Should You Keep A Trash Can In The Kitchen? (OF COURSE!)

We indeed spend most of our busy time at home in the kitchen.

One factor that should not spoil the pleasant experience in the kitchen is a messy trash can.

A trash bin can be a nuisance if not handled correctly.

So, Should You Keep A Trash Can In The Kitchen?

Sure, every functional kitchen should have a trash can. However, it is essential to make adjustments in the kitchen setup to maintain a healthy trash system.

If you live in a small mobile home, finding a space to keep the trash can be challenging. Most people keep their trash can under the sink or inside the kitchen cabinets. However, it is worth exploring more options before making the final choice.

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Five Essential Tips for an Efficient Kitchen Trash System

1. Kitchen layout

The first thing to achieving a perfect kitchen layout system is an excellent layout.

You need an optimal kitchen layout where most utilities are accessible hassle-free.

For instance, a trash can is best kept in the cleaning zone away from the food storage zone but close to the exit.

Therefore, your ideal kitchen layout should have separate cooking and cleaning zones but close enough for easy waste disposal.

2. Smooth Movement Of Trash

The effective handling of garbage in the kitchen extends to the recycling collectors and outdoor trash bins.

You need a smooth movement of waste.

Therefore, you should ensure that garbage movement from the kitchen island to the trash can, then to the outside collection bin, is flawless.

So, you should also have a free path to the outdoor collection bin.

3. Maintain Regular Cleaning

An efficient kitchen trash system is incomplete without regular cleaning.

You should take out your kitchen trash as regularly as they accumulate.

Please don’t wait until the garbage starts to decompose.

It is also essential to clean the bin after every garbage disposal and disinfect the can every month.

Additionally, you can use biodegradable bin liners to dispose of your trash without the guilt of plastic bags.

So, your trash system should allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. Consider Your Household Needs

You should consider the needs of your family.

While a small family may require a single bin, a larger family would require a bigger trash system.

A bigger household needs to take out the trash more than once a day.

In that case, a two-bin system will be ideal for minimizing movement and saving time.

You can have a separate bin for dry waste and another for wet waste.

Integrated Trash Can

A build-in bin is a fantastic way to keep a tidy trash system.

It is helpful to integrate a trash can in the kitchen island where you do most of the cooking.

There are different options for installing a trash can in the kitchen island or cabinets.

You can place it in one of the pull-out drawers where you can seamlessly do the cooking while keeping the drawer open.

You can strategically position the trash bins in the drawers close to the sink and your usual food preparation spot.

Another option is to install small trash cans in the cabinet doors.

A fitted trash can will help you maintain a tidy kitchen and free up some floor space.

Separate Trash Bins

It is easier to recycle trash when they are sorted.

So, if you are planning to change your kitchen, you should consider having separate trash cans for plastics, metal, paper, and the usual kitchen refuse.

You will have adequate space for more than one trash can if you have adopted pull-out drawers or cabinets.

5. Reduce Waste

Minimizing waste will help you keep your kitchen more organized.

Avoid impulse buying groceries that will end up spoiled.

Adopt a meal plan.

And when you visit your local grocery store, purchase items packed in reusable containers or carried your basket. This will help you minimize trash in your kitchen.

Five Trash Can Solutions for Small Kitchens

Dealing with trash cans in small kitchens with limited space can be challenging.

You have to maximize every space you can get while maintaining your kitchen tidy and functional.

While a trash can is essential in every kitchen, you should find ingenious ways to store it.

Consider the following methods to deal with trash cans in a small kitchen:

1. Keep Your Trash Bin Small

The most straightforward and affordable solution is to keep your trash cans small.

Although smaller trash bins will fill up faster, it is more efficient than having a large can eat up your tiny space.

You will have to take the garbage out more often, and thus you will be mindful of your trash.

2. Buy A Skinny Trash Can

You can opt for a tall and skinny trash can that fits well into narrow spaces like inside a pantry.

Look for a suitable spot in your kitchen and take measurements to know the exact size of trash can you are going to buy.

A tall and skinny trash can will help you optimize space without compromising garbage storage.

3. Hide Trash Cans In Cabinets And Pull-out Drawers

Explore spare kitchen cabinets or invest in a pull-out trash can drawer if you are running out of floor space.

The sliding effect of the pull-out trash can drawer makes it easier to change the trash cans.

4. Mount The Trash Can

This is an excellent alternative if your kitchen cabinets are unavailable.

Invest in a mountable trash can and attach it to the side of the cabinet door.

5. Hang It On The Wall

Another way to get around a small space is to screw a lidded plastic bin onto the wall.

It is not a great choice if you handle a lot of trash. You will have to be careful not to pile a lot of trash lest you pull it down.

What to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Trash Can

Before you settle on a particular trash can, you should ensure that it meets your needs because you will use it every day.

Here are some essential considerations:

1. Size Of The Trash Can

You should choose the size of the trash can depending on the size of your kitchen and your garbage space requirements.

A small trash can may need frequent emptying. Ideally, you should settle for a medium-sized trash can that can comfortably fit in your kitchen space and does not need to be emptied all the time.

2. Visibility

Do you need your trash can visible or hidden?

This is guided by your personal preference and availability of kitchen space to accommodate.

If you choose a visible trash can, it has to be attractive and should have a lid to prevent odor from the trash.

3. Separate Or Combined With Recycling

Not every disposable item in the kitchen is trash.

You can decide to incorporate a recycling container with the trash can or keep them separate.

If you choose to keep them together, it affects the size and shape of the trash can you will buy.

4. Solid And Washable

Most of the kitchen refuse is wet and leaky. Therefore, you should choose a trash can that is solid and washable.

Five Types of Kitchen Trash Cans To Choose From

Handling kitchen trash is never fun. To make it less of a slog, you should invest in a trash can that makes it easy to toss garbage, replace the bin liner, and clean.

1. Trash Cans Are Hanging Inside The Cabinet

They’re small and hidden from view, although you can still hang them on the door.

2. Unlidded Trash Cans

You can hang or keep them inside the cabinets. They should always be hidden away from view.

3. Lift Top Trash Cans

They are lidded, and you have to lift the lid to drop the trash inside manually.

4. Step To Open Lid

You have to step on the lever to open it. They are superior to lift-the-lid thrash cans.

5. Touch Free

These types of trash cans are opened touch-free. They operate by sensors that detect motion and respond effectively.

Final Words

Every functional kitchen must have a trash can.

There are different spots in your kitchen where you can keep the trash can.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can keep a trash can under the sink, inside the cabinet, or in some other convenient space.