What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near a Pond?!!?

We all love to live in a place that offers a scenic view.

Water can offer such beautiful sights that you long for.

Humans are naturally drawn to water.

But should you live near a pond?

So, What Are the Pros and Cons of Living Near a Pond?

The main benefit of staying close to a pond is you get to enjoy the view. The sight of tall buildings near the neighborhood has become so common.  A drawback could be increased  mosquitos, bugs and other wildlife.

Let us look in depth at the advantages and disadvantages of staying near a pond to help you make an informed decision.

Why Should You Live Near a Pond?

1. Great Views

The main benefit of choosing to live near a water pond is that you get to enjoy the views.

No one wants to stare across old buildings in their neighborhood from their landlocked house.

That is why many are willing to pay large sums to enjoy watching the sunset over the pond.

The serene view from ponds can give you a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

Therefore, you can refresh your mind anytime you feel overwhelmed.

2. Peace and Calmness

One thing about water is that it is calming.

Watching it, whether moving or stagnant, can fill your mind with peace.

If you are tired of the noisy lawnmowers from your neighbor’s house or the loud music from their speaker, you can head out to the water pond for some peace and calmness.

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Shopping MallPond
BeachHill vs Valley
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Train StationSchool
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CemeteryGas Station

You will also enjoy the fresh air and the gentle breeze that will rejuvenate your body and mind.

If you intend to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, staying close to a water source might be the right thing for you.

3. Privacy

Water tends to offer privacy. So, regardless of which water body you desire, chances are it can protect your house from nosy onlookers to some degree.

A water pond nearby reduces the land for people to navigate. Thus, it minimizes the eyes that pry into your life.

4. Increases Property Value

Securing property near a water body can be a great step.

Such properties have a higher value than others and, thus, are a sound investment to buyers.

If your house is near a pond, chances are that you can maintain its value for many years.

Why Should You Think Twice About Staying Close to a Pond?

1. Regular Maintenance

The main challenge with living close to any water body is that your house will need more maintenance than other homes.

Many things happen near a water source that puts your house at risk of damage. For instance, humidity, erosion, and mist.

All these can affect your home, making it need more maintenance. Therefore, if you plan to stay close to a pond, please plan for maintenance fees.

2. Mosquitoes Infestation

Besides humans, insects also love staying near water. So, if your house is close to a pond, be sure that it will be a breeding place for mosquitoes and other insects.

It is crucial to remember this before deciding to live near a water pond. So, plan accordingly on how you’ll deal with these flying neighbors.

Besides the bugs, a water pond may attract alligators, snakes, and other water animals.

Therefore, you want to be careful when walking around and take action immediately if you spot one.

3. Safety Concerns

Although living near a pond can offer some privacy, it exposes you to a security risk to some degree. Many people don’t live near water bodies.

Therefore, there will be fewer homes close to you. Fewer houses mean fewer neighbors and more invasions as there is no one to raise eyebrows in case of a suspicious person.

Please remember this risk when choosing a secluded home close to a pond.

Again, it may not be ideal for families with little children.

If they visit the pond unsupervised, anything could happen.

To mitigate this, always ensure that you build a fence separating your house and ponds, and think about the other safety measures you can put in place.

4. Flooding Issues

If the pond is very close to your house, you need to determine whether flooding incidents have been reported during heavy rain.

You may even want to work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help decide whether the house is in a floodplain.

What to Consider Before Deciding to Live Close to a Pond?

Before deciding whether to move close to a water pond, think about the pond’s water source.

Some ponds come from damming a creek, while others result from berms forming into a basin and natural waters filling it.

Either way, you need to check for a spillway at the dam to prevent excess water buildup.

Also, while some ponds are seasonal, meaning they only fill during the rainy season and are dry the rest of the time, some are permanent.

Some people dig wells near the pond and use solar or wind-powered pumps to feed water into the pond.

But, this is mostly among livestock owners whose animals need a reliable source of drinking water.

Additionally, you need to consider the government regulations to know about the environmental rules governing using chemicals to control unwanted plants.

If you are a fisherman, you may also confirm the type of fish you are allowed to stock in the pond if it depends on water from a creek or stream.

How Far Should a Pond Be from Your House?

The answer depends on your local regulations and building codes.

Most places do not have a specific distance on how far the pond should be from the house.

But others require it to be at least 50 to 300 feet away. These rules depend on local soil and rainfall in the area.

Please do not stay near a pond closer than the advised limits.

Doing that could expose your house to damage in case of flooding.

Even if there are no regulations within your locations, think of leaving at least 50-100 feet between your home and pond.

And if the pond is big, increase the distance even further and have some beams redirect excess water away from your home.

Please remember that even a small amount of water can still damage your house.

The foundation is at more risk of shifting and cracking, which is harder and more expensive to fix.

Final Thoughts: Is It Worth Buying a Home Near a Pond?

Living near a pond offers several advantages, like beautiful scenery, fewer neighbors, and some peace.

However, property buyers need to consider several factors before making this big decision. For instance, there is a risk of drowning if you have young children.

Again, if the pond overflows, your home may flood, and the retention basins might lower your property value if they are poorly maintained.

Before moving to this location, find out who owns the pond and how well your future investment is.