pullback is important as well. Give it a few up and down strokes before you flush the toilet. If the water flows away from the toilet, you’ve successfully unclogged that toilet. However, if the water floods again, don’t give up. Just close the flapper to prevent water from entering the toilet bowl. Plunge repeatedly until whatever is blocking the pathway is gone.

Secret Plumber Trick: Take Advantage Of Hot Water And Dishwasher Detergent

Always remember to add a few cups of hot water into the toilet bowl before plunging. Once you pour the hot water, let it sit for a few minutes. The heat will break down the stuff that’s blocking your toilet. In fact this remedy could even unclog a toilet without plunging. So it’s a good tactic to use if you clog a friend’s toilet and you want to save yourself from embarrassment.

Furthermore, you need to add some detergent into the mix because the soap will break up the material that is blocking your toilet.

User An Auger For Harder Clogs

If the plunger fails to work, it’s time you use an auger to get the job done. This device is capable of going down right into the hole to loosen the clog a little bit. Most hardware stores sell augers, so it shouldn’t be a difficult task to find one.

How To Use An Auger

Just snake the cable down the hole. Turn the crank on the end you are holding until it stops. This means you’ve reached the clog. The device will do two things; it will either hook onto the clog or break it up completely. Once that is done, give it a few plunges until everything is pushed down the drain.

Things To Note

Avoid clogs in the first place. Teach your children that the toilet isn’t a water ride or a jacuzzi. Many plumbers admit that majority of their work involve toys and other materials that children have flushed down the toilet. Always keep the jets around the toilet bowl clean and nice. If the jets are blocked, it will prevent them from flushing in full power, which means the pressure won’t be sufficient enough to flush the content of the toilet away.

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