Should You Put Fake or Real Plants in The Bathroom?

Plants bring a touch of greenness to an otherwise boring single-color room. There are two groups: real and faux plants.

So, Should You Put Fake or Real Plants in The Bathroom?

Your choice is going to depend on an array of factors including your lifestyle. If you are always away from home and would prefer a plant that demands less maintenance, it would make sense to take the faux route. Real plants aren’t the cheapest option but can be integral to reducing the number of plastics leaving your home.

Six Reasons To Go With FAKE Plants

Generally, I’d recommend fake plants. Here’s why:

1. Fake Plants Don’t Care About Bathroom Chemicals

Did you know the bathroom area generates more chemicals than any other space in your home?

Think of hairsprays, perfumes, colognes, deodorants, toilet cleaners, soaps et cetera.

Often, these chemicals end up causing poor health in real plants which may be characterized by discoloration, wilting, and even death. Fake plants, on another hand, are made from polythene, ceramics, and polystyrene all of which are inert to most chemicals.

2. Natural Light? No. Thanks

Another quality that makes fake plants perfect for your bathroom area is their lack of interest in light.

This is a highly desirable quality considering that bathrooms don’t receive sufficient natural light needed to sustain most plants.

This means your fake plants will retain the same look and ‘health’ the entire year whether your tiny bathroom window is open or not.

3. No Watering Schedules Means Worry-Free Vacation

Whether you are rarely at home or loathe sticking to a watering schedule, fake plants are a better option because they are not alive so they don’t need water.

Although an average real plant can go up to 3 weeks without water, the soil needs to be relatively moist complete with the correct amount of nutrients.

You don’t really need to adhere to a schedule but must irrigate them when they demand it.

This means you must leave someone behind to look after them or rush your vacation or else they’ll die.

4. Keeps Allergies at Bay, And Dirt Too

The fact that faux plants don’t feature real leaves is a huge advantage in two ways.

Firstly, they don’t shed leaves which could mean you won’t spend a lot of time trying to keep your bathroom clean.

Secondly, a lack of real leaves means zero photosynthesis hence no pollen grains and toxins. Pollens are known allergens, so that’s one less problem to deal with.

You might as well thank your artificial plants for not keeping toxins in their leaves. Leaf toxins are bad for your pets and kids and even yourself.

5. Artificial Plants Are Durable and Always in Style

Today’s artificial plants look so realistic you could mistake them for the real thing.

However, unlike real plants that will keep you waiting until the start of the summer to get a few bouquets, you can buy fake plants any time of the year.

They also remain fresh and in style almost forever. Better yet, you will be spoiled for choice – there are just so many styles to choose from.

6. Low Maintenance in The Long Run

If you are shopping for plants on a budget or don’t want to incur perpetual costs to keep them alive, go for an artificial plant.

Real plants will need must be supplied with fertilizer and get replaced when they got old whereas artificial counterparts remain the same and don’t need fertilizer or water.

Depending on the species, a real indoor plant can cost anything between $6 and $150.

Six Reasons To Go With REAL Plants

Accordingly, consider real plants in these situations:

1. You Want to Reduce Plastic Wastes from your Home

If you are an environmentally conscious homeowner, then you’d rather spend more on real plants than bring needless plastics at home.

As you may have realized, there are just too many plastic wastes in cities nowadays much of which end up in oceans and landfills.

Unlike fake plants, real plants are energy efficient (in the production phase) and can be easily returned to the biosphere with very little destruction to the environment.

2. Better physical health

If you want a healthy bathroom, real plants are a better option because of the refreshing natural smell they produce.

Although these plants won’t have a big impact on the quality of air in a sizeable bathroom, several of them can help keep the room relatively healthy.

3. Fake Is Exhausting

Real and fake things don’t arouse the same emotions.

Even though faux plants look more realistic nowadays, you will be fully aware you are dealing with a fake.

Surrounding yourself with fakes is problematic in itself as it’s more likely to bore you in the long run or make you anxious.

4. Fake Plants Are Very Much Like Dead Plants (Minus Discolored Leaves)

If you have ever touched and examined fake plants or studied their demeanor in wind, you may have noticed they are completely devoid of the liveliness you find in real plants.

Often, they are stiff and don’t move in the wind. Besides being overly aloof, they may feel plasticky in the palm.

5. You Don’t Want Dust Magnets In Your Bathroom

One of the major flaws of artificial plants is their tendency to attract dust.

That’s partly because they are made of polystyrene which can be charged when the leaves rub against another surface.

Another reason is that they are not alive, so you only notice the dust after it has over-accumulated.

Another closely related problem is the need to spare some time from your chores and routines to wash them.

There’s plenty of dirt floating in your bathroom: foams, dust, condensation, etc. all of which should be wiped off the leaves from time to time.

6. Cheap Fake Plants Are Tacky

Unless you dig a little deeper in the pocket to acquire the best fake plants designed with impeccable craftsmanship, you could end with tacky plants that will need replacement sooner.

Wilting plants on the verge of death are equally bad except that they can be revived with a change in care approach.


To summarize everything, your choice between real and faux plants will be determined by your expectations and lifestyle.

If you were to choose randomly without many considerations, fake plants would less regrettable.