Is It Ok to Have Fresh Flowers in the Bedroom? (Nine Benefits)

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house that should be designed and painted in welcoming colors, sound lighting system, and good interior decorations to create a relaxing feeling.

Good sleep can be induced by good décor and by adding a bouquet.

The great debate has been on whether it’s safe to put fresh flowers in the bedroom or not.

We now get to know more about the benefits of having flowers in the bedroom.

So, Is It Ok to Have Fresh Flowers in the Bedroom?

Yes. Some flowers like lavender have essential oils that can improve sleep. According to research, essential oils help improve sleep and lower stress and anxiety during postpartum and in hemodialytic patients. Hence, there is nothing wrong with having fresh flowers in the bedroom if they are not toxic when picked.

Nine Benefits Of Fresh Flowers In The Bedroom

1. Mental, Physical, And Emotional Benefits

Did you know that having fresh flowers scattered in your bedroom can help you de-stress?

Flowers make this possible because, according to research done by Harvard, they discovered that flowers impact mood.

Those who had flowers in their homes experienced a higher sense of happiness and compassion than those who did not.

So flowers are a breath of fresh air and don’t be shy when fixing a potted flower in your bedroom.

2. Increased Health

It’s a familiar scene to find flowers in most hospitals, not only in the front office or reception desk but also in the wards. It’s believed that flowers have a curative benefit.

Patients in rooms with flowers experience less fatigue, less anxiety, require less medicine, and require a short recovery period.

Knowing that one doesn’t need to get sick and visit a hospital to enjoy these benefits, one can spice up the bedroom and enjoy all these benefits from the comfort of their house.

3. Cleaner And Fresher Air

We all need fresh air, and we can get it from plants since they can convert the carbon dioxide breathed out into oxygen and carbohydrates.

Essentially flowers engage in cleaning and freshening our air.

Plants have an aroma therapeutic capability, not to mention their good smell. \Get yourself a fresh flower in your bedroom to achieve all these benefits.

4. Creates A More Inviting Space

Having freshly cut flowers put in a room may remove the dullness.

A bouquet changes the whole appearance of a room, and as simple as it sounds, even guests will notice the inviting and warmer nature of the room.

For romantic setups adding a bouquet creates a welcoming effect and captures the guest’s attention to not even see other mess in the bedroom like a poorly arranged wardrobe.

5. Reduced Stress

Most people have experienced stress at one time or another and are not sure of ways to manage through it.

Well, the answer is correct around you as the flower can reduce your stress effectively.

Lavender flowers have a natural chemical called linalool that helps to relieve stress.

To those that don’t love lavender, worry not because snake plants have a similar outcome.

6. Complements Existing Décor

A bedroom may have playful accessories and arts that bring a feeling of liveliness.

To enhance the overall look, a flower vase full of fresh flowers can help you achieve this.

To maximize the bedroom’s interior décor, one has to find flowers best suited to the color scheme, not forgetting personal preference.

7. Positively Influences Your Sense Of Smell

We all love to make our bedrooms have a good scent by filling our homes with candles and essential oils but if you wish to enjoy a natural fresh floral scent in the purest form, try putting a bouquet.

You notice the magic in it.

Flowers have an uplifting fragrance, and the sense of smell has been connected to the memory, and that is why if you smell a particular flower, you feel relaxed and calm.

Some of the flowers known to have great fragrances are;

  • honeysuckle
  • peony
  • hyacinth
  • roses
  • gardenia
  • freesia
  • oriental lilies
  • lily of the valley.

8. Satisfaction Of Caretaking

After a long and tiresome day at work, we all wish to relax in bed.

Having flowers in the bedroom and the feeling that comes from the excellent scent, we tend to become passionate about caring for the flowers by watering them, pruning, or fertilizing them to see them retain their healthy look.

Due to people’s tight schedules and harsh economic times, it may be challenging to connect with nature.

Growing flowers is fun and provides an easy way to reconnect with the natural world.

Taking care of plants disrupts our minds from everyday tiresome routines, and one develops a sense of responsibility.

9. Some Flowers Are Edible

Flowers kept in the bedroom can also be edible and can be used to dress up food and improve one’s health.

Hibiscus, for example, can be consumed as tea that (allegedly) helps to lower blood pressure and improves metabolism.

Pansy flowers are gorgeous and contain antioxidant compounds. More so, they are used to dressing up salads or cakes.

Nine Common Flowers For The Bedroom

The flowers listed below are grown in the bedroom for their soothing and sleep-inducing essential oils;

  1. Rosemary
  2. Valerian
  3. Lavender
  4. Jasmine
  5. Gardenia
  6. English Ivy
  7. Aloe Vera
  8. Snake Plant
  9. Peace Lily

If you visit a flower farm, remember to carry a bouquet.

After getting home, remember to take good care of the flowers by watering, pruning, and adding fertilizer.

For more information on the type of flower to plant, one can consult a florist who can give better advice—having equipped yourself with the relevant knowledge of the fantastic effect of flowers in the bedroom.

So why don’t you share with a friend and brighten their day?


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