Should You Put a Clock in The Bathroom? (Nine Ideas)

In today’s busy lifestyle, you could find yourself installing gadgets in your home to boost your productivity and make your life easier.

It can be a foam sensor pump, Wi-Fi smart scale, therapy speakers, LED smart vanity mirror, intelligent toilet, or even a clock in your shower.

Hereof, Should You Put a Clock in The Bathroom?

Yes – you certainly can add a clock in your bathroom. It can be for any of these reasons:

1. Décor

If you want to furnish your modern bathroom with inexpensive décor, an eye-catching clock is one of the items you should go for.

The best thing is that modern clocks come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors, so you’re spoiled for choice.

A Clock as A Focal Point

Oftentimes, the toilet seat is the focal point but pretty any other fixture can serve this purpose.

For instance, an immaculate vanity mirror or beautiful sink can be captivating enough to arrest your attention immediately you step into the bathroom.

However, clocks are better suited for the role because they can be both beautiful and tell time at once. This means you can appreciate the work of art your clock is and know the time all at once.

Although most of the bathroom clock options out there are digital, there are few beautiful analog alternatives like these two:

2. Time Management

The main reason you would think of adding a clock in your bathroom is to manage your time.

If you are one of many of us prone to lose ourselves in the bathroom and spend decades swimming in the tub, you definitely need to measure your time there with a clock.

If time management is your main objective, you can go for the less sophisticated not-so-attractive digital clocks like this:

3. Conflict Prevention

The biggest conflict in large families is not about who gets to eat the last piece of Pizza or who is entitled to watch more TV but, rather, how much time each member needs to spend in the shower.

If your home’s hot water supply is limited, you will need to create time slots to ensure everyone gets to enjoy a warm bath.

Be certain to go for a battery-powered clock so that power blackouts don’t interrupt your shower schedule. A clock with stopwatch and alarm functions is more suited for the job.

4. For Guests

Some of us get a bit disoriented when we visit new places.

You can help your guests out of this problem by installing a clock in your bathroom.

They will be able to track time in the shower and probably avoid being late for their next destination.

5. To Avoid Your Smartphone

Smartphones are starting to come with virtually everything you need in everyday life.

This probably helps explain why a minute can’t pass without a person glancing at a flashing screen.

A bathroom clock can help you avoid carrying your smartphone into the bathroom to track your time. It might as well help reduce the likelihood of dropping your phone on the floor, ruining it in the process.

6. Scheduling and Tracking Bathroom Activities

A bathroom has more than one function, each of which might need a tiny slice of your time there.

If you have always felt the need to track the amount of time you spend on such activities as waxing, brushing, shaving, and even cleaning the room, the best way to get started is to buy a bathroom clock.

7. For your children

Kids too need to keep time for school, homework, playing, and home chores.

This means they need to measure the amount of time they spend on most things, including showering.

You can install a kid-oriented clock in their bathroom complete with cartoon images and lots of colors so that they grow into responsible adults.

8. Entertainment

Are you a music lover?

Rather than buy a separate music player, you can go for a 2-in-1 bathroom clock and reduce the number of devices in the room.

Some of them feature a radio function that can be used in place of a music player.

9. Measure Temperature and Humidity

Sometimes you just want to know the humidity in your bathroom before embarking on any activity.

Fortunately, there are 3-in-1 clocks equipped with a thermometer and a hygrometer to perform this task.

Accordingly, What’s The Best Place To Install A Bathroom Clock?

When it comes to clock positioning, bathrooms are slightly different from the family room or bedroom.

In the latter, you’d hang your clock on any wall and that would be it. In bathrooms, however, you will need to decide carefully.

While most bathroom clocks are waterproof, prolonged exposure to water may discolor them with mildew and mold.

Here are the best places to hang your clock:

1. Shower Wall

Clocks are hung on the wall by default. However, when it comes to bathrooms, the question becomes, which wall?

Since most people prefer to face the shower’s knobs, the perfect position would be on the wall behind you, slightly above your head.

If you don’t want it inside your shower, you can position it directly above the mirror. There are no rules nonetheless.

2. Bathroom Countertop

The second most preferred location is the countertop.

This is especially recommendable if you plan to use the clock to plan other activities besides showers.

Unlike wall clocks, countertop tops are usually small and restricted to just one function – telling time.

The reason why these clocks are normally smaller than wall clocks is that they are often installed close to your eyes.

Since they will be victims of splashing water, they need to be waterproof as well.

3. Bathroom Wall

Besides the countertop and shower wall, the rest of the bathroom wall can be a great place to put your clock especially if you plan to use it for entertainment.

Keeping this in mind, what factors should you consider when selecting a bathroom clock?

The choice of the clock will be determined by your preferences but certain factors remain constant:


Don’t install a traditional clock in your bathroom. Go for a specially built waterproof product.

Analog vs. Digital

Analog clocks are often more aesthetic compared to digital options. When it comes to multi-functionality, digital options are preferable.


White is the default color but grey and closer shades are recommendable.

You just have to choose a color that brings contrast to your bathroom.


The longer the distance between your eyes and the clock, the bigger it should be.


To summarize everything – yes, you should add a clock in your bathroom. There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t.

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