Can You Place A Garden Near Your Mobile Home?

You will be surprised at how much more spectacular your mobile home can be by adding a garden.

You can transform your home into a spectacular serenity by planting beautiful trees and flowers around it.

Therefore, Can You Place A Garden Near Your Mobile Home?

Yes, you can create a beautiful garden near your mobile home. However, landscaping around your mobile home is not the same as in site-built homes. Perhaps the land under the home is probably leased and the allocation lot is small. 

Gardening is about personalizing the look of your home and being creative with the available space you have around your home.

Try to give your mobile home more curb appeal by adopting the latest great landscaping ideas to come up with the best look.

You can choose from dozens of flowers and other garden plants to come up with the best combination.

Let’s look at the plants you can grow in your mobile home garden.

Plants To Grow In A Mobile Home Garden

There is a great deal of variety of plants you can choose from to plant in your mobile home.

Basically, there are three kinds of plants to choose from;

  1. flowers
  2. grasses
  3. and shrubs.

All these can give you a great landscape and create a wonderful mobile home garden.

So, the advantage of these plants is that they can grow in wide climatic zones.


Flowers are the traditional choice for most mobile homeowners.

Because of different varieties, colors, and scents, it can be difficult to make a good choice of which type to choose for your home.

You can consider the following three types:

1. Dwarf Lilacs

This type of flower will not disappoint when it comes to scent.

Regular lilacs can grow up to 15 feet whereas dwarf lilacs can only grow to 4-6 feet.

So, dwarf lilacs are the better choice because you can easily manage them.

There are other kinds of lilacs you can check out such as Korean dwarf lilac, Tinkerbelle, and Josee.

2. Hostas

Hostas are flowering plants.

They come in different varieties such as greens, yellows, solids, and transition colors between them.

You can grow them both in the shady areas and the sun bath areas.

3. Lavender

Lavender is an amazing purple flowering plant.

They smell great and can grow in any part of your mobile home garden.

You can grow them at the edges or stand alone in the garden. They grow to between 2-3 feet.


The grass is a great addition to your mobile home garden plants.

They come in different variety of colors, sizes, and growth abilities.

Grass requires little maintenance.

Check the following varieties:

1. Elijah Blue Fescue

This type of grass grows naturally in grasslands. They are blue/green in color.

Elijah blue fescue is deer resistant and attracts birds.

You should plant them where there are no shades to get the brightest color.

2. Blue Lyme Grass

This type of grass is silver-blue and can grow to be pretty wide and tall.

You can grow them to fill an empty spot if you have extra space.

Additionally, they are heat resistant so don’t need to worry if you live in hot areas.

3. Fountain Grass

This is a popular grass that is throughout mobile home gardens everywhere.

It requires little maintenance. The leaves are shiny green but they change to golden yellow in fall. They flower in Summer.

They need full sun for perfect growth.

You can grow them along your mobile home edges for a great display.


Shrubs are another great addition to your mobile home garden.

They are low-maintenance plants that come in different varieties.

Consider the following types:

1. Stewartstonian Azalea

Azaleas are amazing when you plant them around your mobile home.

Stewartstonian Azalea retains their leaves all year round.

Moreso, in the Fall they transform color and, in the Spring, they will blossom with impressive flowers.

2. Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreens are amazing and they come in different sizes.

They  come in a variety of greens and pleasant blues.

You can plant them in different ways in your garden.

3. Oakleaf Hydrangea

This type of shrub will amaze you throughout the year as it undergoes different transformations.

In the summer, it will blossom with attractive scented flowers.

And in the fall, the foliage transforms to deep red. While the rest of the year, this shrub will surprise you with its peeling bark.

Ideas To Better Your Mobile Home Garden

You can make your mobile home look even better by investing in additional home improvement ideas. Check out the following tips:

1. Mulching Around Your Home

Begin by weeding the area where you want to mulch to minimize weed growth.

Then place a base material, like a landscape fabric with punched holes.

Choose a color of your mulch that will emphasize the exterior coloring of your home. you can also choose one that will augment the flower coloring of your garden.

Put the mulch around the trees or flowers to keep moisture and check the growth of weeds.

Add new mulch once or twice a year.

2. Plant A Tree

You can plant a fast-growing tree to provide shade and offer some privacy.

A tree will create a focal point in your garden. You should choose an evergreen tree.

3. Install A Hardscape

You can greatly add value to your mobile home by making an effort to improve the landscape.

For instance, you can add a concrete path around the garden leading to your home, add a patio to your outdoor space, or wide steps and a landing.

Hardscape looks good in your mobile home and they are easy to install.

4. Punctuate Your Yard

After you have planted grass and shrubs around your garden, you can extend them throughout the yard.

5. Make Your Mobile Home Entrance Important

A well-designed front garden is more appealing to the visitors and the buyers if you are planning to sell your home. it creates curiosity and anticipation.

Your entrance doesn’t have to be extravagant but it should be simple and interesting.

You should look out for clean-looking borders for a raised garden. Concrete blocks will make a great choice. You can add a simple color theme to contrast the shrubs and the flowers.

Final Thoughts

You can greatly improve the value of your mobile home by placing a garden.

A garden can improve the aesthetic beauty of your home and let you connect with nature.

So, as you decorate your garden, do not plant tall shrubs and trees too close to your mobile home.

This will help you to keep them from staining the walls of your home.

Small shrubs are more appealing and do not grow taller than the skirting material.