Does A Bed Frame Make a Bed More Comfortable? (Fully Explained!)

Purchasing a quality bed can be costly, but it guarantees you a good night’s sleep.

However, most people wonder whether it’s necessary to get a bed frame for the mattress.

Here is a look at whether a bed frame makes a bed more comfortable and its pros and cons.

So, Does A Bed Frame Make a Bed More Comfortable?

Yes, a bed frame helps to make your mattress more comfortable and makes a whole difference. A solid and quality frame will help firm up the feel of any mattress, making it more comfortable. It acts as the foundation of the mattress, keeping it stable and in place, provided it matches the size of the mattress. While it makes your bedroom look nice, the real benefit is that it makes the bed motionless. Without a frame in which to put your mattress, your sleep can get disturbed by the constant creaking, sliding, and movement of the mattress.

If you have any pain or mobility issues, it might be more comfortable to sleep on a frame as it raises the height of the bed from the floor, which makes it more convenient to get in and out of bed. As mattresses continue to evolve, featuring more layers and heavier materials, the need for sturdy frames is becoming more important.

Five Bed Frame Pros

Besides making a bed more comfortable, several reasons for getting a frame for your bed include keeping the mattress off the ground where dirt, allergens, and dust can accumulate.

Here are various pros to consider when deciding if you need a bed frame or not.

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

A bare bed placed on the ground can make your bedroom unfinished. A-frame for your bed brings a polished look that can help boost your room’s overall aesthetic.

Even better, frames are available in different styles, meaning you can find one that matches the décor of your room perfectly.

More so, most people like focusing on Feng Shui in their bedroom.

A raised bed frame can direct the energy circulation and flow throughout your room, making your sleeping space full of positive vibes.

2. Mattress Support

Bed frames are specially designed to raise your bed and offer support.

A mattress without a frame can sag over the years because of the pressure exerted on your body every night.

A mattress alone may not provide your body the support it requires to get a good night’s sleep each night.

The addition of a frame and foundation or box spring offers your body sufficient support, which helps prevent back pain, uncomfortableness, and restlessness.

A bed frame will hold your bed inflexibly in place via the side rails averting your mattress from skidding right under you in the middle of the night.

3. Prevent Mold

You sleep around eight hours every night, about a third of your entire life.

Sweat, body heat, and other fluids can get into your bed when sleeping.

This means that if your bed is on the floor, it has a high probability of becoming moldy which might be detrimental to your health when inhaled over a long period.

A frame raises your bed from the floor enabling the air to circulate through it, keeping it dry and clean.

4. Prevent Parasites

Like how a flame prevents mold, it keeps dirt, insects, and other things from getting into your mattress.

Bed bugs, fleas, and mites always look for an area to crash; therefore, if your bed is on the ground, it will provide a good habitat for these parasites to call home.

5. More Storage Space

Your bed can take up a lot of your valuable space in your bedroom, particularly if you have a bigger mattress such as a queen or king.

A bed frame will raise your bed off the ground creating an extra space underneath for storage.

You can use the space to store things you don’t use frequently but still need, such as extra comforters, suitcases, pillows, footwear, and winter clothes.

To optimize your living space fully, you should consider investing in the underneath storage and rolling totes to precisely organize your items without developing clutter.

Three Bed Frame Cons

Like any decision in life, there is some drawback to everything.

The fact that you have a mattress does not mean you always require a frame.

It’s essential to understand the pros of a bed frame before purchasing it.

1. Costly Price

Purchasing a bed can be significantly expensive based on your mattress quality.

Putting a bed frame into the budget can hurt your pockets even further.

Although the frames are often more inexpensive than the mattress, they may go for some hundred or even up to a thousand dollars based on the bed frame’s materials, brand, and style.

When investing in bed frames, ensure to set your price limit according to your planned budget.

2. Bulky Size

Based on the size of your bedroom, your bed’s frame can make the room seem even smaller.

The frame can occupy some precious space in your room.

Therefore, if you have a small bedroom, it’s recommendable to get a minimal and sleek frame that is not bulky and cumbersome.

3. Potential Noise

When you turn and toss at night, it can be very irritating to be awakened by the noise of a squeaky frame.

Over the years, the frame can become worn down and loose, causing it to be noisy and squeaky when you roll over in your bed.

If this is your case, you should consider investing in a high-quality frame that is tightly screwed together and made from well durable materials.

Three Tips to Consider When Choosing a Bed Frame

1. Strength

When getting a frame for your bed, you want to get one that is strong enough to support the weight of your mattress.

Today, mattresses are evolving, featuring more layers and heavier materials; hence getting a weak frame could make the mattress sag or cause fluxes.

To prevent this, get a frame made of strong and high-quality materials such as solid hardwoods or metal for long-lasting durability and support.

2. Right Size

The sole purpose of a frame is to hold a mattress in place.

Therefore, you don’t want to get a too small or too large frame for your mattress.

Ensure to get the right frame size depending on your mattress.

You can also consider getting frames that can adjust to different mattress sizes, which are particularly helpful in cases where kids tend to outgrow the mattress.

3. Décor Match

Bed frames can also play a role in changing the feel and look of your bedroom, depending on your preferred style.

Therefore, you should choose a frame design that matches the style and décor of your room.

If you constantly rearrange your room, getting a bed frame featuring a roller can make things easier.

Bottom Line

Generally, a frame provides more support at night when sleeping by keeping the bed more stable.

And while the frame can be bulky and pricey depending on the one you get, it can prevent insects, mold, and allergens from infesting your mattress.

It also increases its lifespan and creates a healthier sleeping environment.


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