How to Buy a Mobile Home in Maine (Tips and Tricks for Success)

Are you considering buying a mobile home in Maine? It can be an affordable housing solution, but the process can seem overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to buy a mobile home in Maine, so you can find your perfect home with ease.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile homes offer affordable and versatile housing options in Maine
  • Researching financing, online resources, and legal considerations helps ensure a smooth buying process
  • Mobile home communities provide various benefits, including shared amenities and a sense of security.

Why Buy a Mobile Home in Maine

Maine offers a unique combination of natural beauty and affordable living, making it an ideal place to consider purchasing a mobile home.

Mobile homes provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional housing, allowing you to enjoy the perks of homeownership without breaking the bank.

One of the main advantages of buying a mobile home in Maine is affordability. Mobile homes are generally less expensive than traditional homes, which means you can potentially save a significant amount on your housing costs.

Additionally, the cost of living in Maine is lower than many other states, making it an attractive option for those looking to stretch their budgets.

Another key benefit of mobile home living in Maine is the flexibility it offers.

Unlike traditional homes, mobile homes can be easily relocated if you decide to move within the state or even across the country. This can be particularly appealing if you have a job that requires frequent moves, or if you simply want the option to relocate without the hassle and expense of selling and buying a new home each time.

Maine also boasts a diverse range of mobile home communities throughout the state, offering various amenities and locations to fit your needs. Whether you prefer to be near the coast, nestled in a forest, or surrounded by scenic lakes, there’s likely a mobile home community in Maine that’s perfect for you.

When searching for the right mobile home in Maine, it’s important to be prepared and know what to look for. Be sure to visit the Maine Manufactured Home Association site for a current list of manufacturers, dealers, and lenders in good standing. Doing your research and working with reputable professionals will help ensure a smooth buying process.

The SIX STEP Process to Buy a Mobile Home in Maine

1. Know Your Needs

Before purchasing a mobile home in Maine, it’s essential to understand your needs. Consider factors such as budget, family size, and location preferences. This will help you determine the type of mobile home that best suits your needs, whether it’s a single- or double-wide home.

2. Research

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s time to research Maine’s mobile home market.

Visit online resources and familiarize yourself with manufacturers, dealers, lenders, and communities, especially those in prime locations like Brooklin, Limington, Standish, and Brewer.

You can also check the Maine Manufactured Home Association to find reputable companies to work with.

3. Connect with a Real Estate Broker

After researching, connect with a licensed real estate broker with experience in mobile homes. An experienced broker can guide you through the process, provide valuable insights, and help you find the best possible mobile home deal.

4. Schedule Visits

When a broker presents potential mobile homes, schedule visits to each one. Touring the property allows you to experience the home firsthand and make an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the home, lot, and community to ensure it meets your needs.

5. Investigate Financing Options

When buying a mobile home, you might need to explore various financing options to find the best deal. Banks, credit unions, or specialized lenders provide loans specifically for mobile homes. Investigate each option thoroughly and compare the interest rates, payback terms, and fees to find the right fit for your budget.

6. Close the Deal

Once you’ve settled on a mobile home, it’s time to close the deal. Work closely with your broker to negotiate terms, complete paperwork, and finalize the transaction. They’ll help you navigate the title transfer process and ensure that you’re able to purchase your new Maine mobile home smoothly and efficiently.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to owning your ideal mobile home in picturesque Maine. Good luck with your search!

Financing a Mobile Home In Maine

When looking to buy a mobile home in Maine, there are several financing options available to you. Some local credit unions, like Atlantic FCU, offer competitive rates for purchasing or refinancing mobile homes.

These rates are available for mobile homes on land or in parks, with repayment terms customized to fit your needs. Typically, a 10% down payment is required for purchases.

Another option is to explore manufactured home loans through organizations like MaineStream Finance.

They offer flexible and affordable financing options for in-place manufactured homes on land. With no minimum credit score requirement and up to 100% financing,

MaineStream Finance accommodates a wide range of borrowers. Their loans have a maximum repayment period of 30 years and reasonable rates and fees.

For those who qualify, the First Home Loan Program by MaineHousing is also available.

This program offers mortgages for single and double-wide mobile homes on owned or leased land. However, there is a purchase price limit of $200,000 statewide, and interest rates may be slightly higher compared to other loan options.

If you are considering purchasing a mobile home through a platform like primeMLS, it’s important to research different lenders and their loan offerings to find the best fit for your financial situation.

Make sure to check your credit score, as it is a key factor lenders use when determining loan approval, interest rates, and terms. Generally, a credit score of 620 or higher will qualify you for better rates on most loans, as mentioned by Rocket Mortgage.

Overall, finding the right financing for your mobile home in Maine involves researching various lenders, understanding loan requirements, and knowing your credit score. By taking these steps, you can be better prepared to secure the right mobile home loan for your needs.

Top Locations for Mobile Homes in Maine


Alfred, ME, is a quaint town that offers a peaceful setting for mobile home living. The community is welcoming, and the area boasts a variety of mobile home parks to choose from.


As the capital city of Maine, Augusta provides a pleasant mix of urban and rural living. With numerous mobile home parks available, it offers an affordable way to live in close proximity to the city center.


Located along the coast, Belfast, ME, is a picturesque town that attracts mobile home buyers seeking to enjoy beautiful views and a relaxed lifestyle. The town has a number of mobile home communities for different preferences.


Berwick is a charming town in Maine known for its friendly community. Here, you’ll find mobile homes nestled in quiet neighborhoods, providing a cozy and comfortable living experience.


Another excellent option for mobile home living in Maine is Brunswick. A vibrant town with plenty of amenities and activities to offer, its mobile home parks provide a sense of community and affordability.

Metro Lists

For a more comprehensive view of mobile home offerings across Maine, you can explore Metro Lists which include active listings from top Maine manufactured home sales centers.


With a balance of city and nature, Westbrook, ME, is an attractive location for mobile home living. Buyers can find numerous options in the town’s mobile home parks.


Saco offers a beautiful coastal setting, allowing residents to enjoy the beach and the sea breeze. The town has a range of mobile home parks that cater to different lifestyles and preferences.


Wells is another coastal gem perfect for mobile home living. Its fantastic beach and peaceful ambiance make it a popular choice for buyers.

Auburn, Bangor, Biddeford, and Buxton

Auburn, Bangor, Biddeford, and Buxton are all great options for mobile home communities in Maine. Each town has its charm, with a variety of parks to choose from.

Casco, Freeport, Gorham, Kittery, Lyman, Monmouth, Palmyra, and Standish

These towns offer different atmospheres, landscapes, and amenities, making them attractive locations for those considering mobile homes in Maine. Each town features various mobile home communities, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Keep these locations and resources in mind when searching for your perfect mobile home in Maine. Happy hunting!

When you’re looking to buy a mobile home in Maine, there are certain security and legal considerations to keep in mind for a smooth and worry-free transaction.

First and foremost, always ensure that the mobile home you’re interested in is listed on a reputable MLS. This guarantees that the listing is genuine, and the information has been independently verified, reducing the risk of scams or misinformation.

Before making any commitments, familiarize yourself with Maine’s specific regulations regarding manufactured housing. It’s important to understand the requirements for transporting, installing, and maintaining your mobile home. Requirements might include details regarding the chassis, construction site, or other related factors.

In addition, you should be aware of your consumer rights as a mobile home buyer and resident in Maine. Guidelines are outlined in Maine’s consumer rights chapter that covers topics such as mobile home warranties, installation, mobile home park rights, and eviction policies.

While discussing the purchase with the seller, don’t hesitate to request any relevant documentation regarding warranties, permits, or conformity certificates. This information will provide you with legal protection and ensure that the mobile home complies with all state and local regulations.

Lastly, consult with a knowledgeable attorney or real estate agent if you have any doubts or concerns. These professionals can provide valuable guidance and ensure you make well-informed decisions throughout the buying process.

Remember, conducting thorough research and being aware of your legal rights and responsibilities when buying a mobile home in Maine will help you avoid potential pitfalls and ensure a secure and successful investment.

How to Use Online Resources

When searching for a mobile home in Maine, utilizing online resources can significantly simplify the process. Websites like MHVillage and Zillow provide extensive listings of mobile homes in the state. Both sites offer user-friendly search tools and filters, allowing you to find suitable properties quickly.

Set up a free account on these websites and sign up for email notifications. This way, you’ll receive updates on newly listed mobile homes that fit your preferences. Additionally, contacting local real estate agents and request access to the IDX program and PrimeMLS for more comprehensive listings.

When visiting these websites, examine mobile home listings carefully. Pay attention to the following information:

  • Mobile home type (single-wide, double-wide)
  • Size (square footage and number of bedrooms and bathrooms)
  • Location (owned land, approved parks, or privately leased lots)
  • Price

As you narrow down your search, don’t hesitate to contact the seller or listing agent via email to inquire about the mobile home. Be sure to ask detailed questions about the property and request a tour if you’re interested.

In conclusion, combining your online research efforts with the help of local real estate professionals can significantly streamline the process of buying a mobile home in Maine. Stay consistent in your search and take advantage of every available resource to find the perfect mobile home to call your own.

Benefits of Mobile Home Communities

Living in a mobile home community can offer you numerous benefits, especially when it comes to convenience and affordability. One of the main advantages is the built-in community of like-minded residents. These neighborhoods often foster a close-knit, friendly environment that promotes daily or weekly socializing.

Mobile home communities can also provide added security, as some of them are gated or age-restricted to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents. This environment can be particularly appealing for families, as it creates a safe place for children to grow and play.

Another benefit of mobile home communities is the affordability of housing options. Manufactured housing is among the most affordable types of housing in the United States. This way, you can save on housing costs, allowing you to allocate more money to other aspects of your life.

Many mobile home communities are also known to offer amenities and services for residents, such as clubhouses, playgrounds, and swimming pools. These shared facilities promote interaction between neighbors, fostering a sense of community that helps create a supportive environment for all, including both families and individuals.

When buying a mobile home in Maine, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable dealer or community to ensure that you are moving into a well-maintained, supportive neighborhood. By choosing the right mobile home community, you can optimize your living experience and enjoy the many benefits these communities have to offer.


When it comes to buying a mobile home in Maine, it’s essential to be well-informed and confident. First, you should have a clear understanding of the mobile home market in Maine and which reputable manufacturers, dealers, lenders, and communities are available.

Financing your mobile home may seem complicated, but there are options available to you. Local credit unions can be a reliable source of funding, even if your home doesn’t qualify for other programs, such as Maine Housing.

Remember that mobile homes require more maintenance than traditional homes. Plan to invest your time and energy in keeping your home in good condition. By doing so, you’ll be protecting your investment, making it more appealing for resale if you ever decide to move.

Lastly, reach out to reputable real estate agents who are experienced in mobile home sales. They can offer expert guidance and help you find the best mobile home for your needs and budget.

Armed with this knowledge and confidence, you’re now ready to make a well-informed decision on purchasing your mobile home in Maine.

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