Is It Disrespectful To Leave The Toilet Seat Up? (Debate Finally Settled!)

The debate of whether to leave the toilet seat up or down has been around forever.

Let’s cut to the chase…..

Is It Disrespectful To Leave The Toilet Seat Up?

YES, especially if you share the bathroom with others. If you care even a bit about the ladies you share a bathroom with – be it at your home, office, or in public space – you need to be cautious to put the seat up and down. The females in your space don’t have to keep touching that part of the toilet since germs are all over.

For men, lifting the toilet seat to pee is a humble way of admitting that your aim is imperfect and you don’t want to spray all over.

However, you should not leave the seat up just because you were conscientious in the first place.

In fact, failing to put the seat back down afterward portrays you as disrespectful and irresponsible.

This post will comprehensively cover the subject of putting the toilet seats up and down.

Should The Toilet Seat Always Be Up Or Down?

Dudes, what if you are a lady, and when you go into the bathroom to pee, you sit down on the toilet bowl itself with someone’s pee on it? You will be upset, right?

Following some unwritten yet straightforward rules can make the experience of answering the call of nature pleasant for you and other users or, at least, a little gross for others.

When it comes to using the bathrooms, how you handle the toilet seat is a matter of decorum.

If you are to use the toilet while standing, it is sensible to lift the seat up before peeing and put it back down after your business there.

Lifting the toilet seat lessens the chance of inadvertently spraying on it and keeps the next user from the sad fate of falling in the toilet.

Women find it very uncomfortable to perch on the edge of the toilet bowl. That’s perhaps the only reason why it is sensible to put the seat down.

However, for some reason, men don’t find it rude to leave the toilet seat up.

For instance, while it is true that women don’t like touching the seat, there is no significant difference between a man raising the seat and a woman lowering it.

After all, if a man lifts the seat up, what is difficult with a woman having to lower it?

Should men lower it in their favor?

This is by no means equitable, and it is the cause of the ever-hot debate.

As far as leaving the toilet seat down is concerned, a valid argument would be that the toilet looks neat when the seat and lid are put down, keeping the foul odor from flourishing in the bathroom.

In a special case where the toilet is exclusively used by gents, it might be more sensible to leave the toilet seat up throughout.

Why You May Consider Putting The Toilet Seat (And Lid) Back Down

Whether or not to leave the toilet seat up immensely depends on an individual’s point of view.

Generally, while most ladies consider it disrespectful, most men don’t seem to think of it as rude.

No matter your view, there are more important things in life to get upset over, not the john.

Well, while there is no solution to the toilet seat up or down debate, there are practical reasons why you may want to put the toilet seat down after use. Here is why:

1. It Is More Sanitary

Flushing the toilet can result in a pathogen spray which can travel throughout the bathroom, infecting everything it touches (towels, toothbrushes, curtains etc).

To prevent this from happening, put down the toilet seat and the lid after use.

2. It Looks Better With The Seat Down

Toilets are gross.

However, when you lower the seat and lid, you spare yourself from the reminder left by whatever goes to the underside of the toilet.

You don’t want to be constantly reminded of those unsightly stains.

Why did the manufacturer put the seat and lid there? Don’t be too lazy to make the fixture look complete.

3. Safety

If the toilet set is left up, you or another user may accidentally land their butt into the uncomfortable bowl rim or, worse, into the obvious germ water.

This is especially true for women, men who pee while seated, and men who may opt to sit down just because they are tired.

There are also cases of kids toppling into open toilets headfirst and drowning.

Honestly, no one wishes this for their children. Lowering the toilet seat and lid can prevent such undesirable incidents.

If you have pets, lowering closing the toilet and locking the door can help keep your pets safe.

Pets like the cool water in your porcelain and may be attracted by the funky smell, so keep them away and safe.

4. It’s A Sign Of Solidarity And Good Manners

With men, there is nothing wrong with leaving the toilet seat up.

However, considering that the small acts portray who we are in society, putting the seat down is just as good as you want to be.

Lowering the toilet seat is basic manners and being courteous to others users of the bathroom.

Even though it can be hard to find a reason to do it by comparing sides, it honestly won’t lessen your masculinity.

5. Feng Shui

Are you a strong believer in feng shui?

Well, this is a reason enough to lower your toilet seat and lid every time after use.

Feng shui refers to an ancient science based on natural energy.

Because water has drawing power, lowering the seat and lid of your toilet will keep it from drawing your home’s energy down the toilet.

Based on this ancient science, an open toilet can pull most things down, including wealth.


There is seldom anything about the bathroom that is fair for women.

Lowering the toilet seat is one way to try to make things better for them inside these critical spaces.