How To Get Rid Of Bad Odors In A Mobile Home

A Guide To How To Get Rid Of Bad Odors In A Mobile Home

There is nothing less inviting than walking into your home and be welcomed by a foul smell. There are certain things that contribute to the less rosy scent; mold, smoke, mildew and pets. Cooking can also create an odor that permeate the air and stay around your home. These odors in the air eventually penetrate in the carpet, furniture and walls. Here are the main causes and how to get rid of bad odors in a mobile home:

Common Causes Of Bad Household Odors In Mobile Homes

1) Seldom Used Bathroom

Your guest room bathroom is rarely used and a methane-sulfur smell is coming from the drain shower or the sink. This is because the plumbing pipes that lead to the sewer are designed with suction to help keep the sewer gas out of your drains. To be able to work properly, these pipes need to hold a little amount of water and if not, the gas builds up and the fumes flow through the drain to the room leading to a bad odor.


The solution to this is to run water through the pipes at least once in every week. This ensures that the pipes do not get dry

2) Sink Pipe

The foul smell can also come from the sink in your home. The p-trap; which is the bend part of the pipe collect toothpaste, hair, debris and other gunk. If this mess sits here for a long time, it may leak releasing a bad smell in your home.


To correct this, first turn off the faucet and place an empty bucket under the sink to collect any water that may flow. Remove the p-trap and physically clean it using a long brush.

You can also get rid of the dirt without removing the p-trap. Use an enzyme-based cleaner like bio-clean and pour it down the drain to dissolve the clog and eat away all the waste that is trapped. To prevent future smell, clean the drain regularly.

3) Water Heater

A bad smell in your home can also come from the water heater. To determine this, let water flow in your bathtub and then place your nose close to smell it. If it smell bad then your water heater could probably be the one causing the bad smell in your mobile home.


The solution to this is to have the sacrificial anode also known as the anode rod replaced because it corrodes with time. This metal is designed in such a way that it deteriorate with time to protect the other exposed metals in the tank. If your water is over soft, it lasts for only six months but with hard water, it can last six years or more.

4) Smoke

If the person who lived in your mobile house before you moved in was a smoker, the smoke could have penetrated in the wall, carpet, furniture and even the air ducts.


If the smoking was light, air freshener and opening the windows can help eliminate the smell but heavy smoking for a long period will require repainting of the wall, carpet cleaning and sealing.

Use a cleaning agent like Trisodium phosphate (TSP) to clean the walls and then before repainting, prime them with KILZ to lock the awful smell as well as make the paint adhere better. You will also need to clean the duct system.

You can also hire a professional air cleaning with ozone to get rid of heavy smoke smell. However, this is not recommended as it produces dangerous level of ozone that can deteriorate rubber, kill plants and cause aye irritation.

5) Pet

The urine of a pet on the carpet or on the rug can cause a really bad smell in your home. The odor will always return even after getting the carpet hand washed or when the house gets humid.


Take your carpet to a professional cleaner. They usually use a black light to look for urine stains and blood, then using an enzyme cleaner they will get rid of it.

You can also make use of activated charcoal to absorb your pet’s urine odor. Place it near the litter box to help lessen any stink in the house.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Odors In A Mobile Home

The key to getting rid of bad odor in your home is to first identify the source and then you can determine the step to take. For a true fix of bad odor in your home, you need to first eliminate the source of the problem. Here are other measures that you can take to get rid of bad odor in your mobile home after identifying the source:

1) Deodorize the fridge

If your fridge produce a bad smell, use a box of baking soda and stick it along the back or on the shelf. Take care not to place it close to your vegetable as it cause fast wilting and ensure that you change it annually. Sodium bicarbonate contains a unique chemical that attracts and absorbs odors.

2) Kitchen odors

Kitchen odors such as fried bacon, burnt toast or any other burnt food can cause a bad smell in your home. Use air freshener and open the windows to get rid of it.

3) Keep your garbage disposal clean

The garbage disposal is usually the main cause of a bad odor in most homes. To prevent this, cut an orange, lime or lemon into pieces and drop then in the running disposal. The citrus contained in these frits will help to get rid of the odor. You can also use white vinegar with cold water and pour it in the disposal.

4) Rub out bacteria and urine smells in carpet

Due to the high acidic nature of vinegar, it can be used to remove the smell of urine as well as kill bacteria. Mix vinegar with water and use a cloth to rub it on the carpet. Use clean water to rinse the carpet and then wait for it to dry. To prevent your carpet from smelling, train your pet not to pee on the carpet.

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