Should You Put A Rug Under Your Bed?? (Six Reasons!)

Your bedroom is undoubtedly the best place to relax and unwind after a busy day.

It is a special room that has to be accorded all the attention it deserves. You could be wondering whether it is a good idea to add a rug under the bed.

So, Should You Put A Rug Under Your Bed?

Yes. There are many cool benefits of putting a rug under your bed. Stepping on a cold bedroom floor in the morning can feel terrible. But if you add a rug, things can turn around for good.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of putting a rug under the bed, best placement tips, and other cool tips on this particular topic.

Six Reasons Why Your Bedroom Needs a Rug

1. A Rug Creates a Cozy Floor

A floor with a rug over it proves softer than one with tiles or hardwood. Also, a carpeted floor is more comfortable to stand and walk on.

The warmth and cozy feel that a rug offers are just ideal for the bedroom area.

It is soft for your feet and gives the floor the ability to absorb your weight.

Crossing such a floor with bare feet makes it gentle, welcoming-and all the features you ever need in a bedroom.

Not to mention that it is pleasant to step out of bed and rest your feet on something that offers the comfort your bed offers.

2. Rugs Reduce Noise In The Bedroom

If you are looking for something to dampen noise in the bedroom, a rug would be a great choice of material.

The sounds of footsteps clicking in the bedroom can be weird.

Also, a rug will help eliminate echoes in the bedroom. This is because it absorbs sound-something that other hard surfaces cannot do.

It not only help absorb sound from within the bedroom but also from without.

So if you happen to have neighbors downstairs who are making loud noise and disturbing your sleep, a rug will help reduce that sound.

3. Rugs Add Personality To Your Bedroom

Another cool and obvious reason why you need a rug in your bedroom is that it adds a lot of personality to your bedroom-it helps show your style of doing things!

A rug will help create a welcoming and impressive theme.

If you want to some pizzazz your bedroom, you got to add a beautifully colored rug to it.

4. You Can Use A Rug To Define Space In Your Bedroom

What else can be used to separate your bedroom space if not your rug?

So, if you have a studio beside your bedroom, you can add a rug under the bedroom stretching over the space around the bedroom.

This helps you to create a separate feel from other stuff and part of the room.

And if you have a carpet in place already, a rug under the bedroom will create a unique and pleasant contrast between these areas.

5. A Rug Protects Your Bedroom Floor

Beautifully designed floors can be counterintuitive and you may not find the need to cover them with a carpet.

But having a cozy and nice-looking rug can still assure you. You know that your floors are protected from potential damage.

A rug makes your beautiful floors scuff-free. High-traffic areas around your bedroom are often susceptible to scratches and scuffs. A rug can help you ward off such harm.

6. A Rug Ties The Bedroom Together

This is yet another reason why your bedroom must have a rug. It creates a finished look in the room.

With a few floating pieces of furniture, the bedroom stuff can look scattered even if you have done your best to arrange them.

If you want to bring a sense of completeness there, you have to invest in a nice rug. It makes it look pulled together. Not to mention it creates a perfect and calm Environment for your sleep.

How to Choose an Ideal Rug for Your Bedroom

1. Pay Close Attention To Color

You have to make sure that your rug’s color blends with the existing color theme in the bedroom.

So, when hustling around for a new rug, envision how it will look like in your bedroom and how it will fit into the existing stuff.

The result should be a welcoming and cozy bedroom.

2. Choose An Appropriate Size

Size has everything to do with the size of the bed itself.

Some folks would love having rugs that extend only slightly past the bed itself. Others love carpets that cover the entire bedroom floor.

So, spread your rug such that the legs of your bed touch every part of it. It is advisable to purchase a rug that covers the entire bedroom floor including the underside of your bed.

3. Choose A Fluffy Rug

The thickness and feel of your rug should be a priority.

How thick a rug determines how long it can last. Choose a fluffy rug that guarantees maximum warmth, sound absorption, and feel.

How To Place The Rug Under The Bed

When placing a rug underneath the bed, there are many techniques you can apply to get it right.

1. Place ¾ of the Rug under the Bed

This is the maximum part your rug can cover under the bed. It all depends on the size of the rug you bought.

Otherwise, you can slide it completely under your nightstand.

Alternatively, you can put the rug start a few inches from the nightstand.

Make sure that the rug bottom at least peaks under the footboard.

You now see why this technique is suitable only if your rug is sizable enough.

2. Placement at an Oblique Angle

You can also opt to place the rug at an oblique angle.

Usually, this is under the corner of your bed.

This layout is recommended for people with large bedrooms. It is also a cool one for folks wishing to have a stylistic interior of their bedrooms.

3. Place the Rug A Few Inches under the Bed

This is the most preferred technique by most people and it involves sliding the rug a few inches under the bed.

This allows the other part of the rug to cover a large area where you set your foot while seated on the bed.

Make sure that the layout technique is symmetrical one. But make sure there are protrusions on all the sides of the bed as well.

You want to have a uniform look such that no one will notice the rug has not covered the entire bedroom floor. You have to be tactical in this.

Final Words

As you have seen, it is possible to have a rug under your bedroom and enjoy the feel and warmth it provides.

There are many rug placement techniques you can use to get this right.

Ideally, a modern bedroom should have a rug to offer a comfortable stepping ground for your feet.

Hopefully, this article has answered all your questions regarding bedroom rugs and how to place them.