Should Kids Have a Desk in Their Rooms for Schoolwork?

As a parent, you want to provide an appropriate environment for your child’s growth and development.

So, that means you meet their basic needs: food, shelter, and clothing.

However, while some parents stop there, others explore other ways they can offer comfort, including buying a study desk.

So, Should Kids Have a Desk in Their Rooms for Schoolwork?

Often, we reserve desks only for adults. But as it turns out, toddlers and teenagers can benefit from having a desk in their room.

Your child can use it to draw, create art projects, or do homework on it if they’ve started school.

Having one helps them focus on the task they are doing and would yield great results.

Why Should You Put a Desk in Your Child’s Room?

It is essential that you give your child ample space to work and study. Most adults buy a desk for themselves and forget to buy one for their children.

But, the children’s desk offers a dedicated space for them to do their schoolwork, read and study.

Providing such an environment helps your children in various ways even as they grow. Here are four reasons to buy a child’s desk.

1. Create a Suitable Study Zone

A desk helps create a great environment for studying.

It removes other distractions in the home and allows your children to focus on the task at hand.

It also teaches them to be independent as they have to clean and tidy their work area.

But for this to work, you must provide only the tools needed for homework or study.

Remember that kids are stimulated easily. So keeping them focused on one thing can be difficult.

However, having a desk helps them focus on what they are doing, whether schoolwork or drawing/coloring things.

2. Encourages Independence

A desk is a designated area for studying and doing homework. So, it can help your children achieve independence.

It helps them understand that they have alone time while using their desks. Ultimately, they can figure things out independently and learn new skills.

3. Motivates Your Child

Children lose motivation quickly.

That is why they often jump from one task to another.

But having a desk can make things easier.

They will be motivated to do their schoolwork from this space, which can keep them motivated for quite some time.

4. Promotes Posture

Poor posture is a common condition affecting many people.

It’s associated with pain and other body discomforts. Although it is rare in children, preventative steps are always encouraged. It’s easy to make bad posture a habit, especially among children.

But, you can prevent this by buying the right desk and chair. Your child will learn to sit correctly, preventing future pain and discomfort.

Is It Bad To Buy a Desk for Your Child?

You may buy one only to find out that your child doesn’t use it.

Note that children have different preferences.

And some like to study and do their homework where they can see their parents or in the living room or any other relaxed environment.

Therefore, they may not use their desk often, which can disappoint you as the parent.

Additionally, you may end up buying the wrong desk size.

If it is too big or too small, your child will not use it as it will be uncomfortable. For this reason, it’s essential to know the right desk size for your child.

When Should You Buy a Desk for Your Child?

When buying a desk for children, you need to ensure that it is versatile.

So the best option will be a small table and a matching chair.

These are easy to use, and they can serve various purposes.

Apart from drawing, crafting, and coloring, they can use the table and chair to play, have tea parties, and even eat during dinner.

But, as your children grow old, they will start school and have lots of homework. In that case, you can consider buying them a practical desk to help them study and do their schoolwork.

Make sure that the desk needs to provide enough space to write and use a computer or tablet. It should also have space for storing stationery and other things.

A desk with these features allows your kids to get the best of it, and you likely will not need to buy another one as your child grows.

How Can You Select the Correct Desk Size For Your Child?

When buying a desk for themselves, adults tend to buy a full-sized office one.

But when shopping for a children’s desk, a smaller size than this will do.

The right desk size varies depending on the age and size of your child.

An 800mm wide desk or more is recommended for children aged 6 to 12 years. But this desk doesn’t need as much depth as the normal office desk.

You can also opt for a desk with 1200mm as your children will use it for a while without outgrowing it.

Such a desk offers enough space to accommodate them as they transition from junior to secondary schools.

What Other Considerations to Make When Choosing a Children’s Desk?

Apart from size, several other factors can help you get the right desk for your child. These include;

1. Desk Storage

Don’t choose the basic desk that everyone is used to.

Think about the storage a unit offers. Choosing one with various storage spaces is wise to allow your child to keep the top clear.

Children’s desks offer various storage spaces like drawers on one side or both sides and shelves/drawers on the desk.

2. Desk Construction

The desk needs to be well constructed if you intend on using it for a long time.

Even though your child may not weigh much, you should ensure that the desk is strong, doesn’t have sharp edges and doesn’t tip over.

Additionally, inspect the desk for detachable parts that could cause choking if your child ingests them. Again, it is good to buy a desk with a washable top if your child does a lot of crafting and coloring.

3. Style

Remember that a des can be used for various purposes.

And if chosen well, it can complement the room’s design. For this reason, you shouldn’t overlook style when buying a desk for your child.

Thankfully, many styles are available, meaning you can easily get one that impresses you.

For example, you can get a themed desk with a car, animals, a princess or a circus theme.

You can also choose from carved or printed patterns.

Again some manufacturers sell specific designs like the 19th-century school desk and contemporary.

4. Material

Desks are available in various materials such as painted wood, PVC, melamine, metal, etc.

Experts generally recommend PVC desks for young children.

They are sturdy and won’t easily cause an injury even if they fall. Plus, cleaning them is easy.

If you opt for a different material, ensure that it has rounded edges.

Final Thoughts

A desk in the child’s room offers various benefits.

Apart from allowing your child to do their homework comfortably, they encourage responsibility and independence. So, if you haven’t bought one for your child, consider doing so.

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