Buy a Mobile Home in Utah (Essential Tips and Insights)

Buying a mobile home in Utah can be an excellent choice for those looking to own a home while enjoying the flexibility and affordability that comes with this type of residence.

Mobile homes are gaining popularity due to their lower costs compared to traditional homes, as well as the convenience of being able to move the home to a new location if needed. Utah offers a diverse range of communities and landscapes, making it an attractive place to invest in a mobile home.

There is a wide variety of mobile homes available in Utah, from new models with modern amenities to used homes that can be more budget-friendly. When purchasing a mobile home, it is crucial to understand the nuances of the local market and the specific regulations governing mobile homes in Utah. This includes being aware of safety standards, financing options, and the different types of mobile home communities available in the state.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in a mobile home in Utah offers flexibility and affordability to homeowners
  • The Utah mobile home market provides a range of options, from new models to budget-friendly used homes
  • Understanding local regulations, safety standards, and financing options is crucial for making an informed decision about buying a mobile home in Utah

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Why Buy a Mobile Home in Utah?

Utah has a lot to offer for those looking to purchase a mobile home. Its diverse landscape, growing economy, and affordable housing options make it an attractive location for potential mobile home buyers. Let’s explore some reasons why buying a mobile home in Utah might be a great decision for you.

First, Utah is an attractive state in terms of housing affordability. Mobile homes in Utah have an average price of around $60 to $80 per square foot, with the average prefabricated home costing about $126,000. This is significantly lower than the average sales price of a traditional home in the state, which currently stands at around $310,000. This lower price point allows you to invest in a quality home without breaking the bank.

Another reason to consider a mobile home in Utah is the wide variety of floor plans available. You can customize your mobile home to meet your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you have the perfect living space for your family and lifestyle. Moreover, mobile homes in Utah are built to high quality standards, so you can be confident in the durability and safety of your investment.

Additionally, mobile homes in Utah offer the flexibility of owning a home without being tied to a specific location. Mobile homes can be moved to different areas as you desire, allowing you to change your surroundings or pursue opportunities in different parts of the state. This flexibility can be especially beneficial if your job or lifestyle requires frequent changes in location.

In summary, buying a mobile home in Utah can be a wise decision for those seeking affordable housing options, customization, and flexibility in their living arrangements. With lower prices, a variety of floor plans, and the ability to move your home as needed, mobile homes in Utah provide many benefits that make them an attractive option for potential homeowners.

New vs Used Mobile Homes

When deciding to buy a mobile home in Utah, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to purchase a new or used mobile home. Both options have their pros and cons, and understanding the differences can help you make an informed decision.

New Mobile Homes

Purchasing a new manufactured home brings several benefits. First, you can enjoy modern features, contemporary designs, and updated technologies. It often comes with a warranty, giving you peace of mind and protection from potential issues or defects. Another advantage is that you’ll likely have more financing options when buying a new home. However, you may need to pay a higher price compared to purchasing a used one.

Used Mobile Homes

On the other hand, opting for a used mobile home can be more affordable. It also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing waste. However, there are some trade-offs to consider, such as potential home repairs or maintenance work needed. Additionally, you may have to compromise on the community and location.

Here’s a quick comparison of new and used mobile homes:

New Mobile Homes
Modern featuresHigher price
More financing options
Used Mobile Homes
More affordablePotential repairs and maintenance
Environmentally sustainablePossible compromise on location

To summarize, take the time to evaluate your needs, budget, and preferences before deciding between a new or used mobile home. It’s essential to find a balance between affordability and your desired features to ensure you make a choice that suits your lifestyle.

How to Buy a Mobile Home in Utah

1. Choosing the Area

When buying a mobile home in Utah, the first step is to choose the area where you want to live. Consider factors such as proximity to your job, schools, hospitals, and amenities. Research the neighborhoods and mobile home parks to find a location that suits your lifestyle and budget.

2. Working with a Broker

A knowledgeable broker can help you navigate the process of buying a mobile home in Utah. They can assist you in finding mobile homes that meet your criteria, provide guidance on pricing and financing, and ensure a smooth transaction. Ask for recommendations from friends or family, or search online for reputable brokers who specialize in mobile homes.

3. Deciphering Real Estate Listings

When browsing real estate listings, familiarize yourself with the terminology used to describe mobile homes, such as “manufactured home,” “modular home,” or “pre-owned” vs. “new construction.” Pay attention to details like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and the condition of the home. These factors will help you determine if a particular mobile home is suitable for you and your needs.

4. Email Alerts for New Listings

To stay informed about newly listed mobile homes in your desired area, sign up for email alerts. You can customize these alerts based on your preferences, such as price range, number of bedrooms, and location. This will help you stay ahead of other potential buyers and ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect mobile home for you.

Remember to research the Utah DMV requirements for mobile homes and make sure to schedule an inspection with a licensed mobile home inspector before making a purchase. By following these steps and staying informed, you can confidently buy the right mobile home for you and your family in Utah.

Understanding Utah’s Mobile Home Market

When looking to buy a mobile home in Utah, it is important to familiarize yourself with the local market and the available options. The mobile home market has been gaining popularity as an affordable alternative to traditional housing. In fact, sales of manufactured homes have doubled since 2014, as more and more people are looking for cost-effective ways to become homeowners.

One option to consider when purchasing a mobile home in Utah is whether you want to buy the land as well, or lease the land in a mobile home park. Leasing land can be a great first investment as it reduces the upfront costs and allows you to pass on any utilities and property tax expenses to your tenants.

Keep in mind that Utah’s mobile home market fluctuates, and you may benefit from waiting for the off-season to make your purchase. Buying during the off-season could help you find a discounted price on your mobile home, so it’s worth considering market trends before making a decision.

Mobile home manufacturing has advanced in recent years, resulting in higher quality materials and improved technology. As a potential mobile home investor in Utah, it’s important to be aware of these improvements to make informed decisions in the mobile home market.

In summary, understanding Utah’s mobile home market and exploring the options available to you is essential when considering a mobile home purchase. By carefully considering factors like leasing versus buying land, market trends, and advances in mobile home manufacturing, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision and find the perfect mobile home for your needs.

Mobile Home Communities in Utah

Utah has a variety of mobile home communities in different cities, offering diverse living options to cater to your preferences and needs. In this section, we’ll explore some popular mobile home communities across the state.

1. Salt Lake City

In the bustling hub that is Salt Lake City, you can find a variety of mobile home communities suitable for various lifestyles. From family-friendly options to those aimed at retirees, the city has a diverse range of choices for prospective mobile homeowners.

2. Layton

Layton is another popular location for mobile home communities. With easy access to nearby amenities and green spaces, Layton offers a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for residents.

3. Logan

Logan’s mobile home communities boast a serene environment, with convenient access to shopping centers, schools, and parks. The location offers a perfect balance of city connectivity and tranquility.

4. West Valley

West Valley City features various mobile home communities for every budget and preference. From affordable to luxury options, West Valley City offers residents a range of possibilities.

5. Clearfield

Clearfield is home to several welcoming mobile home communities, with many options for outdoor enthusiasts. Its prime location offers easy access to nature reserves, parks, and recreational facilities.

6. Farr West

Farr West, a small but growing city, is an ideal location for those seeking a more rural setting for their mobile home. With a strong sense of community, Farr West offers a close-knit environment for its residents.

7. Grantsville

Grantsville is another attractive location for mobile home buyers, providing a mix of affordable and upscale options. With ample outdoor recreational activities and small, tight-knit communities, Grantsville is a solid choice for a mobile home location.

8. Moab

Famed for its stunning red rock landscape and proximity to national parks, Moab is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Mobile home communities here give you the opportunity to enjoy the region’s natural beauty while staying connected to modern amenities.

9. Murray

Conveniently located close to Salt Lake City, Murray offers a range of mobile home communities with easy access to shops, parks, and other amenities. This suburb provides a friendly and convenient living environment.

10. Ogden

Ogden is an ideal choice for those wanting a mobile home community with a rich history and cultural scene. With various museums, art galleries, and historic sites nearby, living in an Ogden mobile home community provides cultural enrichment and entertainment opportunities.

11. Orem

Orem’s mobile home communities are known for their family-friendly atmosphere and convenient access to schools, parks, and shopping centers.

12. Pleasant View

As suggested by its name, Pleasant View offers picturesque landscapes and a serene environment. Mobile home communities in this city provide a peaceful and inviting setting for residents, making it an ideal location for a quiet lifestyle.

13. Riverdale

Situated near the scenic Weber River, Riverdale’s mobile home communities are perfect for those seeking a tranquil living setting with easy access to the great outdoors.

14. Tooele

With a variety of mobile home communities at various price points, Tooele caters to diverse budgets and preferences. From affordable options to luxury communities, Tooele offers something for everyone.

15. West Jordan

West Jordan is a popular choice for mobile home buyers, with communities offering a range of amenities and easy access to shopping centers, parks, and schools. Residents can enjoy the comforts of suburban living without sacrificing the conveniences of city life.

16. West Valley City

Last but not least, West Valley City is another excellent option for mobile home buyers, with diverse communities and a variety of home options to suit different budgets and preferences. West Valley City combines suburban living with city connectivity, offering the best of both worlds to its residents.

THREE Mobile Home Safety Regulations in Utah

When you purchase a mobile home in Utah, it is crucial to ensure that it complies with the state’s safety regulations. Utah has specific laws governing mobile homes, especially those built before June 15, 1976. These homes are subject to the state’s mobile home code, which existed before the Federal Manufactured Housing and Safety Standards Act (HUD Code).

As a mobile home buyer in Utah, you should familiarize yourself with the state’s requirements regarding the following safety aspects:

  1. Dimensions and transportation: Mobile or manufactured homes that exceed legal dimensions may still be moved on highways with an overweight/oversize permit. This is essential to ensure safe transport of your mobile home through the state’s highways.
  2. Park residency: For those planning to place their mobile home in a mobile home park, Utah has a specific Mobile Home Park Residency Act governing the safety and amenities in these communities. Compliance with this Act ensures that your mobile home will be situated in a safe and secure environment.
  3. Affixture to real property: If you want your mobile home to be considered an improvement to real property and as real property, you must file an affidavit of affixture. By doing so, your mobile home adheres to the state’s safety regulations for affixing your home to a permanent foundation.

By staying informed on Utah’s mobile home safety regulations, you can be confident that your new home meets the required guidelines to provide a secure and comfortable living space for you and your family.

Financing a Mobile Home

Traditional Financing Options

When looking to buy a mobile home in Utah, you have several financing options for both used and new manufactured homes. Some lenders provide home-only loans, which cover the mobile home itself, not attached to any real property. If you have a good credit score and history, you may qualify for better terms and lower rates on your loan. For veterans, the VA also provides mobile home loan programs that you may want to consider.

One specific resource that can guide your search for a mobile home in Utah is the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service. They will provide you with options and details about mobile homes listed for sale, which will help you make an informed decision on the property.

MH Advantage Program

The MH Advantage Program is an initiative created to help finance the purchase of modern manufactured homes that offer features similar to traditional site-built homes. These mobile homes are designed to blend seamlessly into surrounding neighborhoods, and they offer flexible financing options. This program ensures you have access to high-quality manufactured homes with competitive interest rates and potential cost-saving measures.

Keep in mind that for both traditional financing options and the MH Advantage Program, your credit score and down payment play crucial roles in determining your loan approval and interest rates. Make sure you check your credit standing as lenders will consider it when approving loans, and work on improving it if necessary.

By exploring various traditional financing options, the MH Advantage Program, and utilizing resources such as the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service, you’ll be well-equipped to find and finance the perfect mobile home for your needs in Utah.

Making an Informed Mobile Home Purchasing Decision in Utah

When you decide to buy a mobile home in Utah, it’s essential to gather all the necessary information for an informed decision. Start by familiarizing yourself with the Utah Manufactured/Mobile Housing Standards of Practice booklet as it provides a helpful foundation.

One key aspect to consider is the type of mobile home you’d like. Mobile homes are usually classified as either single-wide, double-wide, or triple-wide. The size of the home should align with your family’s needs and lifestyle preferences.

As you explore your options, it’s important to be aware of your budget. Plan your expenses based on factors like the initial purchase price, maintenance costs, and utility fees. This might include collecting data on average temperatures in Utah or local utility rates to estimate heating and cooling costs. Accurate calculations in this phase will save headaches down the road.

Location is another crucial element to consider. While selecting a mobile home park in Utah, research the rules, rights, and eviction procedures specific to that community. To minimize the risk of surprises, be sure to consult a Utah attorney specializing in mobile home parks. They will be familiar with the intricacies of Utah’s mobile home regulations and can guide you accordingly.

Finally, consider the various financing options available for mobile homes. Investigate your eligibility for loans or grants and review the terms and conditions carefully. You may find a comprehensive guide for buying a manufactured home useful during your research.

By considering all the crucial factors and seeking expert advice when needed, you can confidently navigate the process and purchase the perfect mobile home in Utah.


When considering the purchase of a mobile home in Utah, there are several important factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s crucial to hire a licensed mobile home inspector to ensure the home is in good condition. This small investment can save you from potential costly repairs in the future.

As you search for your perfect mobile home, be sure to explore various manufacturers and dealers. Compare the features, floor plans, and pricing offered by each to make an informed decision. Don’t forget to explore the numerous mobile and manufactured homes for sale in Utah to find the right fit for your needs and budget.

In addition to the home itself, also consider the overall climate and geography of the state. Utah has a dry continental climate, which may impact the type of mobile home you choose as well as its insulation and energy efficiency requirements.

By doing your research and carefully considering your needs, purchasing a mobile home in Utah can be a rewarding investment. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding a perfect mobile home to call your own. Remember, the key to success is making informed decisions and staying patient throughout the process. Good luck on your mobile home purchasing journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Average Cost of Mobile Homes in Utah?

The average cost of mobile homes in Utah can vary depending on factors such as the size, age, and condition of the home. Generally, you can find mobile homes ranging from around $30,000 to over $100,000. It is essential to research different mobile home dealers and listings to find a home that fits your budget and needs.

Q: Are There Any Owner-financed Mobile Homes Available in Utah?

Yes, there are owner-financed mobile homes available in Utah. Some sellers may be willing to offer financing options to help you purchase a mobile home instead of going through traditional financing methods such as banks or mortgage companies. You can find these options by searching for mobile home listings online and reaching out to sellers for specific information on financing options.

Q: Do Used Mobile homes in Utah Come With Any Warranties?

A used mobile home in Utah may or may not come with a warranty. It largely depends on the age and condition of the home, and the seller’s arrangements. It is always essential to ask the seller about any warranties and check the details before making a purchase. If a warranty is not included, you may consider purchasing a separate home warranty or insurance for additional protection.

There are several areas in Utah where mobile homes with land are popular options. Some of these locations include Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, St. George, and Logan. These areas offer various amenities, recreation opportunities, and access to services, making them attractive options for mobile home living. To find the right location, consider factors such as local employment opportunities, climate preferences, and preferred proximity to urban centers.

Q: Are There Any Zoning Restrictions Ror Placing a Mobile Home On Private Land in Utah?

Yes, there may be zoning restrictions for placing a mobile home on private land in Utah. Zoning laws and regulations vary by location, so it is crucial to check with your local zoning office or planning department to determine if there are specific requirements or restrictions for your desired area. Factors such as setbacks, minimum lot sizes, and utility hookups may be subject to local zoning regulations.

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