Buy a Mobile Home in Montana (and Experience the Best of Small-Town Living)

Buying a mobile home in Montana can be an excellent investment, offering the benefits of homeownership without some of the complexities and expenses associated with traditional housing. Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, have come a long way in terms of quality and design, making them an increasingly popular housing option. Montana, with its scenic landscapes and affordable living costs, is an ideal location for those considering mobile home ownership.

The availability of various types and sizes of mobile homes in Montana makes it easy for buyers to find a suitable option that meets their requirements and budget. Moreover, the buying process for mobile homes in Montana is quite straightforward, especially with various information resources available. Additionally, there are several top cities and communities in Montana that cater specifically to mobile home residents, offering amenities and conveniences designed for this unique lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile homes in Montana present an affordable and versatile housing option.
  • Buyers have numerous choices in terms of size, design, and location for their mobile homes.
  • Montana offers several cities and communities that cater specifically to the needs of mobile home residents.

Why Buy a Mobile Home in Montana

Montana is an excellent choice for buying a mobile home due to its mild climate with warm winters and cool summers. This climate is not only enjoyable but can also contribute to lower energy costs for your mobile home. When you choose a mobile home in Montana, you will enjoy the beautiful countryside and the possibility to live closer to nature.

Mobile homes are generally more affordable than traditional homes, making them an attractive option for first-time homebuyers or individuals looking to downsize. You will likely find a range of mobile homes to choose from, offering various sizes, floor plans, and price points to suit your budget.

Another advantage of buying a mobile home in Montana is the relatively straightforward titling requirements. If your manufactured home was built in 1977 or later, a title is required from the Department of Justice, Motor Vehicles Division. This means the process of registering and owning a mobile home in Montana is hassle-free and user-friendly.

Although mobile homes may require more maintenance than modular homes, the lower initial costs can make this a worthwhile trade-off. Additionally, mobile homes are an excellent option if you value flexibility, as they are easier to relocate compared to traditional homes.

In conclusion, purchasing a mobile home in Montana allows you to enjoy a beautiful location, affordable living, and a simplified ownership process. It is a great opportunity for individuals looking for a budget-friendly, flexible housing option surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Treasure State.

Types of Mobile Homes Available in Montana

Montana offers a variety of mobile home options to suit your needs. In this section, we will explore the differences between Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, and Park Model Homes.

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are built entirely in a factory, which allows for efficient and cost-effective construction. These homes are built to comply with the HUD code, which ensures quality and safety. They are transported to the final site and installed on a permanent foundation.

Manufactured homes in Montana come in various sizes and floor plans, with options to customize designs and features according to your requirements. Some advantages of choosing a manufactured home include affordability, flexibility in design, and a shorter construction time.

Modular Homes

Modular homes, like manufactured homes, are constructed in a factory. However, they are built to local and state building codes rather than the HUD code. Modular homes are assembled in sections or modules and then transported to the final site to be installed on a permanent foundation.

Modular homes offer more customization options and tend to have a higher quality of construction than manufactured homes. They can also be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. If you are considering a modular home, keep in mind that their higher initial cost can be offset by long-term savings on energy bills and maintenance.

Park Model Homes

Park Model Homes are a unique type of mobile home designed for recreational and seasonal use. They are typically smaller than traditional mobile homes, usually about 400 square feet, and built on a single chassis.

These homes are perfect for those who want a vacation or seasonal residence without the need for a larger, permanent home. Park Model Homes can be found in RV parks and other planned communities around Montana, offering a low-maintenance and affordable option for those who enjoy the state’s beautiful outdoor activities.

In conclusion, Montana has a range of mobile home options, from affordable manufactured homes to more customizable modular homes and compact Park Model Homes for seasonal use. Consider your specific needs and budget when making your choice.

Buying Process for Mobile Homes in Montana

When you’re considering buying a mobile home in Montana, it’s essential to understand the process to ensure a smooth transaction. This section will guide you through the essential steps of finding and purchasing a mobile home in the Treasure State.

First, explore the available mobile homes for sale in Montana to find a property that meets your needs and budget. Many resources are available online, such as Zillow and, where you can filter your search according to location, size, and price range.

Next, investigate financing options for your mobile home. Several lenders in Montana specialize in financing mobile and manufactured homes, so it’s crucial to shop around for the best interest rates and terms. Additionally, you might want to consider a manufactured home loan, which can provide competitive rates and flexible requirements.

Once you find a suitable mobile home, make an offer and negotiate with the seller or their agent. When both parties agree on the price and terms, sign a purchase agreement to formalize your intent to buy.

Before closing the deal, have the mobile home inspected by a professional to identify any potential issues or required repairs. This step ensures that you’re aware of the home’s condition and can negotiate with the seller to address problems or adjust the price accordingly.

After the inspection, arrange for insurance coverage and finalize your financing. Closing on a mobile home involves transferring the title from the seller to you. In Montana, mobile homes built in 1977 or later require a title from the Department of Justice, Motor Vehicles Division. Ensure that you complete all necessary paperwork and registration requirements during closing, including settling any outstanding property taxes, if applicable.

Finally, arrange for the transport and setup of your mobile home on your selected lot. Once your Montana manufactured home is in place, you can begin enjoying your new residence. Remember to maintain your home adequately and comply with local regulations to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.

Top Cities to Own a Mobile Home in Montana


Missoula, located in western Montana, is a great place to own a mobile home. It offers a vibrant arts scene, a strong job market, and beautiful outdoor spaces for recreational activities. There is a variety of mobile homes available for sale in this city, including affordable options for first-time buyers.

Missoula also boasts a strong community for mobile home owners, with numerous parks and amenities catering to your needs. Plus, you’re just a short drive from stunning natural attractions like Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake.


Helena, the capital of Montana, is another excellent city to consider when buying a mobile home. It offers a combination of rich history, job opportunities in the government and healthcare sectors, and easy access to outdoor activities.

In Helena, you’ll find a range of mobile homes for sale in attractive neighborhoods, with properties that fit various budgets. Helena also has several well-maintained mobile home parks, allowing you to feel secure in your decision to purchase a mobile home in this lovely city.


Billings, located in southern Montana, is the largest city in the state and provides a fantastic urban lifestyle for mobile home owners. With a diverse and thriving economy, Billings offers ample job opportunities and a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

To find your ideal mobile home in Billings, browse through the available options, which cater to different tastes and budgets. The city also has various mobile home parks with modern amenities, making it even more appealing for prospective buyers.

In conclusion, Missoula, Helena, and Billings are top cities in Montana to own a mobile home, providing you with plenty of options to find your perfect home and enjoy the Treasure State’s unique mix of urban and outdoor attractions.

Key Mobile Home Manufacturers in Montana

As you consider buying a mobile home in Montana, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the prominent mobile home manufacturers in the state. In this section, we will discuss three key manufacturers: Friendship Homes, Fleetwood Homes, and Marlette Homes.

Friendship Homes

Friendship Homes is well-known for its high-quality manufactured homes with customizable features. Their homes combine functionality, affordability, and design flexibility, making it easy for you to tailor your home to your needs. As you explore their wide range of floor plans and design options, you’ll find that Friendship Homes offers an excellent selection to suit your lifestyle and budget in Montana.

Fleetwood Homes

Another popular mobile home manufacturer in Montana is Fleetwood Homes. They have been crafting high-quality homes from the finest materials since 1950, and their reputation for excellence endures today.

Fleetwood Homes offers a wide range of floor plans and styles to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect manufactured home to suit your tastes and requirements. As you browse their selection, you’ll be confident in the craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in every Fleetwood Home.

Marlette Homes

Finally, Marlette Homes is a trusted manufacturer with a long-standing history of designing and building quality manufactured homes. Renowned for their energy efficiency and commitment to sustainability,

Marlette Homes is an excellent option for those looking to minimize their environmental impact while still enjoying a comfortable, stylish living space. With their numerous customization options and impressive floor plans, you’ll have no trouble finding a Marlette Home that fits your needs and preferences in Montana.

Remember to compare these manufacturers’ offerings and think about your priorities as you make your decision, ensuring that your new mobile home is the perfect fit for you and your family in Montana.

Planning Your Space

When buying a mobile home in Montana, an essential aspect to consider is planning your space. To ensure you get the most out of your future home, it’s important to evaluate factors like floor plans, square footage, doors, and specifications.

Start by selecting a floor plan that best suits your family’s needs and lifestyle. Consider the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas you desire. Additionally, think about the layout of these rooms and how your furniture will fit into the space.

Once you have an ideal floor plan in mind, consider the total square footage of the mobile home. Remember that bigger is not always better; a smaller home can still feel spacious if it has a well-thought-out layout. Prioritize functionality and efficiency to optimize your living space without compromising comfort.

Doors are another crucial aspect to consider, both in terms of style and placement. Choose door options that complement the overall design of your mobile home and ensure easy access to different rooms. If you have any accessibility needs, be sure to factor this into your door selection and their locations within the home.

Lastly, review the specifications of the mobile home you’re considering, such as materials used, insulation levels, and energy efficiency. These factors will impact the long-term comfort and sustainability of your home. Furthermore, Montana’s climate can present challenges like warm winters and cool summers, so opt for a mobile home built for these specific weather conditions.

By carefully considering floor plans, square footage, doors, and specifications, you’re well on your way to selecting the perfect mobile home in Montana that satisfies your preferences and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Average Cost of a Manufactured Home in Montana?

The average cost of a manufactured home in Montana is approximately $55 to $75 per square foot. Considering an average size of 1,800 square feet, the cost of a prefabricated home is around $117,000 in total source. Keep in mind that these prices may vary depending on the size, features, and customization options of the home.

Q: Are There any Luxury Modular Homes Available in Montana?

Yes, there are luxury modular homes available in Montana. These homes offer high-end finishes, customized floor plans, and energy-efficient features. To find a luxury modular home, you can explore manufacturers and builders that specialize in custom-built, high-quality modular homes.

Q: What are the Top Mobile Home Brands in Montana?

While there may not be specific mobile home brands exclusive to Montana, some popular nationwide brands include Clayton Homes, Fleetwood Homes, and Skyline Homes. Research local dealerships and manufacturers to find the best option for your needs.

Q: Can I Find Used Mobile Homes for Sale to be Moved in Montana?

It’s possible to find used mobile homes for sale to be moved in Montana. Websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and mobile home-specific online listings are excellent resources for finding pre-owned mobile homes. You’ll need to arrange and coordinate transportation for the home to its new location.

Q: Where Can I Find Mobile Homes for Rent in Montana?

To find mobile homes for rent in Montana, consider browsing online rental websites, classified ads, and local community forums. Websites like Zillow, Trulia, and often have mobile home listings alongside other rental properties. Additionally, mobile home parks and communities may have units available for rent.

Q: Are Mobile Homes Considered Real Property in Montana?

In Montana, mobile homes can be considered either personal property or real property. In most cases, a mobile home that is permanently affixed to land, with utilities connected, and the title eliminated, is considered real property. However, if the mobile home is not permanently attached to land, it’ll likely be considered personal property. It’s important to check local regulations and consult with a legal professional to ensure compliance.

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