Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Vacuum Cleaner?!?

Buying a new appliance to use in your home can be quite daunting, whether a small device like a toaster or a larger machine like a fridge.

You should direct your main principle and focus on buying quality equipment that effectively serves its purpose. When it comes to purchasing a vacuum cleaner, the same principle should apply.

While planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner, you may have a few aspects to consider.

So, Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Vacuum Cleaner?

While expensive might be taken to imply quality for many people, this is not always the case. Not all expensive vacuum cleaners are of high quality; in contrast, not all cheap vacuum cleaners are of poor quality. For this reason, buying an expensive vacuum cleaner can be worthwhile or not, depending on some factors.

Whether you want to purchase an expensive vacuum cleaner or not, all the choices depend on several factors. After a thorough analysis of these factors, you will be able to decide whether to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner or not.

The Four Benefits Of Buying Expensive Vacuum Cleaners

1. Expensive Vacuum Cleaners Are Of High Quality

A good-quality vacuum cleaner typically has more carefully designed parts to offer great efficiency while under use.

A high price often indicates better equipment quality, which translates to increased performance, power, and durability.

If you are lucky to get a high-quality vacuum cleaner in the market, you will obviously pay more to acquire it.

2. Pricier Vacuum Cleaners Contain More Attachments, Features, And Accessories

Most expensive vacuum cleaners have several technologically advanced features and a whole package of accessories and attachments to help you satisfy several cleaning needs.

Some of the common modern features that you can find on vacuum cleaners include

  • digital displays
  • sharp dirt sensors
  • automatic height adjustment
  • HEPA filters
  • hand controls
  • and full bin indicators.

In addition to these features, you will likely get accessories and attachments like

  • dusting brushes
  • pet hair removers
  • crevice tools
  • and different cleaning heads packed in a special accessories bag.

Don’t be surprised to get other cleaners capable of transforming from straight to a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

3. The Highly Priced Vacuum Cleaners Are More Durable

Whenever you buy expensive equipment, you are mostly sure that it will last for a longer time.

This is relatively true because most expensive vacuum cleaners are made of high-quality materials that are costly to acquire and assemble.

In most cases, high quality literally means durability.

Additionally, most expensive vacuum cleaners have a warranty lasting for 5 to 10 years.

The warranty makes the price worth it and assures you that the company will still repair the appliance for you in case it gets damaged several years later.

4. They Are More Versatile

Expensive vacuum cleaners are considered more versatile, thanks to the high quality and design modifications.

They are capable of cleaning various floors and surfaces above the floor.

This is possible because of special features like turning ability to turn the brush roll on and off to be able to clean soft carpets or hardwood floors.

There are other pricier vacuum cleaners that can be turned from one model to another to serve the purpose at hand.

The Four Drawbacks Of Purchasing Expensive Vacuum Cleaners

1. It Is Costly To Repair Expensive Vacuum Cleaners

Expensive vacuum cleaners can last for about 8 to 12 years before it wears out.

However, still, they are electrical pieces of equipment and are susceptible to all forms of damage and failures.

Typically, there are times when some parts will wear out and break even before five years elapse.

If there were no warranty terms for this equipment at the time of purchase, you would have to spend a lot when repairing your damaged vacuum cleaner.

You may find that the cost of repairing an expensive vacuum cleaner is higher than that of buying a new cheaper appliance.

2. Not All Expensive Vacuum Cleaners Are Of High Quality.

Even though the high price is presumed to reflect quality, not all expensive vacuum cleaners are of good quality.

High-quality parts are just minor aspects of the entire formula of a vacuum cleaner.

On the other side, there is the design, which should also be good for you to feel the effectiveness and efficiency of the cleaner while working.

For instance, a vacuum cleaner with a quality handle but a poor motor cannot serve you for long.

Therefore, before you singly base on the quality of the parts of a vacuum cleaner, be cautious to ensure that all the parts are of good quality and not just the outer parts.

3. Not All Highly Priced Cleaners Are Versatile

While most people tend to believe that a pricier vacuum cleaner will deliver an incredible cleaning experience and that they are highly versatile, the truth is that not all of these pieces of equipment are worth the price tag.

Typically, some are priced higher because they have some expensive features but are not versatile.

For example, a vacuum cleaner with a led display or dirt sensor is highly-priced, but it does not make cleaning easier.

There are some cheap options that can function more effectively than expensive vacuum cleaners.

4. They Have More Features That Supersede The Average Consumer’s Needs

With higher prices, you will get more accessories than you need.

An ordinary consumer will often not use all the accessories and attachments that come with expensive vacuum cleaners.

These additional vacuum cleaner accessories become harder to handle when there is no special bag to hold them.

They can scatter all over your space, pets can chew some, and others get lost, making the entire investment hardly worthwhile.

Ten Expensive Vacuum Cleaner Shopping Considerations

Before you settle on purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is essential to carefully analyze some factors that will lead you to make a sound purchasing decision.

1. Quality

High-quality vacuum cleaners can be expensive, but they will last long. However, you can opt to start with a cheaper option and advance later.

2. Versatility

Check on the ability of your vacuum cleaner to serve you in different dimensions. For example, can one vacuum cleaner be used to clean carpets and hardwood floors?

3. Durability

Buying appliances like vacuum cleaners is a long-term investment; therefore, you expect it to last longer.

The quality of material used to make the parts of this appliance will help you determine how durable it can be.

4. The Number Of Features, Accessories, And Appliances

Most vacuum cleaners come with additional accessories that can make it easy for you to use them.

Other digital features make it more efficient and effective to use your vacuum cleaner without straining.

Things like remote control make it easier for you to operate the vacuum cleaner in your comfort.

5. Size Of Your Home

Buying a cheaper small option is worthwhile if you need a vacuum cleaner to clean a small space.

However, if you have a large space, it is better to find a larger appliance to manage the large workload.


Whether you want to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner or a cheaper one, the decision can only be worthwhile if you base it on several factors.

For instance, purchasing a costly vacuum cleaner for a small space may not be worthwhile, but buying the same for a larger space may sound worth the cost.