Does It Make Sense for a Child to Have a King Size Bed?

When buying a bed for your kids, one of the considerations you are supposed to make is the bed size.

Let’s help you decide whether a king size bed suits your kid.

So, Does It Make Sense for a Child to Have a King Size Bed?

No. A king-size bed is not too big for your child. If their bedroom allows a big bed, go for it. King-size beds are suitable for children that love sprawling out and need more space in the bed. Buying one for your child will help them feel more like a maturing person.

If you have a child eight years and above, there is no reason they shouldn’t sleep in a king-size bed. With this bed, your child will have more space to read books, watch movies and even offer sleeping space for sleepovers.

When Should You Transition Your Child To A Larger Bed?

Experts recommend transitioning your kid to a bigger bed when they reach three years old.

According to research, this is when your child develops healthy sleeping habits like taking longer time to sleep, going to bed early, etc.

But, while this is an expert recommendation, it is important to tailor this transition depending on your kid’s development.

Many pediatricians agree that you should move your child to a regular bed when they are 34 to 36 inches or when the crib’s rail height is less than ¾ of your child’s height to allow them to climb on the bed on their own.

What Are the Signs Your Child Needs A New Mattress?

Once your child outgrows the mattress, it’s essential that you move them to a larger one to avoid problems with falling or staying asleep.

Please remember that enough sleep is vital to your child; otherwise, they will have trouble paying attention, performing at school, and socializing with other kids.

Let’s look at the telltale signs depending on their age.

Baby to Toddler 1-3 Years

A crib mattress is suitable until they reach the age of  three.

These mattresses usually measure 27 ½ inches and 51 ¼ inches wide and long, respectively, with a height of 6 inches.

If your kid’s feet or head brush the crib’s end frequently, it’s a sign that they need a new bed.

Toddler to Child 3-8 Years

A twin-size bed is generally recommended for toddlers.

These measure 38 ½ inches wide and 75 inches in length. But, you must regularly check whether your child is ready for an adult bed, depending on their growth.

If your toddler can climb out of their crib, they’re probably ready for a twin mattress.

Child to Adolescent 8-10.5 Years

Now that your child is growing into a teenager, you need to provide more sleeping space.

A full-size mattress is recommended for kids that are eight years and above.

But if you notice your child growing quickly, you may need to purchase a bigger mattress sooner.

Girls usually grow 2 to 3 inches during puberty, while boys grow 3.5 inches yearly.

So, in this case, they need a full-size mattress measuring 54 by 74 inches.

This can accommodate the growing needs of a teenager and even adult couples.

Sleep Foundation recommends a full-size bed for teenagers and adults under 6 feet tall.

What About a King Size Bed?

A king-size bed may be a wise purchase.

However, many parents tend to avoid it as they think it’s a waste of money since their child doesn’t need that much space (right now), but they will in the future.

Think about it. As your kids grow, you need to transition them to a bigger bed to accommodate their needs.

That means you’ll have to move from a crib mattress to a twin bed to a standard. Now, all these transitions will cost you money.

But a king bed can be a wise choice. As it is already big, your child will grow with it.

Remember that these beds are generally made to last. So, you can expect them to serve your child for many years.

What Determines the Right Bed Size for Your Child?

It is up to you to choose the right bed for your child, depending on their needs.

But, when deciding the size, you need to have several things in mind. These include;

1. Your Child’s Age

How old your child is influences the mattress you will buy.

Their needs will change as they age.

For instance, children spend a lot of time playing when they are younger.

Therefore, floor space is more crucial than a big bed in their room.

But, older children tend to spend most of their time in bed lounging and sleeping. So, they need a spacious bed.

2. The Space You Have

While buying a king bed is a good idea, it may not make sense if you don’t have enough room.

Space is a crucial determinant of the size of the bed to get for your kids.

Therefore, you must get the correct measurements of the room before you go out to look for a new mattress.

As much as you may want to buy a double bed for your teenager, it may not be practical if it means they have to give up their comfort to have the bed.

For this situation, you can opt for daybeds, cabin beds, or trundle beds.

These types are designed to be space-saving while still comfortable.

3. Are Your Children Sharing the Room?

If your kids share a room, you may not have a lot of space to buy a big bed.

A bunk bed is most appropriate in this circumstance.


A king-size bed is not too big for your child. In fact, it is advised as it offers more space for your child to stretch and sleep comfortably. If the space and the budget allow, we advise you to go for it.