Should You Put A Laundry Hamper In The Bathroom Or Bedroom?

Organizing laundry can be a bit challenging.

You first need to understand that your laundry is an ever-changing cycle involving clean and dirty clothes.

Even after organizing the laundry room, you will need to figure out where exactly to keep that bin of dirty clothes.

In this regard, Should You Put A Laundry Hamper In The Bathroom Or Bedroom?

Well, when it comes to deciding where to keep your clothes hamper, convenience and priority are the most critical factors. Both bathrooms and bedrooms make for ideal places to keep your hamper. However, bedrooms beat bathrooms when it comes to convenience because that’s where most people change clothes.

On the other hand, if you strongly believe in feng shui, putting your laundry basket in the bathroom may make more sense. However, this can only work only if your bathroom is large enough.

This post will comprehensively discuss the subject of where to put your hamper to help make an informed decision.

Four Laundry Hamper Location Ideas

Despite being key to organizing your laundry, deciding where exactly to place your laundry hamper can be annoying.

Surprisingly, there are no rules for organizing laundry or where to keep laundry elements around your home.

Depending on your house set-up and priority, there are plenty of convenient places where you can keep your laundry hamper.

The most popular laundry hamper locations include:

1. Bedroom

The bedroom is arguably the most convenient place to keep your laundry basket because it is where you change your clothing.

It works perfectly for most people, especially where there is a need to have a separate hamper for everyone.

Keeping your laundry hamper in the bedroom reduces the chances of throwing dirty clothes on the nearby chair or floor, which could clutter your room.

Considering that kids are fond of throwing their dirty clothes anywhere, having a hamper in their room can help ensure they grow up responsible and organized.

2. Bedroom Closet

If you consider the convenience of having your laundry hamper in the bedroom but want to keep things more private and neat, your closet is a great place to keep your laundry basket.

Even better, placing your hamper in the closet will keep the soiled clothes out of sight.

3. Bathroom

The bathroom is where most people take off their clothes before taking a shower, so it is still a great laundry hamper location.

If there’s not enough room,  you can also keep the hamper immediately outside the bathroom to put the dirty clothes in after showering.

In fact, having your hamper outside is better as the bathroom moisture can attract mildew.

4. Laundry Room

Although it is a less convenient location, the laundry room is where laundry is done, so it makes some sense to have your laundry hamper here.

The most exciting thing is that it saves you from the hassle of carrying the hamper up and downstairs.

Importantly, keeping the laundry hamper in laundry rooms works best for self-motivated individuals who can take the dirty clothes there on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, there is no right or wrong way to organize laundry.

Even so, the little efforts to organize your dirty clothes can streamline trips to the washing machine.

By designating a specific area for your laundry baskets, you can impact your daily routine, avoid getting lost in a pile of clothing and stay away from other laundry burdens.

As for exactly where you should keep your clothes, most people consider bedrooms and bedrooms closets more convenient.

On the other hand, feng shui believers consider bathrooms more convenient.

It all boils down to convenience, priority, space availability, and other factors.

Four Laundry Organization Tips

Apart from positioning your hampers in the right place, there are so many other things that can help you organize your laundry.

An organized laundry makes it easier for you to differentiate between the clean and dirty pieces of laundry and helps you plan for washing when you realize that the dirty ones are piling up.

1. Have A System For Collecting Your Dirty Clothes

After identifying the most suitable place to put your hampers, start training your household members to put their dirty clothes there and not scatter them all over the floor or bed.

Consider that not all types of laundry can be washed together and train your family to put clothes, beddings, dishcloths, and towels in different hampers.

You should have first bought yourself several hampers, bags, baskets, or other laundry sorters to help you identify where to put what.

Once you master the art of collecting and sorting dirty laundry, you will have an easy time cleaning up when cleaning time comes.

If you don’t have enough space to keep multiple baskets, you can place each basket at a strategic and visible point to collect certain pieces of laundry.

For example, position a small basket in the kitchen corner to pick dishcloths and table linen, and place other baskets in individual bedrooms.

You can buy one large hamper with several partitions to store and keep laundry as you await washing.

It also makes sense to sort the laundry somewhere in the washing room before you start to wash.

2. Remember To Put Away Your Clean Clothes

Ensure you have an empty laundry basket that can be used to carry clothes to their respective rooms and return the basket to the laundry room.

Returning your clean clothes to their respective rooms should be a consistent practice, whether you have a picking basket or not.

You don’t want clean clothes to pile up in the laundry area and mix with the dirty ones.

3. Consider Modern Laundry Storage Solutions

Whenever you want to get your laundry organized and under control, you can choose from some of the unimaginable types of laundry organizers and storage solutions.

Your selection will depend on your home layout, the size and type of layout, and likes.

If you have inadequate space, you can choose the pop-up hampers, which may be very helpful.

4. Create A Laundry Schedule

Have a laundry schedule or routine that you can stick with.

You can organize yourself to do it maybe once or twice per week at consistent intervals. Plan also to wash all types of dirty laundry when you finish your weekly chores.

For example, if you are washing twice a week, make sure that you have cleaned all the dirty laundry in the home by the time you finish the second washing.


Organizing a home consists of many aspects, and laundry organization is one of them.

When organizing your laundry, you need to position hampers in the most appropriate place that can be accessed by anyone who needs to use the hampers.

With this article, you will get more ideas on where to keep hampers and tips to organize laundry in the home.