Buy a Mobile Home in Louisiana (and Experience Southern Charm)

Purchasing a mobile home in Louisiana can be a smart housing decision, offering affordability and flexibility. Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, have come a long way from their earlier basic designs and now feature a wide range of styles, sizes, and modern amenities. Louisiana has a variety of mobile home communities and options, giving you the opportunity to find a home that suits your needs and preferences.

In Louisiana, mobile homes are an excellent option for homebuyers looking to balance affordability, flexibility, and comfort. This southern state has a lower cost of living compared to many other states, making it an ideal location for settling down in a beautiful manufactured home. Additionally, the various mobile home parks and dealers in Louisiana can provide you with the necessary resources and assistance to make your purchase a smooth experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Purchasing a mobile home in Louisiana offers affordability, flexibility, and a variety of options.
  • Mobile homes provide modern amenities and can be an excellent housing choice in Louisiana’s lower cost of living environment.
  • Explore mobile home communities and dealers in Louisiana to find the perfect home for your needs.

Benefits of Buying Mobile Homes in Louisiana


One of the main advantages of purchasing a mobile home in Louisiana is the affordability. The average sales price of a home in Louisiana is $222,000, whereas the average starting price range for constructing a new manufactured or modular home is $50-$70 per square foot. This means the average starting cost of a 1,800 square foot prefabricated home would be $108,000, making prefabricated housing a fiscally responsible choice for you.


Mobile homes, often referred to as factory-built homes, offer energy efficiency benefits. These homes are built in a controlled environment, ensuring quality construction and materials. They also often include modern energy-saving features, which can help you save on your electricity bills. According to the LSU AgCenter, mobile homes can provide years of comfortable living while giving you the best value for your dollar spent on electricity.


Louisiana manufactured homes are built to high-quality standards, ensuring durability and longevity. Manufacturers are required to follow strict guidelines and building codes to create a safe, comfortable living environment for you. This means you can trust the craftsmanship and materials used to create your new or used mobile home.

Remember to make sure your new home is legal after the purchase, as Louisiana has a unique process for titling mobile homes. For more information, check out this helpful guide on buying a mobile home in Louisiana.

Key Considerations When Buying a Mobile Home in Louisiana

New or Used

When looking into purchasing a mobile home in Louisiana, one important decision is choosing between a new or used mobile home. New mobile homes offer the latest designs, energy-efficient features, and customization options. However, they often come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, used mobile homes can be more affordable and offer a better value for your money if they have been properly maintained.


The location of your future mobile home is another critical factor to consider. If you have a specific area in mind, ensure that you research the local zoning, land use restrictions, and county regulations that might apply to mobile homes. Furthermore, you should look into the community amenities, schools, and transportation options available. If you need assistance, local real estate agents can help guide you to find the perfect location for your mobile home.

Size and Design

Mobile homes come in various sizes and designs, from single-wides to double-wides, and even triple-wides. Determine the size of the home you need based on your family size, budget, and future plans. Also, it is important to consider both the interior and exterior designs to ensure the home fits your needs and preferences. Take time to explore different manufactured homes to find one that meets your requirements.

Financing Options

Obtaining financing for mobile homes can be challenging as many banks consider them personal property rather than real estate. As a result, you might find limited mortgage options available. However, there are alternative financing options to explore when buying a mobile home, such as personal loans, VA loans, and in some cases, rent-to-own arrangements. Keep in mind that foreclosure and repossession risks exist with mobile homes, so it’s crucial to understand the financing terms and ensure affordability before making a commitment.

Remember to research the title transfer process and costs associated with mobile home ownership in Louisiana, such as taxes and insurance. By considering these key factors, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision when purchasing your Louisiana mobile home.

Notable Places to Buy Mobile Homes in Louisiana

Baton Rouge

In Baton Rouge, you can find a variety of mobile home options to suit different budgets and requirements. Whether you’re looking for a smaller, single-wide mobile home or an expansive double-wide, the local market has a wide selection of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Average Cost of a Modular Home in Louisiana?

The cost of a modular home in Louisiana varies depending on the size, materials, and other factors. Generally, you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 per square foot for a modular home. Keep in mind that this price may not include land, site work, and installation expenses.

Q: Do You Pay Sales Tax on a Mobile Home in Louisiana?

Yes, sales tax does apply to the purchase of a mobile home in Louisiana. The exact rate varies depending on the location of the purchase. Be sure to check local tax rates and include this cost when calculating your budget.

Q: Do You Need a Permit to Move a Mobile Home in Louisiana?

In most cases, you will need a permit to move a mobile home in Louisiana. Counties and municipalities typically have specific requirements for obtaining a permit, so it’s important to research local regulations before attempting to move a mobile home.

Q: How Do You Immobilize a Mobile Home in Louisiana?

To immobilize a mobile home in Louisiana, you must follow specific guidelines and complete proper documentation. The process usually begins with securing the mobile home on a permanent foundation. Then, you will need to obtain a certificate of immobilization from these Louisiana Manufactured Housing Commission.

Q: Where Can I Find Used Mobile Homes for Sale to be Moved?

You can find used mobile homes for sale by checking specialized websites, classified ads, and contacting local mobile home communities. Additionally, consider asking potential sellers questions to better understand the condition and history of the mobile home before making a purchase.

Q: Are There Any Repo Mobile Homes for Sale in Louisiana?

Repo mobile homes may be available for sale in Louisiana through financial institutions, local mobile home dealers, or public auctions. Keep in mind that repo mobile homes often come with potential risks and unknowns, so be sure to conduct thorough research and inspections before making a purchase.

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