Should You Put a Bed in the Nursery (for Parents)?

Planning for a nursery is exciting AND also overwhelming.

Many parents are unsure what to include and what not to include when designing their nursery.

One decision that leaves them confused is whether to have an extra adult bed for themselves in the nursery.

So, Should You Put a Bed in the Nursery?

Putting an adult bed can allow one parent to have a good night’s sleep while the other takes care of the baby at night. One drawback  is that an adult bed takes up a lot of space and may not be suitable for all nurseries.

The Three Advantages of Having an Adult Bed in the Nursery

1. It’s Better Than a Crib in the Bedroom

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to sleep in the same room with their babies for the first 6-12 months.

So it means that you either sleep with them in your bedroom or the nursery.

But as exciting as having a baby in your bedroom is, it is not the best idea for your entire family for various reasons.

First, if your bedroom is compact, there won’t be enough room for a crib. Also, it may not be suitable if you have other children sharing the bed or if you or your partner has to go to work early, you may worry about getting enough sleep for the night.

If you don’t fancy the idea of a crib in the bedroom, opt for a bed in the nursery.

That way, your bedroom can remain the way it is and won’t interfere with other regular activities.

2. It Allows One Parent to Have a Good Rest without Being Disturbed

Parents need good quality sleep to be able to function well. But having a baby can sometimes make it hard.

You have to feed and soothe them often, even in the night hours.

Parents need to take shifts in caring for the baby for their mental and physical well-being.

One parent can spend the night resting in the bedroom, while the other can occasionally sleep in the nursery.

This allows the other parent to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, ready for the tasks ahead.

During the first days, you may want to be a team in caring for the baby, But with time, you will need to trade off to ensure at least one of you is well-rested in the morning to handle things better.

3. Some Children Need an Adult Presence to Sleep

Night fears are real among children. And while you may pray that yours are different, you may find yourself needing to spend time by your child’s bedside until they are asleep.

If you have a child who refuses to sleep, you will spend much time in their room until they fall asleep.

But you don’t want to be lying down on the floor on a yoga mat while you wait for your child to sleep. It’s better to lie in bed and read a book during this time.

That is why having an adult bed in the nursery is important.

Also, bear in mind that most children will need their parents to soothe them time and again.

They may be afraid of the darkness, have an earache, or want their parent’s company.

The Three Disadvantages of Having an Adult Bed in the Nursery

We have gone through the benefits of putting a bed in the nursery.

But before you hurriedly make this decision, it’s wise to read about the drawbacks so you know what to expect.

1. An Adult Bed Requires More Room

Many nurseries are compact. They are designed for a crib, a baby closet, and other essentials.

As such, there may not be space to accommodate a twin bed. Some parents also want to include TV for nighttime entertainment, a mirror for the baby to look at their reflection, and other things.

All these items occupy a lot of space in the nursery and may leave it feeling congested.

Please note that you shouldn’t put the baby’s crib directly beneath the ceiling.

Otherwise, it could dry out his skin, eyes, and nose. So, such a design can limit your layout options, making it tricky to fit a parent bed.

2. Sharing a Bed Enhances Bonding in Couples

Although it can be nice for one parent to get quality sleep when they desperately need it, a bed in the nursery means that one person will always have to be there.

You may find yourself spending time in the nursery more than you do in your bedroom.

However, sharing a bed is crucial for couples to maintain their bonds.

Raising a child is stressful, and you may neglect your relationship if you aren’t careful. Again, it is easy for one parent to feel overwhelmed in such instances.

Although some parents prefer a one-night each approach, others do well with one feed each or one hour each, especially if the mother is breastfeeding and the father has to wake up early for work.

3. It Doesn’t Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the reasons to have a bed in the nursery is so parents can take turns sleeping comfortably at night.

However, it is not guaranteed that the partner sleeping in the bedroom will be well rested than the one sleeping in the nursery.

Caring for a baby is a lot of work, from pee fountains to changing diapers at night and preparing the feeding bottle. \All these tasks may need both parents to help and get up at night.

It can be hard to sleep when you hear your baby’s screams, even if one parent is them.

So, you may decide to wake up and prepare a bottle or breastfeed them if you are the mother.

What Can You Include Instead of a Full Adult Bed?

If you still want an adult bed in the nursery but are short of space, you may find other options more practical.

1. A Daybed

If you are limited on space, a daybed may be a better option.

It looks nicer and offers a welcoming spot to sit during the day and at night.

2. A Sofa bed

A sofa bed, is an excellent idea if you will occasionally sleep in the nursery.

It is comfortable for parents, older kids, and other visitors to sit during the day.

At night, you may fold it into a bed if you like. Most sofa beds can be folded into double beds to provide the needed space for accommodating more guests during the holiday.

Final Thoughts

A bed in the nursery offers various benefits.

However, it also comes with some limitations that you may want to consider.

But, overall, we’d say it is a great idea. So, if the space allows and you have an extra bed in your house, why not put it in the nursery?

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