Should You Keep a Trash Can in Your Bedroom? (Three Options)

One of the finest ways to control clutter in homes is by using trash cans.

Without trash cans to help you collect them, your rooms would look dirty and disorganized.

You might be wondering whether you can even have it in the bedroom.

So, Should You Keep a Trash Can in Your Bedroom?

Yes. Like other rooms in the home that can potentially get jammed up with dirt, the bedroom can get messed up and dirty. This is one of the rooms where you would love to spend some part of the day probably relaxing. You can even take your food in the bedroom-there are no restrictions to how you can live in your home. With all that work, there is every reason why your bedroom can equally get dirty. 

Which Types of Trash Cans Are Ideal for Your Bedroom?

1. Silver Waste Cans

Silver trash cans are particularly good because they are eco-friendly and durable. Besides, they are cheap and available in a variety of sizes.

2. Wastebaskets

Unlike most trash cans, wastebaskets are wide open enhancing convenient use.

3. Plastic Décor Trash Can

Plastic décor trash cans are available in different types and designs.

They are often big making them a good choice if you need a relatively large bedroom trash can.

To ease disposal, it has a top lid. The lid also helps to lock unpleasant odors that usually develop from dirt and trash.

When Should Bedroom Trash Can Be Emptied?

Empty your bedroom trash can frequently.

Food leftovers can make it stink within a couple of days, therefore, ruining the conditions of your bedroom. It becomes very uncomfortable.

Even if there are no leftovers in it or anything that might potentially rot, it is a prudent idea to empty the bedroom trash can before it is full.

A good idea is to have a polythene bag in it so that dirt does not land on the surface of the can.

It is especially good to prevent food leftovers from touching the surface of the can and making it stink.

Should You Clean Your Bedroom Trash Can?

You should clean your trash can to rid it of any stubborn dirt.

A good approach is to scrub it using an ideal scrubber with soap and water then dry it out in the sun.

Keeping it clean helps to remove possible odors in its form due to decaying stuff. You can even clean your bedroom trash every time you empty it.

When Should You Replace Your Bedroom Trash Can?

1. If You Need More Disposal Space

Family needs are always growing. You will realize, over time, that you need more space to dispose of stuff in the bedroom especially after having a spouse and kids.

That prompts you to invest in a larger trash can that can accommodate a growing disposal need.

2. If It Is Damaged

A damaged trash can be detrimental to the cleanliness of your room.

Dirt would leak out causing a mess. It is, therefore, a good idea to take swift action and replace your bedroom trash can if it breaks.

3. If You Move to A New Home

Many changes can be made when relocating to a new home. One of them is doing a replacement of a bedroom trash can.

It is probably getting old and you do not want to have it in the new home.

How Can You Keep Your Bedroom Clean?

Having trash cans in the bedroom is just not enough.

You need to master proper organizational hacks and ideas.

You can have a trash can in place but your bedroom still looks dirty.

The bedroom should be the coziest space. It must be spotlessly clean.

Let’s explore tips on how to keep it clean.

1. Have A Place for Everything

The number one tip for having an organized and clear bedroom is putting everything where it belongs.

Bulky stuff that needs to be disposed of should be discarded in the main trash can.

Often, the bedroom trash cans are small and bulky stuff may not fit them.

Do not just throw them anywhere in the bedroom. Take them away as soon as you realize you do not need them.

2. Mob/Sweep Your Bedroom at Least Once Every Two Days

The surest way to get everything tidy in the bedroom, like other rooms, is to clean it regularly.

Owing to the long hours you spend in the bedroom, there is no doubt that it will get dirty over time.

Keep dirt out of the bedroom by cleaning it more often.

Mob the floor or use an appropriate cleaner to tidy it.

There are many options for doing this. It all depends on the nature of your bedroom floor and budget.

3. Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

If you have a carpet in the bedroom, it is a prudent idea to clean it regularly.

Carpets often collect a lot of dust and dirt because of their fluffy nature.

It can, therefore, get very dusty and dirty. you can hire professional carpet cleaning services at a fee or you can do it yourself.

4. Use Your Bedroom with Care

When it comes to cleanliness, one of the best ways you can ensure that your rooms are spotless is to do everything with vigilance.

And it applies to all rooms.

Throwing food on the floor, for instance, indicates carelessness in using your rooms.

If you carry your food in the bedroom, try your best not to drop anything on the floor.

And after you are done eating, discard any leftovers in the bedroom trash can. Or you can choose not to eat in the bedroom at all.

5. Declutter and Minimize Your Bedroom

With time, items begin to pile up in the bedroom-it happens so naturally.

The situation can get to a point where you have to declutter and organize everything appropriately.

Put items where they are designated to be and remove all those that are not needed.

Select a designated spot for everything in the bedroom.

6. Make Use of Hidden Storage

Bedroom closets and cabinets can help you keep the bedroom very clean.

It helps to hide some items that would otherwise make the bedroom look so disorganized.

But make sure that unnecessary items do not go in there. Such stuff should be thrown in the bedroom trash can.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the bedroom clean is made easy with trash cans.

Know when to replace and empty them.

Your bedroom should be odor-free and inviting.

You do not want to ruin good moments of sleep and relaxation.

Make it clean and healthy. Bedroom trash cans can be obtained in a myriad of types in any store near you. Choose the one that best suits your needs.