How Much Should You Spend On A Bed Frame? (4 Factors!)

A well-made bed frame with a good quality mattress is the foundation of a peaceful, good night’s sleep.

It supports your mattress while giving your bedroom the complete appearance needed for a classic better look.

Your mattress warranty may also require you to invest in a bed frame.

But, How Much Should You Spend On A Bed Frame?

Generally, if you plan to purchase a bed frame, your budget should be anywhere between $100 to $2000. On average, a regular bed frame costs $250, which is quite affordable. Most cheap bed frames have a very short life, but this does not mean that the expensive ones will last long. You need to set your priorities, budgets, and preferences right before purchasing a bed frame.

Typically, a good bed frame is one that can give good support to your mattress and assure you of having a good sleep with no fear of tripping off the bed while turning to a better sleeping posture at night.

Some cheap options can break easily because of the weak material used to make them, while those made of quality material are quite expensive but can serve you considerably for a longer time.

If you are planning to purchase a bed frame but are not sure which will be best for you, this article might help you.

It covers the bed frame option available in most markets and the factors that will help determine the price of a bed frame.

Four Factors That Affect The Price Of A Bed Frame

There are several bed frame options in the market that anyone seeking to purchase can choose from.

Here are a few factors that cause variations in the prices of bed frames.

1. The Company

Every company has its price tag based on the reputation and quality of its products.

The company you choose to buy from will greatly affect the price of your bed frame.

Do not be surprised to find a bed of the same material, size, and design sold at different prices by different companies.

Some companies are committed to serving financially able customers to maintain their brand and reputation in the highly competitive markets.

Therefore, it is advisable to shop around several companies before deciding on which to do business with.

2. Design

The design of a bed frame will determine its price tag.

Design ranges from the art of making the bed appear beautiful and the extra materials used to ensure the bed frame is unique and stylish.

Some classic designer brands and other inexpensive options might end up to the extreme of your budget price.

Shop around efficiently and sufficiently before deciding on a specific design that can fit your pricing extremes. Some of the common bed designs include;


The design provides silent study support for the mattress as it adds beauty to the bedroom with its cozy fabric-wrapped appearance.

The design can be integrated into all bed sizes made of any material.


It is a thick design bed frame with a sturdy base that is typically very low to the floor surface.

It provides adequate support for your mattress and can hold heavy-weight mattresses like the hybrid mattress.


This is the most classic bed frame design and most likely the most highly-priced design. It is remote-controlled to transform into different pressure-relieving positions.

3. Bed Frame Size

The size of a bed frame is a great factor in setting up its price.

The larger the frame, the higher you pay.

Typically, a king-size bed is more expensive than a queen-size bed which is also pricier than a twin-size bed.

If you have already purchased a mattress, you need to know its size so that you can purchase a bed frame that the mattress will properly fit in.

Here are some of the bed sizes available in the marketplace.


This is literally the smallest option available in the market and measures 38″x 75″t.

It can accommodate a small body-sized adult or child. The bed fits well in the smallest rooms of your house.

Twin XL

his bed is simply a slight extension of the twin bed by 5 inches in length. It measures 38″ x 80″ and can accommodate individuals who need an extra-long bed.


It is also known as a double bed as it can comfortably accommodate two adults.

It measures 54″x75″. It is a good option for medium-sized and smaller bedrooms.


The Queen size bed is the most common bed that two adults can comfortably sleep on without taking up excessive space.

Measuring 60″x80″, a queen size bed can only fit in medium-sized and large bedrooms.


This is the widest bed available.

It measures 76″x 80″ and can only fit in a large-sized bedroom.

This is arguably the most expensive bed because in terms of size.

California King

It offers additional 4 inches on the stretch out for anyone who needs extra stretch space.

Even though it is not as large as the king-size bed, it measures 72″x84″, which is relatively large. The California king can only fit in a large bedroom and i0d quite expensive.

4. Material

Different materials are used to make bed frames, and each is valued differently.

Therefore the type of material contributes greatly to determining the price of a bed frame. Some companies use pressure-treated wood, which is brittle and quite inexpensive.

Others use iron-angle bars to make quality beds that are convenient in price.

The hardest material used to make bed frames are the hardwood options, which appear very beautiful and regal, and can last for several decades.

The common materials for bed frames are;


They are the most popular bed frames, and they can come in different sizes and shapes.

Naturally, wood is of different species and colors; this generates countless bed frame styles to choose from or, even better, customize.

The wooden bed frame consists of wooden footers, side rails, headboards, and slats, where a mattress is laid.


Metallic bed frames are becoming popular due to their design and durability.

They are strong enough to support the extra weight, making them the best options for heavy mattresses like memory foam and hybrid mattresses.


If you are looking for a more decorative bed frame that will rhyme with most of your bedroom aesthetics, you can choose the fabric bed frame.

This bed frame is constructed from various soft coverings in a personalized design.

Depending on the quality of the fabric, from simple cotton material to leather materials, the price of these beds varies greatly.

When you consider all the factors mentioned earlier, you will be able to set up your budget to buy a bed that can fit in your space, rhyme with the home aesthetics, and satisfies your need to have one.

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A bed frame is essential in supporting your mattress and giving you a comfortable sleeping space and good night’s sleep patterns.

However, the bed frame price can hinder you from purchasing exactly the one bedframe you had admired.

To avoid getting disappointed while seeking to buy a bed frame, it is important first to analyze the above factors affecting bed frame pricing before you set a budget to buy one for yourself or your household.